Remember – I had to take 2 steps. Today there was inspiration enough to get going with step 1.

Step 1:
I have to paint/make/or how/whatever to get the male energy and my dad from the window through the time lock aka from the liver down through that mess of intestines. The time lock is open. 



climbing down


In the next step of  Handleiding tot geluk by Ellen Darricarrere there was the question with what to focus even more and the first thing that came up was: a blowgun.I am concentrating on my breathing.


Like the theme of the New Moon include faith and trust – the people of Cologne had faith, trust and courage to celebrate their Carnival despite the meteorological warnings of a storm. And because everything has to be done different from now on this carnival parade was different due to the weather conditions: without horses and everybody walking like in old times. Also less pretentious but more enjoyable.
People from Cologne will never be thrown off track by life’s circumstances.

karneval Kölle 2016

Yesterday again a coaching session suiting the fact that Pluto is in the works astrological spoken.

new year-long cycle started as Mercury went retrograde. It comes naturally if we allow it, and it points to a source of relief, whether or not we can see it yet. Terry Lamb

Nothing came up and we had to regain focus on what’s the next step after the door painting. Since my last session I followed the Handleiding tot geluk by Ellen Darricarrere.

I had sent this to my coach the past weeks together with my comments about what happened. She had not read it yet. To save time, I started to tell a bit about my reactions to it when suddenly I heard myself saying: ” That’s a bit how it went but I have the feeling I am beating around the bush about something I do not want to face.” “Big fat YES here!” she laughed. “Now we getting started…” We had to talk about what is behind the door and the middle window where you can see someone.

deeur23The door knob who is ‘nt one but more of a time lock, something I became aware of when doing step 2 of the above. So far so good but confusion set in about what is behind the door. Therefore, in the end, we had to look up the anatomy of the abdomen.

Anatomy_AbdomenThirst things first…. Every year in January, I have a blood test done to check on my health. Last year suddenly was discovered that I have problems with my thyroid and anti-thyroid-peroxidase antibodies on top of this. I had some eye problems too and already than I had the feeling that my liver was the root of all evil. But the blood test did not show any abnormality around the liver and for western doctors there is no problem. In chinese healing they know otherwise and my Intuition told me so too. This year’s blood test had liver norms sky-high and the doctor was alarmed. “I told you so!” “I am a logical western doctor, was his answer, but we do an ultrasound of the abdomen.” Next week I get the results. For your information some links about the liver and how you can see if something wrong:

about the liver

all signs that there is something wrong

The anatomy of the abdomen came in handy to make clear what is where because the person behind the window does not know and doesn’t want to also. We came to the liver which obviously is in oppression right know by the stomach and… silence … I filled in: “my father is hanging around there” “Yes he is and so is your own masculine energy. Looking down but not wanting to go in. There is something else……anger – his and yours.”

” I’m still confused about whom of my parents were the oppressing part, father or mother. More confusion…” “Both but you are still not able to see your father in this light.” “Because I love him.” Realization felt into place – same procedure than with the men in my life – the negative parts under the rug of the rose-coloured glasses. “Now the process to get things flowing again to heal the liver and get that male energy into the body and down, away from the window. He has to pass the time lockdeur24 and oh wait, you see that blinking spot in the door in the second horizontal bar of he door? We come there next time….


Actual steps:
1. I have to paint/make/or how/whatever to get the male energy and my dad from the window through the time lock aka from the liver down through that mess of intestines. Down there male and female energy get united and after this reunion – drum roll please – baby will open the last door it still refuses to open – the pelvis. So there are two blocks right now: 1. between the lower esophagus and the stomach and 2. the pelvis.

This morning step 4 of Handleiding tot geluk was in my mail and surprisingly the theme was to go back to step 1 and get a new focus. Serendipity

UPDATE February 2nd

The ultrasound did not show any abnormality so the conclusion is: the reason is to be found on the energetic level.
They could not locate the gall bladder. Found it somewhat hilarious because, as you could read above, my dad is hanging around my liver area and his gall bladder was removed….could his energy eventually be of any influence with ultrasound?

