There is an exposition in Centum De Ark in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Today, the linocut you see here, was a perfect match for the theme that came up during the day.

Amazing what art can do.

linosnede-wanna-break-free-1024x607” Wanna break free” 2012
linosnede 1/6

by Anita van der Veen


Olf experience

You know that smell is measured in OLF.


The olf is a unit used to measure the strength of a pollution source. It was introduced by Danish professor P. Ole Fanger; the name “olf” is derived from the Latin word olfactus, meaning “smelled”.

Normally people perceive my paintings and tools by seeing, hearing or feeling the energy. This week something remarkable happened.

I had a visitor who wanted to get acquainted and have a look if cooperation might be possible or he could help me jobwise. My visitor has a big network.We had a nice chat and he took a tour along my paintings. He went straight towards this painting:


He started smelling the picture, his nose close to the painting. “Do you use some smell when painting?” he asked. “No I don’t. Describe it to me, please, you are the first to smell my paintings.” ” This painting smells sweet, a lovely sweet odor is coming towards me. What is this painting?” “It is my heart after a soul retrieval session.” After this explanation he went to another painting which is ‘eternal pure love’.

eternal love

After he left, I still was wondering about this OLF-experience.

Yesterday my son arrived for visit and we talked a lot about the past. During the conversation I also mentioned my last relationship and how it was….when suddenly my son started sniffing around like a dog, followed by the question if there was honey somewhere in the room.

I asked why this question and he, still sniffing around, continued: ” It suddenly smells like honey, something sweet….”.

So when talking about the man I deeply loved, the same sweet smell of love came off me as the painting spread too.

I am amazed to the bone. A wonderful intriguing experience.


Today my son Hendrik came for a visit. We both laughed about my attempt to draw the desert man. Here you see the original photo.

beautiful face

I gave him the sketchbook and the pencils and after two hours he finished his version. That’s the real artist at work as you can see. I’m in awe.

desert man by Hendrik J.J. Meijer

My son Hendrik can draw every face even without some photo of real persons. His imagination and talent are infinite. He is drawing since he was able to hold a pencil in his hand and never stopped ever since.

Testing medium

Got the chance to borrow the big box Derwent Fine Art Pencils to try out this kind of medium. The pencils are on oil base and after painting you use turpentine to smooth out the paint.


For small work, it’s fine with great, colorful result, for a big painting it’s not optimal in my opinion.

See the results:





I have to admit that for the painting with the man, I used Adobe to smooth the color a bit better than it was possible with the turpentine.







It’s Autumn and all animals prepare for the winter. They eat more and stockpile food they can find. Mother Nature provides in abundance where she still can: beech nuts, hazel nuts, chest nuts, berries, mushrooms…..

We humans, unfortunately, tile the garden and use the leaf blower in order to have an as clean as possible garden. Municipality’s more and more often do not plant hazel, beeches, oaks and chestnut trees because they get so big and build roots that demolish the beloved asphalt.

In all our urbanization drift we forget, that there are other inhabitants on earth who need the food, the leafs….and that we humans need Nature to keep us healthy. The best way to help our fellow residents is to actually have a garden without tiles and somewhere in that garden a plain mess.


Animals and plants need the leafs as warm cover. In a mess like the above, they can find hiding places for the winter and room for their food stock. So put your blower away and actually let the garden come to rest til spring. Most leaves will be gone by than and make a fine compost for new growth.



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