In 2003 a friend took me to Ireland for vacation. Along the roads you see evergreen hedges. The last day I was able to find a tiny little branch with roots to take home. I placed it into a wet handkerchief and the handkerchief into a plastic bag.

Home again I immediately planted the little fellow into my garden and it grew very well. Until now I managed to get ten offshoots from of it. Some I gave away as present. I kept the original and four new offshoots, al grown up and making little rose-coloured flowers.

August 3rd, while rummaging in the garden, one little branch came of the mother plant with roots.

Today I gave it colour and a tiny little gray feather from a baby crow that flew into my house several days ago. The tool is not yet initiated.



Naar aanleiding van  http://heldenreis.nl/schrijfveren  voor de maand augustus weer eens een gedicht

Nooit meer een spreekbuurt houden
Over een kindertijd vol spoken
Het op eieren lopen van de angst
Wel misschien van dingen die
Toch wel heel leuk waren
Het geratel van de telefoon met draaischijf
De nieuwe hoekbank in de keuken
Met van die kleppen en onder het hoekgedeelte
Een holletje om te verstoppen
Ondanks alles of juist daardoor
Alles overleefd
Het was een lachertje gezien wat later kwam
Nieuwsgierigheid als deugd
Weet ik zo net nog niet – teveel ervan is minder
Het jachtseizoen geopend toen ik vrouw werd
Belanden in het luxe bed van lust en wat zo liefde heet
Ontdekkingsreizigster in mannenland en geen benul geen routekaart
Een goede voorbereiding hierop node gemist
Onbenul vol onbevangen lezen van mijn levensboek
Het grandioze waaien door de dagen
toilet maken voor de looks en de disco en de eerste ridder met of zonder paard
de kans nihil geacht er een te vinden met zo weinig zelfbewust en vol van twijfels
dan toch gelukt een kort geluk
de tweede gauw getrouwd
de tent heel snel vol houten speelgoed voor
de kinderen die kwamen
geen onbewaakte ogenblikken meer
geen tijd voor lezen maar wel schrijven
dagboeken vol
ook onverzamelde gedichten zo nu en dan
diep van binnen de wens ooit een boek met mijn naam op de rug
maar ach, met kind en man
nog steeds die hoekbank van weleer
zaten wij te eten
het tafelzilver van mijn ouders in gebruik
en hun servies
geen geld maar wel de geur van munten ruiken
wie het kleine niet eert….
huisvrouwenslavernij zo dacht ik toen
dan brak de pleuris uit
de man bleek al twee jaar een verhouding te hebben
met een kleine middenstandster
ik wil niets weten
ik wil niet vragen
mijn hart is ijs
strooiwagens vol liefde zijn verdwenen
we gaan verhuizen

halve maan mes waarmee familieperikelen geheeld worden

en energetische banden verbroken

3rd eye

Today I started a new tool. I know it is one for myself, that’s for sure.
On the branch:

  • Pine cone as a metaphor for the pineal gland that activates the third eye. The pineal gland actually looks like a little pine cone.
  • Herkimer Diamond: crystallized light energy, a spiritual tool for energy work, light work, dream work, shamanic work, healings, receiving visions and making contact with angels and other higher energies
  • Mangano calcite: the essence of self-love, guide spirit away from over-analyzing tendencies, help to simply accept and radiate unconditional love, connection with angels, healing trauma of the inner child, soul healer
  • Hazelnut: joy and pleasure for life itself, full connection with the body, wisdom and protection


For two days now I feel a lot of pressure.  In need of something like an explosion.  Where yesterday I mopped the floors in the house to clear some pressure (something that helps me a lot) today I had to create.  In the afternoon again the creative urge.

The base is bamboo again, half a bamboo – managed this by smashing a big hammer onto the bamboo. The half’s survived. Further I used the remains of the cherry laurel blossoms and an empty snail house.

Cherry Laurel

Glory, Victory, Nobility, Immortality, the gift of prophecy, Recognition, high honor, seeing the big picture

Snail: slow-moving, patience

Snail’s shell: Protection & defense

not yet initiated


Sunday I visited my friend Hilde – http://detuinenvanhilde.nl/ -. We spend some splendid hours in her wonderful sanctuary garden.Simply incredible energy, lots of birds, a gigantic tree ,little pond and bird baths and feeders everywhere. I got a branch of her walnut tree with a shrunk walnut on it.Found a tiny little feather too. Managed to get the branch home unbroken.

Te next day, due to a not so good night sleep, I felt as run over by a bus. Hanging in there suddenly the urge to start the tool. Blue & Gold, the feather and….a feather from the ravens visiting my little garden. A bamboo as base.

BAMBOO = Like a self-cultivated scholar in hermitage, it is ready to render services when called upon.
Since the bamboo lasts through all seasons, it is frequently associated with pine and plum as the “Three Winter Friends.” The bamboo is considered a gentleman with perfect virtues. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength, or the Yin and the Yang, bamboo symbolize the spirit of integrity and loyalty.

WALNUT TREE – symbol of mystical, universal wisdom and knowledge. A bridge and guardian angel for people in Transition. Walnuts are food for the nervous system, bringing grounding, inner stability and focus on your aims and goals.Walnut is the energy of home, home in your body with yourself, taking good care of  you while simultaneously listening to others ready to help if necessary. Walnut energy is tender, loving, soft, warm, caring energy. Solve the primal doubt in yourself.

3 hours later, time fly when creating, it was ready the way it had to be. Dried over night and got some varnish this morning. See here:


Still being busy with the message from AlunaJoy, I again looked up the photo of the circle and from there I found a site with the following text:

The gentlest sacred site I have visited thus far in my travels is the tiny Duloe Stone Circle, consisting of seven upright and one fallen stone. It is located off a small road, hidden from view within a cow pasture, with only a small sign to mark its significant presence. The Duloe circle is remarkable in that it is the only circle in England exclusively consisting of shining white quartz stones, which supposedly have special healing properties. The large stone in the foreground (picture above) I called “Mom.” As I wrapped my arms around its glistening hardness, I got the feeling of nurturing and love. In fact, the entire circle gave off an energy not unlike some tender and kind-hearted women I have known. The impressions I received there were that the ancient people used Duloe as a main birthing center. I read later that the local “…cows have been observed to go into the circle especially to give birth.”

That rang a bell. If you are following my path by reading my blog, you now may know why this particular circle has my full attention. It’s not a burial mound as other sites suggested. The message is about the future so a buriel is not suiting.

The mound in the middle, which I suddenly saw this morning, is not high enough – it’s a birthing center. In my latest bought book Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy I found new and more in-depth info around my task and lessons in this life. The birthing circle couldn’t be more suiting. When looking at the photo I immediately get sucked inside the circle. Same experience I had when joining the ceremony at the end of the message by AlunaJoy. Try it yourself if you like – the time we are living in is like a birth – the birth of the real true you without the masks mankind put on over century’s. The birth of unconditional love and Oneness of all of us together.



The reception of the flow of intuitive information is getting better. Where I mostly acted without knowing why I had to do something to find out it was right weeks later, now I get it almost instantly but only if I need to know. So is the case with the tool I made June 5.

After receiving en reading the message of Aluna Joy on June 7, the insight came immediately – the tool has the same message but there is more and I have to work with it for more information. Tomorrow the tool will be initiated. I’m excited about what might come up.

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