Since 2008 I have a big root from an old tree waiting to be worked on. Now I have some sort of German ‘Dremel’ to do the job. Last weekend I started and came to half and the ‘Dremel’ stopped. Maybe overheated. My technically well equipped girlfriend will have a look at the device tomorrow. If the thing is working again, I will continue the ROOT-WORK.


wortel andere kant



I found this exercise and thought it would be a nice one for the new moon evening today. The new moon is all about closing to the old and opening to the new whatever in your life.

We also had Saint Martin this evening. With Saint Martin the children come to the door with lanterns and sing for candy. I had the Martin-fire going at my front door – the fire of warmth and love by unconditional giving. maartensvuurmaarten3

Afterwards I took the time to do the exercise. First the vertical one. As I always do – I choose the color pencil with eyes closed and started vertical moves, still eyes closed. I got pain in my shoulders and shoulder blades. Problems with ‘comming down ‘ ….

After a pause I started with the horizontal version. The moves were quick and hard and the whole thing was ready in a wink. Sensations around my stomach. Finally using my power?


At 2 am I will attend an online class given by Terry Lamb, my favorite Astrologer. Enough new moon rituals.

Lang syne

langsyne copy

In the article of Terry Lamb you read about the actual transformation at hand. It is amazing, how what I read, fit the situation of the sick person I’m looking after, who had to be hospitalized, the clearing out of his clutter in his condo, the raw place he moved to which is in rebuilding and clearing out old stuff as well. The combination article – sick person’s path you actually see astrology in practice.

I’m the one who has to do the clearing out – pushing the past away. So it is my mirror too of clearing out my past.

Who does this effect?
If you have planets in any of the Mutable Signs, you are affected. If you are Sagittarius, you are challenged to change yourself — your personality and identity to inspire and create. If you are Virgo, a new road in relationship and prosperity through relationship lies ahead — but it’s just the beginning. For Pisces, it’s time to let someone else into your life — someone who grounds your dreams into reality.

He is a Sagittarius sun sign, I’m a Pisces ascendant.

Today, in order to do more clearing out, I had to visit a farm in the neighbourhood I only had the house number of. Arriving there, I saw the name of the farm: Anna Margaretha’s Hoeve. Names of my own lang syne. The name of my grandmother from father’s side was Anna and all her family were farmers. The name of my grandmother from mother’s side was Margaretha. What a mirror. I sighed when seeing this sign, remembering my grandmothers, the farm life I can remember from the times we visited family….it’s all to bury now but loving remembrance in the heart. It was raining cats and dogs when biking to the farm and back – washing away the lang syne history.

I have to take care of a North Node Taurus who is seriously ill for quite some time and now is hospitalized. It is a person I still care for, despite our not so bright past we shared. The situation and health the person is in, was shocking at first, turned into emotional pain and went on into empathic care-taking. My work with elder people with memory loss comes in handy too.

As always in my life I respond to a situation by having a deeper look into the person’s and/or situations soul to find root and core of the problem.You easily can throw the baby out with the bath water by only looking on the surface with the blaming finger, pointing out everything had been done wrong and by doing so ending up angry and blaming, leaving the problem unsolved and the person feeling bad about themselves.

The one I’m caring for in many different ways, is working through his South Node karma and how this works out became clearer to me the past weeks.

Besides their karma of abuse of power, there is the other fact that North Nodes Taurus become like the environment they’re in and the person’s they’re with. In many life’s they only had eye for the person they served while simultaneously loosing contact of who they really are. They are empty and like a sponge. If the environment is clean, clear and nice, the people they’re with are positive and good mannered, they are too. If the environment is nasty and the persons around them are sick, bad mannered, prone to substance abuse in every way, psychological ill and not good at all normal life tasks they drown in this and what in former life was their survival now becomes their destruction. The person was living in such an environment for almost 22 years and the desaster is huge. Hard to see this happen.

