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The Pythagorean theorem was not meant to be used mathematically. Pythagoras invented his theorem within the context of numerology.

a² = youth + b² = adulthood = c² = old age


a² = birth + b² generating power and learning lessons = c² wisdom

or  getting astro-logical

a² = South Node + b²  learning lessons, transformation = c² North Node

By filling in your complete birth name all around the figure and your birth date, you can get an idea of what experiences and lessons you have in each part of your life. If your name is longer and you are already around the hole figure you start with a second youth.

The Pythagorean theorem is also usable in terms of

  • Past – Present – Future

Past (your actions, origin, karma, ancestors) + Present (your actions, deeds, lessons learned) = Future

  • In organizations

Top (owner(s)/management) + employees = output, result

Management is the mirror of the owners and the employees resemble the managers – finding the source of problems in an organization starts at the top, not on the work floor

  • In family

Parents (mother, father and their character, origin and deeds) + children(own and inherited parts of character) = relationships and climate in the family (positive or negative).

The triangle has a special function: here you find the soul and depending on your question the solution to a problem.
If you do systemic work to get an idea of the organizational, group, personal or family dynamics and you put it into a triangle formation the solution is found quickly.

The Pythagorean theorem thus is multi functional.




In April 2015 was discovered that I developed an auto immune disease going with the malfunction of my thyroid. There were found anti-thyroid-peroxidase antibodies in my blood. Here 
you can read what psychological reason lies at the bottom of every auto immune disease. Yesterday I got the results of the control blood test and there is reason to celebrate!

 photo vuurwerk.gif

The anti-thyroid-peroxidase antibodies rate decreased with 100 points!

A miracle. I have the faith to defeat the auto immune disease and to show that it is possible to cure when knowing the psychological root of the disease one has.


Coming along this tweet

If your #horoscope has anything at 28, 29 degrees you will be having the mother of all #Mercury Retrograde rewinds and replays now! (Me too).

My curiosity wanted to have a look if I have something around those degrees and yes:
My Medium Coeli is in Sagittarius at 28°01’56 and my Imum Coeli is in Gemini at 28°01’56.
Searching around for info I found the following info:

Your IC shows your astrological DNA. The number one factor influencing the way you look, physically, is the relative you most resemble.

I look like my father and my mother was a Gemini star sign.

Someone in your family tree was a born writer or public speaker and you have picked up these traits from them. This may be a small part of your personality or a very big part, if you have many Gemini factors in your personal horoscope. You will physically resemble this family member more than any other and may talk with your hands, speak a second language or have a striking voice – which you also pick up from them. Sometimes beautiful handwriting is also inherited. There may be a songwriter, radio announcer, author or singer in your family tree as Gemini rules communication. In your lifetime you may be drawn to professions, hobbies or interests which allow you to get your message across – so you play the messenger role as part of your astrological DNA inherited from a relative.

I had an uncle who, as I was told by grandma, good with words and I found a carnival speech I performed years later. An uncle from fathers side played the clarinet and trumpet in an orchestra, my father sang and painted very well. We were in a chorus together.

The info about the Medium Coeli:

Medium Coeli
Medium Coeli is important because it is the very top of your chart the highest point- taking on the symbolism of reaching your highest aspirations and goals.
Your Midheaven is where you intend to go. It is how you want to be seen, what you strive to become, and how society sees you as a whole. It’s your public persona. This is the area that gives you enjoyment, and a career that revolves around the sign, planets, and/or aspects of your Midheaven will make you feel alive. This is also your reputation – on a grander scale. Your goals are mostly centered around the energy of your Midheaven because it’s where you strive to end up and what you’re willing to put your time and effort into.

In my case:

As a child, your parents did not mollycoddle you. You could have felt an island unto yourself, too shy to communicate, and in particular, at school. Perhaps you felt ‘little children should be seen and not heard’. You may have felt remote from your siblings. At school, you were shy, you did not speak up in class, and you did not make friends easily. You may have faced difficulty with education through a lack of stimulation, and you could have felt ostracized by some children; therefore primary school could have been a constrictive experience rather than a free-flowing one. You may have found it difficult to communicate with one of your parents who may have had different opinions from you which could have led to a lack of connection. You may have lost touch with some family members. As an adult you enjoy change, whether it is the house, the decor or the furniture; routine is boring and you are basically restless. Your inquisitive mind will drive you to study and obtain knowledge that can be useful in the outside world and you will inform and teach others through your own experience and knowledge. You are interested in learning about people across the board, but especially their origins and their life’s experiences. You help people through life’s experiences because you have a good understanding of the things that trouble most people. You are not pretentious in public; ‘what you see is what you get’ and you prefer to speak to people and not at them. You love to share any exciting knowledge you may have learned because you genuinely enjoy sharing new information and knowledge with others. You have a good sense of humor and you enjoy making other people laugh. You believe ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and you tend to look on the bright side of life.


That info in parts came also with the inner child reading and by info gained by an email conversation this week which came by using the Kabbalah. In its totality it is to the point how it was and how I am. After all those years fighting issues and hurts around my mother my attention is brought to my dad – the person in my life I loved the most and keep dear to my heart. I know for a longtime that I have a karmic connection to my father and obviously now is the time to finally dare to say it out loud to myself and my late mother. As a child I had to take sides – no good at all to make a child choose between mother and father – a child needs both.Memories of my first years at school came up too. In short – absolutely awful thanks to that teacher from hell, Mrs. Hoffman, who had her pet students who spy on all of us to get some favors from her. There where two or three children I cared about and who were ostracized as well.

