My wishes to you


Another year in its final days.

A year not that easy and for some plain turmoil in each and every way.

Next year will be better, different, new  – all astrologers tell.

And sure, the winds of change are blowing, but each one of us has to decide to blow with it or not.

The weather is right – what you do with it is up to you.

Follow your heart & soul.

All the best for you and thank you for reading here.

Be blessed with your true colors.




Grand opening

Today another coaching hour for myself. After one week with enormous heart rate when I thought my heart and head would explode. A second week with the start of new volunteer work that actually is real fun because by doing it, I can help people to get their new start.

In the meantime I already had seen an article from empoweringastro.com where the connection of the upcoming New Moon with the August eclipse was mentioned. I made a tool that eclipse day. And this tool took center stage today, figuratively and literally. And an article came along on Twitter about Pluto in the natal chart .

But first things first. Pluto in my natal chart is in the 6th house. So what came up in the beginning of our conversation was about sickness and what this mean for me. It’s all about loosing control – my fear of sickness mingled with a last little bit of my wish to go to heaven again. Sickness as a sign that something needs attention and not as a guilt trip. My feeling about the maybe-explosion of my big heart was not far-fetched – the ongoing transformational journey now has reached the next stop: my heart. To let everything flow into the high heart – taking responsibility for my SELF.  Now the tool.

I had to hold it. The day I made it and when I initiated it, because of its length, it looked like an old-fashioned crutch.

There is an old saying: ‘ walking with your soul under your arm ‘ and that is the top shell with the gold in it on top of the tool. The three small ones – I had to feel it – they are my parents and my grandmother, now supporting me in my quest and I have to take them in with love because they gave me life. Here the message came that the three are really over to the other world now and therefore able to send positive energy finally.” So after all it’s a crutch in some way. Hold the tool.” I took it into my left hand, closed my eyes and there it was – not under my arm to be positioned but in front of me, right in the middle. ” It’s my spine and the curve is precisely underneath my heart and if I turn it around the curve goes right into my heart.” “That’s it, my coach said, the energy has to come into flow to your heart and not be blocked anymore, taking full responsibility for your souls’ journey, yourself and love yourself in all that you are.  By the way – I had to say out loud that I am proud about myself and what I managed to heal…..was not easy.

What can help the process is Plantain

Plantain grew massive around the Municipality planter I’m gardening. My neighbors thought of it as weeds and it had to go….The latin name of the plantain is plantago lanceolata. Lancelot who fought for love and whose name meaning in celtic is son of fate.

That all was the drive to bring man and woman together in their new home: my golden heart.

Let’s keep one eye on November 20. That’s when the Sun in its last day of Scorpio squares the degree of that big total solar eclipse of August that crossed America from ‘…sea to shining sea’ at 29º Leo. These are trigger points releasing over time more of that reset energy. If you have planets at 29º of most signs, you will feel the effect most strongly. New Moon November, 18

Inside degree for LEO 29
A broken sword.
Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will–the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there–so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.


         Those two were hanging separately on the wall.





Now they have a home together.

Question of my life

What woman are you then? 

Then…when then….*sigh*

Then -> I’m somehow will be passionate inspiration to inspire
with a valid birth certificate
unintentionally – unconscious– acted in many ways
changing like a chameleon-woman until now

a complicated birth process

needless to say  and obviously – always

my longing for the other world

I’m a visitor here – can you imagine that?

You can?

Than tell me -> what kind of  man or woman are YOU ?




n.a.v. de schrijfveren van Hella Kuipers van 24 – 31 oktober



Sunday creation

The new creation is made from hornbeam and a spiny (very sharp) chestnut cupule. The beginning you see in the first two pictures.


Leve de blaadjes! Ban de bladblazer!

Door Jeanet van Zoelen
Medewerker Vogelbescherming Nederland

Overtuig uw innerlijke opruimer dat bruine bladeren en dooie bloemen niet meteen de biobak in hoeven, maar op beschaafde bergjes in de border mogen liggen. Ze zijn dan niet langer een rommeltje en menig vogel profiteert.

In het najaar komt de opruimer in de mens (of is het in de man?) naar boven. Dooie bloemen moeten de tuin uit, bruine bladeren in de biobak. Alsof we de winter willen bezweren, moet de tuin zo fris en monter mogelijk en bruin en verrot is niet fris en monter.

Maar, doe uzelf, uw buren, de insecten en de vogels een plezier: ban de bladblazer en omarm de kringloop van het leven. Ook afgevallen bladeren hebben een rol te vervullen.

Breek geen been

Afgevallen bladeren. Natuurlijk moeten die van het gazon af, anders komen er gele of kale plekken in. Ze moeten ook van de stoep, anders breekt u nog een been. Maar, nu komt het, neem gewoon de hark en hark ze over de planten in de border. Ze vormen een perfecte isolatielaag voor de bijtende winter.

Waardevol wereldje

Onder bladerhopen gaat ook nog een waardevolle wereld schuil: die van de kleine beestjes. De wormen, spinnen en insecten zijn er beschut, eten de blaadjes, verteren die tot compost, zorgen zo op een natuurlijke manier voor bemesting van de grond en verbeteren de structuur van de bodem met hun gewroet. Dat krijgt u nooit makkelijker voor elkaar!

Hun leven hangt er vanaf

Het leven van winterkoninkjes, roodborstjes en heggenmussen (onder meer) hangt weer af van die pieterpeuterige beestjes. Met een volle maag de winternacht in gaan is echt van levensbelang voor deze kleine vogels. Als het hard vriest verbranden ze namelijk tot wel 10% van hun lichaamsgewicht om warm te blijven.

Zaden uit bloemen

Nu eten vogels ook veel bessen en zaden in de winter. Die kunt u voeren, maar ze zijn ook volop in de tuin te vinden. Tenminste, als u in de herfst niet alle dooie bloemen (inclusief zaden!) heeft afgevoerd. Afknippen is prima, maar leg ze daarna plat op de grond, oogt ook weer fris. De zaden die niet worden opgegeten krijgen de kans te kiemen in het voorjaar en zo blijft uw bloementuin weelderig.

Vogels zaaien bessenstruiken

Sommige zaden uit bessen kiemen zelfs het beste als ze eerst door een vogelmaag zijn gegaan en als poep weer op het land komen. Zo zaaien vogels bessenstruiken en verzekeren zichzelf onbewust van nieuwe bladerhopen met beestjes en nieuwe bessen. Mooi toch hoe dat werkt in de natuur.

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