sometimesThere is definitely change all around. Sudden change – without warning and there you go.

Yesterday and today were more Murphy’s Law then Change. There is no post office anymore. Letters and packages are sent at a post agency hosted by our local tobacconist. We only have one in the Center. Had a heavy envelope to post, bike over there just to see that it was closed due to renovation and new look. My letter was urgent so I went to grocery AH and weighed the letter on the vegetable scale – 305 gram. Calculated the necessary stamps and finally dropped it into the mailbox. Duration 40 minutes.

Today more of the same. An appointment by phone failed. I was extremely tired all day long. 17:00 I pulled myself together to do the necessary shopping at the grocery Dirk v/d Broek. They just had installed a new self-scan system…… It didn’t work properly. The old system broke down very often too. Finally, after several attempts to make it work, the employee gave up. I had to pay at an old-fashioned cash register. Change is beautiful.

Next stop Kruidvat drugstore. There were two employee’s. One was helping a child who was sent to buy medication for an one-year old baby and on conference call with his mother at home simultaneously. The employee tried to explain that you cannot put whatever medication in a baby and she advised to call a doctor. The mother, on the phone, made a fuss and finally, after having called her boss, the employee gave the medication. Meanwhile other customers had to wait for her because they had some questions and I had to return something. The young cashier was extremely tired too and had not the authorization to handle return. Standing there for 30 minutes, cake and coffee would have been nice. When the other employee finally came, she couldn’t get into the cash register …. The other customers still waiting patiently. After several attempts she got into the cash register.

Coming out of the drugstore only to see that the main entrance, a revolving door, was out-of-order again. This trip had the duration of 1 hour 30 minutes. At home,  one of my sons called to tell he was sick having problems with his throat and voice.


Major changes often come from unpredictable chaotic, and random events. Even tiredness, sickness and broken store systems.



Red Soil

Today start the red soil path within the Tzolkin calendar. So I thought, today is the day to take a picture of red soil…. within the symbols of the inner man & woman and the inner boy and girl. The red soil is the original red one from Australia. Shaman Andre de Vos brought it from his travels.

White and red – heaven on earth. All parts united after all. red-soil-2




It’s going on and on – stuff that come my way for closure. Now a book – the tip came from Carin v/d Hem via Twitter. The title: Neptune – the 12th house and Pisces by Maurice Fernandez. The only thing you need is your Natal Chart to see where you have Neptune and in what sign. Further what aspects it has with other planets. nepIf there may be new information you get me going. With my and my children’s natal charts I looked up all houses, signs and aspect. After that I started reading – first mine. What came along was not new in the sense of ‘never ever heard of it – me ? ‘ but, with growing astonishment,  all I have been through during my life, in relationships, with my children and what I learned during my inner journey everything EVERYTHING.

Sickness and relationship quarrels, how I grew up, how I felt back than and more. Absolutely correct in every way and showing the roots. Couldn’t stop reading. After all was read about myself I started with the children. Same experience – exactly how they were, what they have gone through until now, childhood problems, school problems, health, psyche, relationships. One son often exchange with me how he is doing and feeling, sometimes depressed. I send him his Neptune info and for the first time he, who always reject reading and does not love reading, gave me a call about it and told me that this was great and he read it all. I went to bed late and it took quite some time before I fell asleep.

The next day I woke up with a lot of pain from neck down to under the shoulder-blades.Every day this sinks down a bit as if all the old is falling off.  Today I realized what I mastered over the years regarding where I started from. I used to say ‘I moved the Alps ‘and without exaggerating I did. At first it is some shock to read all of it in one piece while I mastered it in 64 years and deep diving since 1994. Now I’m proud that I did, there is compassion with the child I once was and love in my heart. I can let go of it all with a big sigh – finally. The heavy and worst is over and healed.

