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calvinThe picture says it all. For about a week now I’m feeling terrific, stronger, earthy and resolute. My coaching session was surprising and very short.

The key is in the lock of the tiny cabinet and opened it. What’s in the tiny cabinet?

My self-consciousness and the truth that I am completely okay and enough as a person and do not have to prove anything. I can act without fearing the flaws. All I locked up as a little child.

This opening came right in time to be strong enough to take care of a difficult health situation of a family member where some tough decisions has to be made in a short time frame.


If we follow Maslow’s thought that we have to arrange our priorities in another way without skipping the first earthy oriented triangle, we get an hour glass. The truth lies in the middle – as always. :-)Maslow2The hour glass is a perfect metaphor for life and eternity as well for my statement of different life paths in the last sentence of my previous post. There are a lot of different hour glasses. Very small ones like you find going with some bord games.zandloper5 There are huge and even antique ones.zandloper6 We have maritime hour glasses and hour glasses with measuring instruments. There are hour glasses in all colours and in a range of different materials. zandloper4 Like all the different souls we are. The hour glass is not a one way useable thing – to the contrary – you turn it around and around and the sand of time keeps running. So is eternity, so is the ‘assumption’ of rebirth. Every turn of the hour glass is one life and it goes on and on, from above down and then the turn…

The individual can flow with its own sand of time or can fight it.zandloper1The individual can block it for thousands of reasons and in despair….zandloper3The next turn of the hour glass – a new chance in eternity…that is our free will….

It started with a tweet – ♪♫ to abuse the song from Hot chocolate – the idea to write about it.

Niels FC Willems@NielsFCWillems

Maslow zelf zag z’n piramide later als maatschappijkritiek: we hebben de prioriteiten des levens verkeerd om gedraaid.


I’m not going with the statement in the tweet – there is more to the theme. Maslow is right with his statement when getting older. However the pyramid works and shows how human evolution works – from the start to the end, from birth till death – from young to old age. On an individual level and as humanity as a whole.

When you are born, you cannot start at the top of the pyramid because you are to little and your self-knowledge has to grow. Mastering the body, developing the senses, your brain, taking in food to live, going to school, puberty, adulthood, a job, living on your own, etcetera. First in life – you work on getting a base on earth. You just left the top of the pyramid when born. The top is our home in between life’s on earth. We return to that home in evolutionary circles in many life’s and master Self-knowledge every life around on earth. So it is no wonder that Maslow with old age got the insight stated in the Tweet. That base is not all there is. If you only live in the basic levels you always feel a certain lack. It is like a computer game – you never reach the end boss let alone the GOD-mode. Reaching this top-level is no one-way-traffic – it goes up and down also. If you cannot master the end-boss you drop back to a lower level but you can always try again, again and again.

When young, there is little interest in spiritual things, that grows too. Mankind, unfortunately, forgot during centuries about the connection and the wisdom both ends offer to steer your course in life.

circulation 4

We, as humanity as well as individual, are going in circles deeper and deeper into our layers and up and down between the different levels of consciousness plus into unconscious levels. Each circle finally leads to knowing the whole you. Humanity as a whole is walking the same path. So let’s hope that we all finally meet at the top of the pyramid without forgetting to live in equality and with unconditional love together, humans side by side with all individuals of Mother Nature. Plants and animals are our friends who offer a lot of wisdom to us too.

Besides, it depend on your personal life-plan if you reach the end-boss, GOD-mode or not. In some life’s, people are not supposed to reach that level because of a lot of lessons on the earth plane,  some people never ever take a look deep inside no matter what happens.

Key insight

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ C.G. Jung

Since my last coaching I keep coming across new keys and circumstances that trigger old wounds and living conditions. Always when the inner child is involved I have tangible tiny hands like a child. I can feel it when I put my hands in front of my face. Today I had the experience also and already wondered what was going on. This afternoon I surfed LinkedIn and came across an article about feedback by Susanne Baalman and, as a matter of fact, it offered a key insight.

