I’m born under a Gibbous Moon. The different moon phases give a certain personality:
The Gibbous Moon meaning:

This is the last waxing phase before the Full Moon. You have a personality that’s restless for that next peak but may find getting there anti-climactic.
You sense when something big is building, and have a talent for creating momentum.
You are focused on making finishing touches, in preparation for exposure to maximum light. You’re someone who creates a buzz and are at home when everything is rising to a crescendo.

You’ll want to watch out for the pitfalls of being an adrenalin junkie. You’re most at home when deep in the throes of a satisfying project that has a natural culmination point on the horizon.
You are reflective and seek the bigger picture. You are opening to self-actualization, and want to make sure no stone is left unturned (and in the dark).
The Gibbous Moon Phase — Waxing (Increasing) to Nearly Full

On the Lunar Calendar: 10 1/2 to 14 days after the New Moon
Degree: 135 to 180 degrees ahead of the Sun
Inner Directive: To consolidate, Refine

You can lean toward an intellectual outlook. You are always on the verge of bringing your ideas to fruition. As a leader, you get others excited, from your sense of onward and upward progress.
As the lunar phase nearing the height of energy, you could say this is the last rest stop/observation deck. You may be very self-directed and focused on specific goals for achievement.
You can accomplish a lot when you’ve fixed on these substantial goals.
You’re happier when you have a mountain to climb. You’re lost when life has no peaks, just valleys.
You may have a fear of finishing something — anything — and will want to look at patterns of self-sabotage. You could decide to pass on projects, at a certain stage, for others to finalize.
You have a curious mind, and carry that sense of nearly reaching the pinnacle.
In 2012 and the Galactic Center, Christine Page writes, that you’re at risk of overanalyzing, instead of trusting your keen insight.
She writes, “Old patterns of resistance surface in order to be acknowledged and transformed; flexibility and objectivity are keys to success.”
You may live with a sense that you’re never quite there yet — that you haven’t arrived.
And this can lead to discontent. But if you courageously push beyond the fear of being exposed as not worthy, you gain momentum and traction to keep going forward.
Text: Molly Hall

Under what moon are you born?  moon phases personality types


Today I, by exception, feather my own ass. Reading the August horoscope overview in dutch  I, again, noticed that when I do something it’s for the future most of the time. As the saying goes: A fish knows without knowing what he knows. Fish is my rising sign.

The dates listed as follows: third square Jupiter/Pluto on August 4, the other two were on November 24, 2016 and March 30, 2017. Looked these two dates up in my blog to see what I did, made or worked towards back then.

November 2016

All I wished for back then is supposed to come in the upcoming time.

March 2017

The tool that helps getting rid of the past and march towards the new future.

The next date mentioned half square Uranus/Neptune on August 11, 2017. An ongoing process sinds June 2016.

June 2016 in its totality

Shows the demolition of the old – that beautiful garden which is demolished – it’s like leaving paradise and the painting of the knight on the white horse – finally the inner marriage male/female but also meeting Mr. Right in real life.
The phoenix is rising from the ashes to change the dragon.

Picture from the cover of the book by Jeanine Hofs

Why this feathering my own ass? Because the past weeks, months actually, when no progress on the outside is made, and I feel as if I do something wrong maybe, this was soothing to the anxious part of me.

Girl I’m on track!


Time lapse

In Nadia Gilchrist’s horoscopes for July 23rd to July 30th, 2017
Here for Capricorn I found

“However, this isn’t all about you – someone else has a lot at stake. Look back to June 14th, 2015 – the issue that you’re turning a corner on now began back then. The July 23rd New Moon will be involved with this.

I looked up June 2015 in my blog and found it Here

The same for Pisces my ascendant. Could have known already because, in an ongoing conversation with someone on Twitter, this theme came up. The conclusion was, that we both are mirroring our relationship with mother. She even has the same energy as my mother. As a matter of fact, my belly hurts all week increasingly. Thé area in my body mother had the most impact on.




The Shaman Moon Phases start on the day of the New Moon – read about it at the source – it’s in dutch.

Source: Sjamaan


Look for stagnant energy patterns in your home, especially those connected with ancestral energies embedded in art and furniture that belonged to family members that passed away.

excerpt from the article about the Full Moon of June 9 by Nina Elshoff

Something to think about and I did. When rebuilding the attic in my childhood home which was in the family for 3 generations, most of the stuff especially Grandma collected, went out. Some things like photo’s from the war and after, war medals, money went to a museum in Cologne.During my 9 house movings all the other old stuff went piece by piece, be it because of it went broke or I just left it somewhere. There are only 2 things I kept all those years. The inherited dining services from Villeroy & Boch I only have some pieces left of. When having little children some things fall in action of doing the dishes together. Unfortunately the services are no longer part of collection Villeroy & Boch.






The other thing I still have is this:

Mother’s sieve, back than part of  Krups 3 Mix 3000 kitchen help – almost 50 years old. My mother did not adjust well to and lamented a lot about new electrical things father bought. The sieve survived longer than the rest of the tools, still going strong in serving me in the kitchen. The recently received old photo’s and the family marriage book of my parents do not count I suppose regarding old ancestral energy. Nothing further left from the old days & old energy’s. I let it all go, starting 1977, slowly but steady.



Suiting the Full Moon Energy of today – the connection on red. Used the new (completely unnecessary) plastic seals of the mineral water I drink. I collect them to send them back to the company. The red one (also completely unnecessary) in the middle came from a bottle of olive oil. Those will not join the plastic soup around the world.

Hanging it to a wall, I happened to notice that I had to flip it in the right direction ….

By minimizing the picture the view is more in-depth.



When biking with my son Hendrik, we met a wonderful Collie Dog. We stopped because she wanted to be petted. Turning around to continue biking I found the little fellow you see here. Not yet initiated.

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