The challenges health wise are more psychological and emotional than they are physical. The physical choices will be clearer and more straightforward. The psychological and emotional ones are in murkier territory and more difficult to get clarity on. from The Powerpath monthly

Further I found the following information:

2016 is a 2 Black soil year
In oriental medicine, Two Soil is associated with the stomach, spleen and pancreas; especially the stomach…..….we will sometimes encounter a struggle between anger and diplomacy, active exploration and quiet study, rising energy and stagnation.

My system thus is responding to the overal energy and therefore healing of the abdomen energy problems is possible.

Furthermore, like I wrote in my blog 3-4-4 that all heavy stuff finally is over, in the personal part I found

Three Trees- will move away from your insights and experiences in the house of karma, but should use a little extra caution until you get the hang of your new surroundings. Four Trees- will move into warmer, more pleasurable climes. More to your liking but some restrictions will still apply.

So I’m on track.

The Door pt2

The door is in the wall…


The Door

Today finally a painting of the door I talked about in rootwork pt 2 could be made. So see for yourself.

the door

Details: the windows and the doorknob.




Yesterday I posted a photo on Twitter with great success. The retweets went sky-high. The photo:Schild/ Zukunft Europäische UnionAs always, I looked up what kind of people retweeted my post. I came across a lot of tweople who abused the photo for their hatred, fearful and ‘brown’ ideologies mainly against migrants and migrant muslims. Therefore a lot of time went into blocking those people.

I posted the photo with a different intention.You see a ruin where fire had its free play and burnt down the house. Fire on one hand is purifying but the low-vibration expressions include vengefulness, aggressive outbursts, burning anger and hate. A lot of temporary homes for migrants have been burnt down lately.

Our Europe is burning by the hateful and angry thought of a lot of people and governments of some European country’s.

In our Europe country’s build fences and walls again – against migrating people in the stress. Borders are controlled again in fear.

Our Europe, where someone like Erdogan, who says Hitler’s Germany exemplifies effective presidential system http://reut.rs/1IIDkhr  , want to be part of our Europe and governments pamper him instead of using plain language and the word NO.

Our Europe – where, if we follow this path of fences, fear and anger, end up in an hitler-like Europe were nobody trust anybody. The photo shows perfectly that Europe in its burning state, is no investment for the future.

The European government is a conglomerate of politicians who earn a lot of money for nothing and the € isn’t going to stay.

Also worth reading in this context

Europe only remains alive and one if we accept the cultural differences and wishes of the parts and refuse to take in those who are full of hate, anger or strive for dictatorial government. The parts only become one by love – not by hate and anger.


Love = gold and the greatest healer.


There are devastating floods in England and people suffer from a variety of discomforts to say the least. Via Twitter I found photo’s from over there, one in a newspaper and today another came, taken from the inside of a house in the flooded area. The pictures show: SWANS.


Swan: Swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. As you begin to realize your own true beauty, you unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers. Swan can show you how to reveal the inner beauty within yourself and in others. Like Swan, their totem people can experience bursts of energy, the need to communicate followed by to calm down, withdraw and even disappear for a period of time. A Swan totem also heralds a time of altered states of awareness and the development of intuitive abilities. Swan people have the ability to see the future, and to accept the healing and transformation that is beginning in their lives. Accept your ability and go with the flow. The Swan’s call teaches the mysteries of song and poetry, for these touch the child and the beauty within.


zwaan2If people remembered the sign that swan brings, it maybe would be easier to bear the burdens of this natural disaster. Easier to see the possibilities it brings for the future. The heightened awareness that something had to be changed in how we treat Mother Earth, how we build too much houses, that old things had to be removed and that it is necessary for good maintenance of homes, pipes, electricity and more.


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