Thumbs buttons

To explain why, I have to tell something about my childhood. When being a little child, I lived an overprotective life.When school started, my mother checked my homework, later also my knitting and sewing chores and my craft projects. Most of the time she wasn’t satisfied and did my homework over. She even spend a whole night knitting because the pullover I knit was not to her liking. Had a hard time at school because I could not explain the knitting pattern.

When reading the article mentioned above, a lot fell into place. Growing up like this must have left me insecure as the article states. Negative feedback doesn’t work.

The idea behind the feedback is, that you get insight and it can bring improvement and behavior change. This is counterproductive state David Rock in his book “Your brain at work”. He describes that giving feedback is often no effective way to bring about change. In fact, he gives numerous neurological and physiological explanations why a more appreciative manner of approach, especially in this era in which humanity is found more and more important, is many times more effective. According to Rock there are two types of responses to an experience. The so-called pull back (at threat) or a forward movement (in reward). The brain causes a pulling motion with exciting, dangerous or threatening situations……..Neuroscientists have shown that physical threats and social threats such as feedback, can provoke the same reaction.

Because I am a blood type O person the flight modus went on the past weeks.

The legacy of your Type O ancestry causes an immediate “fight or flight” response in people of this blood type. However, this finely tuned response to stress, so vital in early Type O’s, is not always so beneficial in modern times.

The article also talk about the childhood influences on the development of either a fixed mind or a growth mind.

Strongly controlling parents, who act limiting and protective and do tasks themselves with words like “you are not able to do it” you are to small, not intelligent enough, …fill in more of the same” they unintentionally develop a child with a fixed mindset.

Creativity dies a young death.

Almost all quarrels and mixed emotions of the past 6 weeks come from this root, the inner child took the upper hand when meeting similar experiences. I got more and more nervous and insecure. Getting this insight, I am able now to take back the reign and reassure my inner child with understanding and in a loving way, restoring faith and trust. The adult stand up and continue the path to autonomy and self-government.

The New Moon Pine Tool is ready just in time. It is working on my theme and issues at hand this time.



The Pine-tree has pretty amazing healing powers in itself. Translates from the Germanic language, Pine means “sacred tree” .
Flowering is in May and June and as the Pine blossomed so man will blossom who use the remedy. It is also relaxing and refreshing to walk in an area of ​​pine trees.
The Pine is known to be the property of anti-viral and anti bacterial working.
The Pine seeds also have a healing effect and are an excellent source of minerals.
The Pine Bach Remedy helps you to get back into balance (sometimes in combination with one or more other remedies) concerning Self-esteem, Self-Acceptance, Forgiveness, Joy, open yourself for Love, daring to love giving and receiving, helping others by listening and sharing experiences, radiate energy, forgiving yourself, vitality, inner peace, has a positive effect and provides a better sleep at night.
The key word is love !


Also Pine remedy ensures that you find the right direction in your search for truth and understanding. It lets you really listen, giving you access to your own source of inner wisdom, so you can feel that you are guided on your way.
Keyword: Wisdom

The practice of my general practitioner is suited next to two old pine trees – remarkable or not.

1979 / 1997

This Virgo Solar Eclipse indicates a new beginning for you in the area or house where 21* Virgo lies in your chart. The Lunar Nodes cycle back to the same degrees in roughly 18+ years, creating solar and lunar eclipse cycles. These eclipses give us opportunities for new beginnings and endings in certain areas of life as indicated in our birth charts.

Where is 21* Virgo in your chart and how does it relate to the events in your life back in 1997? 1979? How is this go-around different or the same?

Cathy Pagano

Well I looked that up and the eclipse New Moon hits my 6th house.
I also looked back at 1979 and 1997 and ended up very happy and cheerful. When this eclipse bring the same things it brought in 1979 and 1997 my life will improve substantially. What happened back than?

In 1979 I gave birth to one of my daughters. A very lucky happening. Although I will not give birth to a child maybe something else will be birthed.
In 1997 I worked at Trane Europe – my most succesful job of all. A fabulous and distinguished chef, nice colleagues and the freedom to do whatever was necessary and many different things in my own way. I was a trusted and loved person in that company. In those years I flourished and felt really good.

If the upcoming eclipse bring something like this again, then nothing is to fear. Looking really forward to it.flourish




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