The book show your innocent paradise-perception meeting real life experience and the fear that arouses. Like Adam and Eve stumbled out of Paradise seeing the real world and themselves for the first time – the naked truth. The book also show the steps out of trouble, your fake tune, wrong perception and fear getting back a more realistic true innocence. Even this ‘ getting back your innocence’ came along years ago in family constellation work.

The inner journey is more adventurous and fascinating than even a jungle journey on foot, better than every movie or book and with a real world happy ending. This happy ending come when you’re taking one step at a time with new found valor, courage, and self-discipline. You start feeling better about yourself and your life, quarrels lessen, your health improve and relationships are changing and more loving and light-footed. Your true calling and new skills are found.

The book came right in time before the eclipse and full moon 10/11 February when we all close a door. The Chandra Symbol for the eclipse:

LEO 22
An alligator swims slowly through a swamp.
Imperious self-command. The self, entirely conscious of its own territorial rights and privileges, exerts a presence, a force. Saturating the atmosphere with one’s love, light, and intensity. Big and bright, deep and formidable. So very purposive that your every breath is conceived to be part of the master plan. Grandiose and inflated, yet into something so essential that it is very difficult to go against. It is the ingrained aura of spiritual authority and cosmic intent, linked with the heights, seeping into the depths. You become so enduring and insistent that others back out of the picture. Graphic demonstration of being here now in your element, doing what you need to do. Sinuous, suggestive, sensuous, and somewhat prone to pushing it a bit. The inner light upheld at the cost of any and all extraneous factors.

I realized that I once painted Neptune – the Nep (fake) tune about our-self.


The end of Hope and the start of the Truth – a painful experience but an enlightening one.





Just another normal day I thought when waking up this morning. Life was thinking otherwise.

At 14:00 ‘o clock some heavy stuff arrived by mail.

Saw a German senders address. Recognized the name and city it came from – a long gone story came up to be felt again. Still there the anger about it and how the story went. Neither being able to get nor thought I ever would what now felt into my house.

The story: my Dad remarried one year after mother’s death in 1974 to a woman I never liked but had to go along with to have contact to my father. When father died in 1984 all hell broke loose. We had a fight over the inheritance and all of the important stuff to me. She claimed it was never there, a plain lie, even to my lawyer. Got some money and never ever saw her again. That was precisely what my mother predicted on her death-bed – he will remarry and leave you with nothing.

Years later, I got contact to another member of the Althausen family who was living in the same city. He asked me, if I had the family tree, my father worked on his whole life. He had asked her and she kept saying she would not give it. Same she said to me. Buried that theme too, so did he.

Today arrived the family register with in it the marriage certificate of my parents and my birth certificate and date of christening. I was surprised to see, that I was baptised on New Years Eve 1952, 4 days after my birth, in the chapel of the hospital. They must have thought I will not survive, otherwise I cannot explain the hurry. My birth was a difficult one. Old family photo’s from my parental home and garden in Germany, Dad in the garden, my wedding photo’s, baby photo’s of my oldest children, my dog, a photo of myself in carnival costume when 7 years old, a very old photo of my Dad as little boy, nice photo’s of my Dad before he got ill  and Grandmother from Mother’s side. The one the last healing was all about.oma2

Tears flowing when seeing all this, very emotional. The letter came from her eldest daughter, saying that all this really belong to me she thought. She had found it in her mother’s stuff in 2012 when going to a nursery home. She died last year. She also found my letter asking for the family tree. She apologized that she did not find it.  The package was on its way since 2012.

After all my emotions and the old anger settled, I wrote a letter and posted it, thanking her for this surprising package of memories. In miraculous ways it had to be now that this finally reached me, I suppose, to get closure and peace with it all.





The Day After

The urge to make a painting
without thinking
blind color choice

finding and making

the replacement for the Grandmother-tool

– same haste –


next to this…..koning


In short I could simply say: I had to get rid of Grandmother – period. That’s to the point but heart- and meaningless. So let me explain.