To look at your sign see the following links.

the axis MC / IC in the signs


the IC by Jessica Adams

Suddenly had the idea to look the degrees up at inside degrees read if interested, and I had to laugh because Sag 28 degrees has the header of:

A witch’s ritual dagger.
Strong, focused intent to create and stay with your own world within the world. Being flooded by collective contents and then strategically carving out a distinctive way of being with an emphasis upon eccentricity and maverick ways. Being impelled to generate tenuous yet firm boundaries to give any hope at all of continuity and consistency. You are at an advanced and intricate crossroads in development, where you are inwardly blown wide open and outwardly desperate to forge individuality and personal life. The cosmos inundates the landscape. And the one inside the body makes endless small gestures to constitute an island reality that fools nobody and only momentarily keeps the flood tide at bay.

That suites the shaman woman I am and I made a lot of different personal strong daggers. I am at crossroads now, having all tools, knowledge, knowing what to strive for but not how to get there yet. New land and life just to come.

                                  by Brian Kesinger

Now looking at Gemini 28 degrees::

A cloud in the shape of a rabbit.
Fabulous inward visualizing gifts and streams. Picturing the flux of life with extraordinary acuity of fluent perception. Witnessing with rapt fascination how everything moves, changes, and stays the same. Granted a golden eye for phenomena and the rapid-fire streaming through of images and impressions. Always watching, always just about beside yourself with the clarity of it, the pure suchness of this world. Immense difficulty in communicating and sharing this God’s eye view. Words will not contain it. You must find a physical language and an imaginative landscape that can be telepathically transmitted. You have inside, the greatest gifts to share and spread. And the life challenge becomes to form the vessel and find the ways to get it across that evolution is really happening, and multidimensional reality is already here now to bring us all alive, even when the outer mind is still drawing blanks on what the fuss is about.

I know that I have to find earthy forms translate what I perceive. One way are my tools and paintings even they do not reach everybody. As a child I had enormous imagination and a talent for writing. Had a hard time to finally be the vessel for all the perceptions I am capable of which means to clean negative parts, heal old wounds and strengthen my nervous system. And as long as I live – I really never get what the fuss is all about because the fuss is not necessary and not reality.







first step

Yesterdays rainy Sunday inspired the making of the first tool of new ways yet to come. Today I initiated the tool and sealed the channeled energy in it. It is a soft and tender, yet strong, energy.new-toolnew-tool-2Within the tiny little seed balls, which look like flowers, the seeds rattle minuscule tones.

Today, Wednesday, October 5, I got an inner child reading done by Praktijk De Wortelkindjes

Reading the first sentences, tears rolled over my face and my belly got warm. It still is while I’m writing this in the evening. In each and every way this reading make me feel like hugging and nurturing the child within and the adult could use some hugs too. As a matter of fact the tool I made Sunday has the same energy – the little one soft and loving.


Nice find

One of my daughters brought my attention back to a site with lots of quizzes she like to visit. I know myself inside out, but love to do such quizzes, although I mostly think of them as just fun things. Those quizzes here actually, are very precise in their outcome. Took some leisure time to do them all. One of the results:

You’re an intuitive healer!


Healers are eternal optimists. You always look for something good in even the worst situations when it seems that everything’s already gone wrong. While you may be perceived as calm or even shy, you have an inner flame that can kindle every heart. You have the extraordinary ability to understand problems and find the root cause of them. You have incredible potential to do good.

Another quiz came with the outcome of my spiritual animal being the Eagle. I have eagle feathers which found their way to me and I have an Eagle in energy constantly being at my side. The next stunning outcome was that the badger is the animal similar to me. The animal totem Badger says:

Aggressiveness, Reliance, Self-Expression
The power of the Badger totem is its aggressiveness and the willingness to fight for what it wants. This aggression can also be turned to healingfor Badger is the keeper of Earth’s healing herbs. Badger people are often leaders and bosses, the one who will get the job done. If you have a Badger as a totem, you will likely be solitary but comfortable being alone. You are comfortable in your own skin and very self-reliant. Badger is a powerful totem when used properly.

As my followers may know already from previous posts, I brought with me from former life’s a lot of old knowledge about herbs and their healing powers. This old knowledge is still dormant but will open again in due time.

Maybe it appeals to you to do some test too to find some answers about yourself.


Gold, in a non material way, is associated with the divine sphere, Christ energy, unconditional love, healing, protection, purification and unconditional wealth (wisdom, knowledge, love, assets).

Gold is all colors in unity.

Gold is letting go of the old and outworn. Gold is eternal unification.

Gold represents perfection in all matter, on any level.

Gold is the medicine for rheumatism which psychological roots are martyrdom, unfulfilled wishes, not accepting yourself in deep love, sometimes hate and not being able to let go en forgive old wounds and circumstances.

Now the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan made this incredible work of art:

Absolutely stunning symbolism in this time of great change. And, by the way, many people came to see the toilet made of pure gold at the New York Guggenheim-Museum.


it’s magic


Sailing the Internet I found the picture above. Curious as I am I had a closer look.
I am a wood person, born High Noon – so find my magic.

I’m an internal magic user and if you see my LinkedIn Profile and this blog you see the similarity’s.

Nice finding on a Sunday morning.

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