On the positive side of their coin lies spirituality, high intuition, seeing others clear in-depth, knowing what others need. See this happen now too while in hospital and experienced it when the person in question was fit and in a good environment.

North Node Taurus persons need to get to know themselves to avoid the sponge-trap.


The social worker of the hospital managed, to get the person in question into a nursing home where he has to share the room with another person. Awfull.

The key 2

calvinThe picture says it all. For about a week now I’m feeling terrific, stronger, earthy and resolute. My coaching session was surprising and very short.

The key is in the lock of the tiny cabinet and opened it. What’s in the tiny cabinet?

My self-consciousness and the truth that I am completely okay and enough as a person and do not have to prove anything. I can act without fearing the flaws. All I locked up as a little child.

This opening came right in time to be strong enough to take care of a difficult health situation of a family member where some tough decisions has to be made in a short time frame.

If we follow Maslow’s thought that we have to arrange our priorities in another way without skipping the first earthy oriented triangle, we get an hour glass. The truth lies in the middle – as always. :-)Maslow2The hour glass is a perfect metaphor for life and eternity as well for my statement of different life paths in the last sentence of my previous post. There are a lot of different hour glasses. Very small ones like you find going with some bord games.zandloper5 There are huge and even antique ones.zandloper6 We have maritime hour glasses and hour glasses with measuring instruments. There are hour glasses in all colours and in a range of different materials. zandloper4 Like all the different souls we are. The hour glass is not a one way useable thing – to the contrary – you turn it around and around and the sand of time keeps running. So is eternity, so is the ‘assumption’ of rebirth. Every turn of the hour glass is one life and it goes on and on, from above down and then the turn…

The individual can flow with its own sand of time or can fight it.zandloper1The individual can block it for thousands of reasons and in despair….zandloper3The next turn of the hour glass – a new chance in eternity…that is our free will….

It started with a tweet – ♪♫ to abuse the song from Hot chocolate – the idea to write about it.

Niels FC Willems@NielsFCWillems

Maslow zelf zag z’n piramide later als maatschappijkritiek: we hebben de prioriteiten des levens verkeerd om gedraaid.


I’m not going with the statement in the tweet – there is more to the theme. Maslow is right with his statement when getting older. However the pyramid works and shows how human evolution works – from the start to the end, from birth till death – from young to old age. On an individual level and as humanity as a whole.

When you are born, you cannot start at the top of the pyramid because you are to little and your self-knowledge has to grow. Mastering the body, developing the senses, your brain, taking in food to live, going to school, puberty, adulthood, a job, living on your own, etcetera. First in life – you work on getting a base on earth. You just left the top of the pyramid when born. The top is our home in between life’s on earth. We return to that home in evolutionary circles in many life’s and master Self-knowledge every life around on earth. So it is no wonder that Maslow with old age got the insight stated in the Tweet. That base is not all there is. If you only live in the basic levels you always feel a certain lack. It is like a computer game – you never reach the end boss let alone the GOD-mode. Reaching this top-level is no one-way-traffic – it goes up and down also. If you cannot master the end-boss you drop back to a lower level but you can always try again, again and again.

When young, there is little interest in spiritual things, that grows too. Mankind, unfortunately, forgot during centuries about the connection and the wisdom both ends offer to steer your course in life.

circulation 4

We, as humanity as well as individual, are going in circles deeper and deeper into our layers and up and down between the different levels of consciousness plus into unconscious levels. Each circle finally leads to knowing the whole you. Humanity as a whole is walking the same path. So let’s hope that we all finally meet at the top of the pyramid without forgetting to live in equality and with unconditional love together, humans side by side with all individuals of Mother Nature. Plants and animals are our friends who offer a lot of wisdom to us too.

Besides, it depend on your personal life-plan if you reach the end-boss, GOD-mode or not. In some life’s, people are not supposed to reach that level because of a lot of lessons on the earth plane,  some people never ever take a look deep inside no matter what happens.


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