There was that urge that the next step had to be taken. Right in time before the New Moon, I had an appointment with my coach. “There is fear not to reach the ideal progress in 2017 as pictured in my personal horoscope because of the part we have to work on today. “

“It’s my solar plexus.” I said, suddenly knowing where to be.

A long time ago I had that dream that my Grandmother gave me the key to a brand new food truck for my birthday.

This dream was about what was coming now.  That food truck is a metaphor for my Solar Plexus and she had the key.

There, where intuition is transferred to the brain, is fear of intuition. Most of the fear is already worked out and processed too. But there is a block which gives a lot of traffic jam. It’s like a switch has to be turned into the right direction. Grandmother is sitting on the switch.That is the reason why the fear not to make  happen what is supposed to happen.

My Grandmother had blocked her intuition and did the same to me. My mother did not even developed her intuition let alone a proper use of it. Therefore her proclamations about my future did not hit rock bottom. Grandmothers and my intuition are the same: the spiritual, in the beginning a bit wholly, and on the other hand practical earthy. There is so much information coming in that my Grandmother shut down the connection and worked on mine also.

Enough is enough and the time is ripe to get rid of Grandmother on my Solar Plexus and set the switch in the right direction again. The traffic jam cause too much pain in the Solar Plexus. How to do? Family constellation work, on my own together with Grandmother before the New Moon.

So today was the day. Two chairs in the practice room – one for me and one for Grandmother. For Grandmother I once made a tool so I could use this.grandmother Also a tourmaline crystal and my angel tool. I sat on the other chair together with my personal rock crystal and the ring with Christ energy which works strongly soothing and healing. I asked the family soul to grand my petition and asked Grandmother to leave and give me what is necessary to turn the switch. I waited and then opened the tool to get what was inside and together with the tourmaline and the angel tool I went back to my chair. Went back and put Grandmother’s energy from my Solar Plexus into the open pot and sealed it again. Than put the energy of the thing out of the pot, the tourmaline crystal and the angel tool into my Solar Plexus. Said my thank you to Grandmother and the family soul and ended the constellation. The whole process has to settle in and get flowing again.

The pot remain sealed in the practice room – there was another dream around Grandmother….


Happy New Chinese Year of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.





           FIRE PHOENIX YEAR 2017

Happy Chinese New Year! January 27 2017 is a new Moon in Aquarius at 4:07 pm PST that begins the year of the Phoenix (Rooster). Some translations refer to 2017 as Rooster year or Chicken year, but I use the translation Phoenix because it brings opportunities for rebirth and transformation.

Phoenix year is fortunate for all Phoenixes, and for Phoenix’s most compatible signs OxSnake, and Dragon. Phoenix energy can, at times, be challenging for Rabbit. Phoenix correlates to the Western sign Virgo.

phoenix-plateThe Way of the Phoenix

Phoenix is a brilliant, inspirational, and fearless visionary. The element Fire is perfect for Phoenix because Fire brings strength, passion, bravery, and leadership. So now is the year to break free, claim your destiny, and overcome obstacles. You can heal past actions, even past lives, with your new awareness.

Success in Phoenix Year

phoenix-strengthThree tips for success are:

First, pay attention to your health. This is the year to exercise, get in shape, and eat well. If you are exhausted after Fire Monkey 2016, then 2017 is especially your year to focus on health, healing, and restoration.

Bad back for years, not seen a dentist, want to change your weight, or any type of delay in dealing with your health? This is the year to finally address health issues, and not let health challenges drag on. Same with your home. Time to clean out the old and unused, and live more efficiently in this Fire bird year.

Second is to organize your finances. Deal with any debt, plan, budget, and be aware of your spending. Those born in Phoenix year are naturally very good at accounting, can find a bargain, and appreciate thrift as do Phoenix’s best friends Ox and Snake.

Third is to work hard with focus. 2017 is the year to apply yourself in your career. Be persistent, yet flexible. This is not the time to goof off or take your job for granted. Phoenix year is work before play, so get organized and contribute on the job. For some, it may feel like beak to the grindstone with superiors criticizing or micromanaging.  But stay strong and do the work! Excuses will not be tolerated in a no-nonsense Phoenix year.

