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Not the romantic  longing and craving but the real thing: Christ energy – the unconditional love for all that is – gold. Loving without chains – letting go without anger, rage, hate and revenge, loving without prejudices.


Sugar Man

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In the inspiration action list in my last blog number
#33  said: Watch the movie “Searching for Sugar Man”

Couldn’t sleep tonight and watched the movie. The beginning was a bit lazy and wordy but got interesting with the minute.

The mystery about a singer/songwriter called Sixto Díaz Rodríguez . Due to curiosity of a journalist a search for this mystery man started and he was found. The journalist only had the name Rodríguez to get started. Found on record labels Sixto and Jezus Rodríguez. He further thought that finding where the money went Rodríguez earned with his records would lead to the musician. There where rumors that he committed suicide.

Meanwhile in South Africa Rodríguez was well known and still played. A long search ended with finding Rodríguez and 6 concerts in South Africa.

My interest grew but with different questions. I asked myself which nationality the man might have seeing his face and got right when thinking Mexican, kind of Meso Indian. And I heard myself saying while watching: For some people recognition comes late in life due to karmic obligations. Seems to be right also. And when the time is right Universe send someone to put you on your new track.

Once the name was known I found his page and his birth date and names and could have a deep look. All song texts he wrote when young already told about his inner beliefs, his life and what he did and why he almost was a mystery I found. Strong karmic dues and an obligation to fulfill and viewing the film about his life showed it all again, said it all. Not a bad idea by the journalist to take money as the first lead also.

The film is worth looking if you’re interested in good music, splendid song texts and an example of a life time plan that is absolutely lived according to the book. The overall number 7 in the life of Rodríguez together with a life path number 33 were the leading factors to make him a mystery and a hard midlife-time working as a demolition man and contractor. He also studied philosophy which is  falling under the number 7 too.


listen to Sixto Díaz Rodríguez


Today a re-blog – it inspired me so maybe you get inspired too.

49 Ways to Get Inspired

By Robin Sharma

The quickest way to change the game is to change your brain

#1. Do work that pushes you to your edges.

#2. Waste zero time on the past.

#‎3. Focus on being masterful at one thing versus mediocre at many things.

#4. Spend more time around art.

#5. Read biographies of lives greatly lived.

#6. 20X your goals, plans and dreams.

#7. Associate with game-changers, visionaries and titans.

#8. Celebrate how far you’ve come versus the distance still to go.

#9. Cause a little trouble by disrupting the status quo.

#10. Accept the project you fear the most.

#11. Leave an inspirational quote on a stranger’s windshield.

#12. Stop watching the news.

#13. Think a decade ahead rather than a day in advance.

#14. Start a movement.

#15. Wow a customer.

#16. Install a new habit.

#17. Remember that the mother of genius is simplicity.

#18. Know that the thing that is easiest to do is rarely the thing that is best to do.

#19. Speak less and listen better.

#20. Do a dream collage with images of your ideal moments.

#21. Record your ideal day in your journal.

#22. Forgive someone.

#23. Thank someone.

#24. Don’t confuse money with meaning nor income with impact.

#25. Spend the first 20 minutes of your day in exercise (it seriously optimizes brain and personal performance).

#26. Do your “Nightly 3″, writing 3 good things that happened to you during the day that’s ending.

#27. Speak your truth even when your voice shakes.

#28. Join Traffic University and leverage time commuting to learn and grow via audio programs.

#29. Visit a new city.

#30. Discover a new restaurant.

#31. Get good at being alone (you’re the only person you’ll be with your entire life so why not become comfortable in your own skin).

#32. See your work as your craft.

#33. Watch the movie “Searching for Sugar Man”.

#34. Do meetings standing up so they end quicker.

#35. Stop using the words “can’t”, “impossible” and “hate”.

#36. Practice harder (mastery isn’t a natural gift, it’s a daily devotion).

#37. Write handwritten thank you notes.

#38. Publish a book.

#39. Thank a mentor.

#40. Call your parents.

#41. Get out of the office and go invest in your personal development.

#42. Stop complaining.

#43. Use social media to uplift, encourage, teach and share.

#44. Less TV. More reading.

#45. Join a mastermind group.

