Life exploding – another intuitive spontaneous painting this morning after one I had the drive for in the middle of the night you see next.

This one is the 3rd step in this process. Can you see the white horse? While painting a piece of cellophane fell on the painting and when cautiously lifting it my spirit animal came through. 

the 1st step

the 2nd step

As I saw the pictures from Afghanistan and read the news, I immediately thought of the Holy Crusades, ‘Christian’ missionary work and Vietnam. This was due to the fact that the West wanted to teach the Afghans its way of acting while nobody bothered to get to know the Afghan way, the country and the mentality of the people first. To withdraw blindly without thinking about the consequences for the left behind Afghan helpers and their families was further evidence of a heartless approach and a lack of foresight.

Today came a new message from Aluna Joy that is worth reading. The deeply anchored memories of these times of the Holy Crusades, missionary work and wanting to impose your own values onto others now come into consciousness in order to be healed. Another step towards the unity of humanity, which is still a long way to go.

Right now we are crossing over timelines, layered cycles on top of cycles, that are connected to repeating and deeply impacting patterns in humanity’s past. We are now crossing over precarious, multi-layers of memory echoes that are rippling forward into this time. The memories come from the times where aggressive holy wars were being played out. It was a time where spirituality and religion were used inappropriately as a tool to embolden the self-righteous and to empower self-serving leaders.

the entire article

to say it with Neil Diamond, slightly modified

No words can define what I’m feeling
No words can bring that magic kind of healing
There are no words that can tell what I’m feeling
They just get in the way
It’s all about the feelings 
Not about the words that I say


Another drawing challenge got my attention today. Initiated by Bird Whisperer Project on Twitter @BirdWhisperers. Liked the bird at first site and tried to draw it. As always when I like an animal and manage to draw it, I look up if there is a particular symbolism to it. I found https://freespiritmeg.com/2019/03/11/totem-animal-blue-footed-booby/

The blue footed booby is also a symbol of creativity and dreaming. It might be time to take that dream and make it a reality. The booby is telling you to keep in touch with your creative side. Anything is possible, as long as you can imagine it. Use your creativity to make it happen.

I’m a creative person in many ways, not only in the artistic field. A bit of a dreamer at times but nevertheless a real survivor. So this bird is suiting.



Yesterday and today I worked on the arrow suiting my previous post  https://redskywalkeronearth.wordpress.com/2021/07/20/de-baboesjkas .

The arrow is made from a chestnut branch, copper wire and acer seeds at the end. Not yet initiated.

Chestnut tree: mystical journey into the inner self, growing to a certain point in ones life.
Acer tree: in Dutch is Esdoorn and ‘Es’ is an old Germanic word for ‘spear’ Acer stands for longevity, happiness, self confidence, independence and planet Jupiter

a story about a heart-connected encounter & me


Vorig jaar wilde ik een serie wandelverhalen schrijven. Telkens een aflevering met een andere wandelpartner. Om tal van redenen werd het geen serie. Deze aflevering is wel geboren. Voor Gertrud en Red.

26 Juli 2020
Ommetje woonwijk Hoofddorp

Ik werp een blik op google maps, start de motor en stop ruim anderhalf uur later op de aangeduide plek aan de andere kant van Nederland. Mijn auto valt met de plaatsaanwijzer samen en een vrouwenstem roept dat ik mijn bestemming bereikt heb. Ik weet zoiets dan weer nooit zeker en kan het niet laten om een dergelijke opmerking in twijfel te trekken. Dus kijk ik aarzelend om me heen en denk ‘Hier?’ – standaard. Maar dít hier vond ik onderweg godvergeten; daarom spreek ik hier niet helemaal onbevangen uit. Overvliegend Schipholblik had het oud-Hollands landschap als een onwillig schaap rücksichtslos kaal geschoren. Daaroverheen hadden stroommasten, industriële tuinderij en verrommelde gevels…

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Doors Pt. 2

In my recent inner process, before the doors can be opened, another healing had to be done first. A long time ago I painted my mother’s pregnancy with me, and as I learned back then, my twin brother. Quite some stories were told around the pregnancy and my birth, different stories by my parents.

Did the healing that had to be done. Will not tell the details. I only share the changed painting. I did the changes today.


This was important to finally get more in touch with my own energy field, the blue painting and the doors I mentioned in my previous blog.


In an ongoing process, started in March this year, I had to make another painting around the theme of doors. Doors preventing….closed doors….

It’s a prolongation of the painting I made in March.


At the start of the event I started painting with drum music on the background.

When finished I sat down to meditate. When the drumming stopped I sat there somehow emotional with tears in my eyes. The idea came up to connect a communication tool, I made quite some time ago, to my talking stick. So I took both of the tools from their basket.

Suddenly the old leather rope of the little bag broke. When opening the bag a turquoise gemstone and a little globe fell out. Totally forgotten treasures. The two are now bathing in sea salt water. 

I had a new rope implemented. The spot where the bag was fixed to the talking stick is now filled with gold paint. When everything has dried I will put it all together. 


New and fresh communication coming soon I suppose. Here the refreshed talking ready to work again, wearing the new equipment as a back-pack.


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