Phoenix Character

Those born in Phoenix years (1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017) are sharp people who are blessed with keen judgement and quick wit. A clear thinker who benefits from higher knowledge, Phoenix can be an outstanding scholar. Phoenix is naturally curious and enjoys intellectual exchange. Phoenix is popular, outspoken, and well liked so often has a flock of admirers.

decorative-phoenixPhoenix is very resourceful and can be thrown into any situation and on a moment’s notice and emerge a winner. Others seek Phoenix’s advice because Phoenix perceptions are unique, and Phoenix is a creative problem solver.

In matters of romance, Phoenix is serious and loyal. Phoenix is naturally honest, with a frank style of communication that does not sugar coat the truth. But Phoenix might be a teller of tall tales or embellish a story to make a point.

Loving and bonded in relationships but independent at work, it’s usually best that a Phoenix run their own business. If mystically inclined, Phoenix can develop prophetic abilities to become like the rare Phoenix, the mythical bird that symbolizes transformation, beauty, and grace. Phoenix can magically arise from the ashes to create a new life. So do not allow critical thinking or procrastination stop you.

Fire Phoenix

Of the five Taoist elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood, this is the year of the Fire Phoenix. Red means go!

Fire brings passion, creativity, and joy. Fire types are strong, dynamic, and can overcome illness and obstacles. Just be aware that Fire can be very enthusiastic (like Wood) so do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle, especially in autumn.

Lucky Hours

In Phoenix year, activities are more successful when undertaken during hours that are favorable for Phoenix: Phoenix, Ox, Snake, and Dragon hours.

Phoenix hours are 5 – 7 pm
Ox hours are 1 – 3 am
Snake hours are 9 – 11 am
Dragon hours are 7 – 9 am

brave-phoenixChinese New Year Date

Chinese New Year is a spring festival that begins on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice. But in the Solar Terms Chinese agricultural calendar, the Chinese New Year begins on February 4 or 5. This Li Chun date, based on Solar Terms (15 degrees along the ecliptic) is close to February 2nd, a date that marks the point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.


RAT – A festive and fun year, and a continuation of good fortune from the previous Fire Monkey year. Both Rat and Phoenix are smart, sharp, and quick-witted. Under the protective wings of the Phoenix, you can accomplish much this year, and receive warm support from others. But Phoenix’s influence requires hard work. It’s work before play, so time to be diligent. Plan carefully, and bit by bit attain your goals with a successful harvest in autumn. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Rat is most compatible with another Rat, Dragon, or Monkey. Ox is also compatible. Horse is least compatible.

OX – Finally, good times for you because Phoenix is most compatible with Ox (and Snake). You and Phoenix can be no-nonsense realists who will appreciate the Phoenix year influence of accountability and responsibility. Family life is harmonious, and you are recognized for your contributions. Work is rewarding, especially in autumn. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Ox is most compatible with another Ox, Phoenix, or Snake. Rat is also compatible. Sheep is least compatible.

TIGER – Phoenix and Tiger are very different so anticipate some misunderstandings. But friends, family, and colleagues offer their support so Tiger is still well loved! If you experience minor disappointments or some unhappiness, take your time and don’t be hard on yourself. This Fire Phoenix year is an excellent time to get organized for your new fortunate life cycle in 2018 Earth Dog year. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Tiger is most compatible with another Tiger, Horse, or Dog. Pig is also compatible. Monkey is least compatible.

RABBIT – Stay your good, kind, and artistic Rabbit self! Phoenix is your opposite so prepare for criticism or conflict of interest. The martial tones of the Phoenix could irritate your fine aesthetics. Money strains can bring debt so watch your spending. If hard work causes frustration, do the best you can instead of confronting authority figures. Next year Earth Dog 2018 is a lucky year for you when the truth is championed and you find success. Good feng shui of your home and office is a must for sensitive Rabbit to take care during this Phoenix year. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Rabbit is most compatible with another Rabbit, Sheep, or Pig. Dog is also compatible. Phoenix is least compatible.

