Yesterday and today I worked on the arrow suiting my previous post  https://redskywalkeronearth.wordpress.com/2021/07/20/de-baboesjkas .

The arrow is made from a chestnut branch, copper wire and acer seeds at the end. Not yet initiated.

Chestnut tree: mystical journey into the inner self, growing to a certain point in ones life.
Acer tree: in Dutch is Esdoorn and ‘Es’ is an old Germanic word for ‘spear’ Acer stands for longevity, happiness, self confidence, independence and planet Jupiter

a story about a heart-connected encounter & me


Vorig jaar wilde ik een serie wandelverhalen schrijven. Telkens een aflevering met een andere wandelpartner. Om tal van redenen werd het geen serie. Deze aflevering is wel geboren. Voor Gertrud en Red.

26 Juli 2020
Ommetje woonwijk Hoofddorp

Ik werp een blik op google maps, start de motor en stop ruim anderhalf uur later op de aangeduide plek aan de andere kant van Nederland. Mijn auto valt met de plaatsaanwijzer samen en een vrouwenstem roept dat ik mijn bestemming bereikt heb. Ik weet zoiets dan weer nooit zeker en kan het niet laten om een dergelijke opmerking in twijfel te trekken. Dus kijk ik aarzelend om me heen en denk ‘Hier?’ – standaard. Maar dít hier vond ik onderweg godvergeten; daarom spreek ik hier niet helemaal onbevangen uit. Overvliegend Schipholblik had het oud-Hollands landschap als een onwillig schaap rücksichtslos kaal geschoren. Daaroverheen hadden stroommasten, industriële tuinderij en verrommelde gevels…

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Doors Pt. 2

In my recent inner process, before the doors can be opened, another healing had to be done first. A long time ago I painted my mother’s pregnancy with me, and as I learned back then, my twin brother. Quite some stories were told around the pregnancy and my birth, different stories by my parents.

Did the healing that had to be done. Will not tell the details. I only share the changed painting. I did the changes today.


This was important to finally get more in touch with my own energy field, the blue painting and the doors I mentioned in my previous blog.


In an ongoing process, started in March this year, I had to make another painting around the theme of doors. Doors preventing….closed doors….

It’s a prolongation of the painting I made in March.


At the start of the event I started painting with drum music on the background.

When finished I sat down to meditate. When the drumming stopped I sat there somehow emotional with tears in my eyes. The idea came up to connect a communication tool, I made quite some time ago, to my talking stick. So I took both of the tools from their basket.

Suddenly the old leather rope of the little bag broke. When opening the bag a turquoise gemstone and a little globe fell out. Totally forgotten treasures. The two are now bathing in sea salt water. 

I had a new rope implemented. The spot where the bag was fixed to the talking stick is now filled with gold paint. When everything has dried I will put it all together. 


New and fresh communication coming soon I suppose. Here the refreshed talking ready to work again, wearing the new equipment as a back-pack.


Today’s assignment for @AnimalAlphabet was to draw the Harpy Eagle. At first I had no drive to do so. During the day that suddenly changed and in a quick draw there he was – The Harpy Eagle.

Tomorrow we have a potent new moon, a Hades Moon because Pluto is involved, so is black moon Lilith. A new moon of change, of trust and faith in higher powers. Curious if the drive to draw the Harpy Eagle may have a link to the new moon, so I looked it up. As a matter of fact he is.

If the Harpy Eagle appears, it is a sign and message that you are going through the changes you have asked for. The Harpy eagle take your plans heavenward and can be used to transmute negative things. There is a death of the old ways of doing things. Right now you are being humbled by spirit and the voice within. https://www.powerfulmystic8.com


The Golden Lion Tamarin in short:
• Helps to connect to mental clarity, thoughts and ideas
• Aligns you to the lighter side of life whilst still getting the job done
• Will help you see blocks and issues before they become a problem
• Helps balance humor with getting the job done
• Shows you how to be ‘larger than life’, self belief and understanding on finding your highest potential
• Will connect you to evolving yourself and the community you need to be a part of to make what you are doing


So this animal came across my path right in time. No wonder I liked it so much drawing it.

One of the animal’s which suites some of my inner traits is the lizard. Learned that from my personal Tzolkien profile.  When this came along I already had lizard brooch for a long time. I had it implemented on a piece of antler because the needle was broken.

A drawing challenge by @AnimalAlphabets was a lizard. Enjoyed drawing one very much. As a matter of fact my drawings are better when my inner world has to do with it. So here is the drawing.

Symbolism of Lizard: Flexible, Adaptive, Spiritual, Quick, Shrewd, Camouflage, Regeneration, Smart and Fast.

Today an Alpaca came along and I tried it too.

Symbolism and traits of Alpaca: communicating through body language, gentle character, living in herd, at least two of them, with good personal space boundaries, hard working and perseverance. Watch out for carrying the hole world on your shoulder. If mistreated you will know it, they get stubborn.

As a matter of fact I behave in a similar way. More communicating with body language, especially with my eyes and if mistreated you will know it for sure. When younger I tend to carry more than I could shoulder and was a real workaholic. Setting good boundaries as my personal space was also an issue.

The term totem animal does not necessarily mean that this animal is accompanying you but that you have similar behavior and traits . Animals coming into your life has a lot to tell and teach you, great them welcome.

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