#46. Spend the first 90 minutes of the next 90 days focused on your single largest opportunity.

#47. Remember that for every one masterpiece, Picasso painted 1000 paintings.

#48. Don’t listen to naysayers.

#49. Live like you mean it.

As always, hope these move you to play at wow and dazzle the world by your mastery.
see more

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Besides in war there often is more war going on in relationships. Relationships are prone to misunderstandings, judgements, violence, abuse, jealousy and hate.The most close relationships are the relationships we can experience those feelings and more.

As long as we look with only the human eye and mind, we miss the deeper purpose of the people coming together. Every relationship, be it your love partner, mate, friend or child, has a certain purpose to fulfill and lessons to present. Some relationships are for life, others are for the time being while the purpose is fulfilled. Two souls called out and answered each other. Interesting in this is, that time and place are always exactly right – no fault in Universe’ time planning.

In this time on earth many people will part from each other because after having reached the goal of being together, the two souls walk away in different directions towards their heart longing. If we look deep we can let go without hurt and sorrow.

 photo karmic-love-report-ban.jpg

The karmic relationship is no exception to the above but here the purpose is the fulfilling of a contract. We had left the other soul in imbalance due to our action and the soul has come back into your life to claim back the balance. Even the past life connection is from ages ago – nothing ever get lost in Universe, we have to pay our dues. I had the great honor to meet souls from my past life’s who had left me in imbalance and returned to pay back in wondrous ways. Two times I had the chance to pay my dues to souls I left in imbalance. Either way great love is involved and even the old love from back than is felt but has to be revoked.

When one is aware of the purpose and goal of a relationship than there are two ways: you accept your responsibility or use your free will to dismiss it and create karma again.

One way to gain quick insight into a relationship is the book “Cosmic Love’ by Jan Spiller.

You go to her website, fill in the form and get instant answer where to look in the book. The book also give great insight how the different kind of people act in relationship.

Insight and knowledge is power you can abuse or use in loving responsibility and heartfelt willingness to give the soul involved the things you promised to give.

 This Eclipse pulls many disparate threads of our past together in an unusual tapestry of elegance and tenderness that protects us even as we learn the rhythm of moving forward despite the fracturing all around.

Growing Toward Community In A Ritual Dance of Individuality.

Robert Wilkinson


Ogham oracle

Moon Phase: Full moon

Influence: Female

Looking with love opens the gates to true mysticism

let love challenge you


started out this morning

full of energy

a lot of work to do


mails to answer


sorting out old business stuff for the tax office

SUDDENLY 15:00 sharp

I felt floating

felt like someone pulled the plug and

all life flow away

after the nap nothing improved but got worse in the evening

emptying everything



this surely ask for having a courageous loving heart

although it is bleeding right now

but it’s worth it because I now see

My inner woman  feel

pure, intense, deep

and can trust her gut feeling

and the crystal clear thinking inner man 

christ energy 3

Here’s a spinning wheel
Use it once you’ve learned
There’s a way to turn
The straw to gold

responsibilityre·spon·si·bil·i·ty [ri-spon-suh-bil-i-tee]
noun, plural re·spon·si·bil·i·ties.

  • the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management.
  • a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible: the responsibilities of authority.

The week after the surprise was  a quick-moving, energy filled one. From breathless to raging heart beat and a bit of fear, from abundant joy, singing and dancing to examination, research and feeling deeply. Finally my best friend came to shaman drum the energy’s into synergy again, followed by deep sleep and a foretelling dream.

All I know now, came in words to me already past Sunday – confirmed by my ways of getting knowledge.

When having knowledge, let alone wisdom, one is a grown up person and managed one’s own inner world, this very knowledge and wisdom create responsibility. It is a soul responsibility taken on with all my heart.

 A small touch of sadness and grief is still hanging around the joy when I take a pause to feel. Maybe it is all the saying goodbye to the old ways of being, loving, caring, raging, craving…..and more.

What tomorrow will bring in this new part of my life, will show up in its own time, place and events.

let Barbra Streisand sing it – listen to the full album

more insight in the transformation we are in now




no thought about this

whoever whatever whenever wheresoever


system jolt

restless night

then the urge to paint

astonishing results

calming down

landing again



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