DRAGON – Dragon and Phoenix are a symbol of harmonious marriage so relationships are highlighted this year. Anticipate good fortune and prosperity, happiness, positive news, promotion, and business opportunities. New friends and contacts bring important connections. Dragon is king this year, and you can achieve your goals. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Dragon is most compatible with another Dragon, a Rat, or Monkey. Phoenix (Rooster) is also compatible. Dog is least compatible.

SNAKE – Phoenix is one of the best companions for Snake because you and Phoenix share a harmony trine with Ox. Snake is celebrated and enjoys popularity. Recognition, promotion, and bonuses are foreseen. The work you do behind the scenes now comes to light, and can be rewarded. Stay steady at work, and be thrifty. Follow your instincts to know when it’s best to lay low. Luck is with you all year, especially in late summer. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Snake is most compatible with another Snake, Ox, or Phoenix (Rooster). Monkey is also compatible. Pig is least compatible.

HORSE – A harmonious year that brings good fortune and good news. Phoenix and Horse are both sexy signs who enjoy good times, so you and Phoenix are on the same page. Home life is secure, and problems are not overwhelming. Plus business is good. But Horse might be required to work harder, and slow down development. Just don’t let affairs get out of hand, especially in autumn. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Horse is most compatible with another Horse, Dog, or Tiger. Sheep is also compatible. The Rat is least compatible.

SHEEP – Let the rest of the world compete for success this year. Instead, tend to your health, back down from arguments, and treat this year as if you’re at a spaaa. Could be some trying times for us Sheep because Phoenix’s influence demands hard work, and responsible accounting for how time and money are spent. And we do not respond well to criticism. It’s best to comply, curb spending (Sheep eat paper), and maintain firm boundaries. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Sheep is most compatible with another Sheep, Pig, or Rabbit. Horse is also compatible. Ox is least compatible.

MONKEY – After the exciting Fire Monkey year 2016, build on your Monkey year success by following up and completing projects. But under Phoenix’s influence, Monkey must work steadily and pay attention to details, and that’s not of interest to any Monkey. Overextending yourself could lead to health problems. So maintain a conservative outlook, and be in observation mode. You’ll learn a lot about human nature this year. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Monkey is most compatible with another Monkey, Rat, or Dragon. Snake is also compatible. Tiger is least compatible.

PHOENIX (Rooster) – Rooster, Chicken, Cock, Hen? I call you Phoenix, offering a lifetime of opportunities to be reborn and transformed. You benefit from the influence of your own year, and start a new life cycle. You’ll have to work hard, but affairs are under control, order reigns, and you rise in glory. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Phoenix is most compatible with another Phoenix (if they don’t peck each other), Ox, or Snake. Dragon is also compatible. Rabbit is least compatible.

DOG – Phoenix year emphasis on material success and achievement run counter to Dog’s values. So stay true to your convictions. This is a good year for education, and you can find advancement through new learning or specialized training. You’ll start a fortunate 12-year cycle in Earth Dog year 2018 so allow some friendships or circumstances to end this year. What is not to be part of your new Dog year cycle can naturally fall by the wayside, especially in autumn. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Dog is most compatible with another Dog, Tiger, or Horse. Rabbit is also compatible. Dragon is least compatible.

PIG – Don’t allow people to take advantage of your Pig heart of gold, and mistake your kindness for weakness. Be sympathetic but not overly involved in the affairs of others, and avoid taking sides in any battles around you. Business rewards and financial prosperity result from hard work if you decide to apply yourself. Plan a big vacation this year. Winter is your luckiest season. Looking for love in Phoenix year? Pig is most compatible with another Pig, Sheep, or Rabbit. Tiger is also compatible. Snake is least compatible.


Happy new Moon,

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