In my personal process I’m working on old and new anger about a lot of things with some liver & gallbladder problems on side. Wrote it down to grasp the deeper layer. Finished writing and immediately stumbled upon some info:
on May, 16 Jupiter enters Taurus and on May, 18 forms a square with Pluto.This will take something in your life that happened, started or finished in April 2020 into a breakthrough crisis. So look that up for your life. In mine it was a certain,subcutaneously fear that became suspicion. If interested you can read it here:April 2020

Today another interesting piece of the puzzle arrived with the following article which held some really interesting info about the future:information about Saturn in Pisces in Dutch

In some paragraph it is talking about our pathological ambition towards position and more, more more….which is about to fade at the crucial turning point of February 20, 2026 when Saturn and Neptune meet at 0 Aries into relaxation and freedom. Here lies some of my old anger – about the things that could have been but never were. The strive which partly, in depth, was also the strive of my parents and their regrets. The liver and gallbladder suffer from this by building gallstones and more. Gallstones are petrified talents. Surgery is on its way. The psychological insight and following change of patterns is quick but the physical body is dense material which is much slower in taking up with change. Sometimes a doctor is needed to help. One always has to take both ways, medical and psychological.

In two other paragraphs is spoken about trust versus suspicion and paranoia and fear which connected perfectly to the ‘what happened in April 2020’thing. Seeing the picture in the article it even reminded me of one of my paintings around fear I made a really long time ago.


I hope you can find your connection to this all in your process and that you manage to translate the dutch article into your language.

The past eight days I felt if something is/was not right with the painting of the male energy. This afternoon, when looking at it again, the persons started to crystalize and I started painting again. It’s an ongoing process right now and I suppose there will be another painting. For now it looks like this…..


the longer I look the more I see. Now there are 4 men in the painting and to the left a woman with a head….surprisingly.



Thursday, April 27, 2023 there were two drawing challenges. The first was the portrait challenge and in the painting at hand there was a parakeet. The second challenge was seagull. I did them both. Made an extra photo fro the parakeet.

Today I wondered why I was so happy about the two birds and looked them up.

First the parakeet


if a parakeet flew by it brings VITALITY, PURE JOY OF EXISTENCE, EASE, SOCIAL CONTACT, HEART JOY, COMMUNICATION and ENJOYMENT. Following a light-footed rhythm, one also clearly feel a growing openness. Exchange with our environment is playfully. https://www.rapunzellounge.de/krafttier-wellensittich/

Second the seagull.



In the course of my own process I had two sessions the past two weeks. The first was a family constellation around my mother again. Left me somehow wondering about things that occurred. Had to wait until the dust had settled.

Past Thursday, precisely after the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 6:12 ‘o clock. Woke up early and, while sipping my morning beverages, I noticed the Inner Child was joining in. Felt right, so I told her she could stay and join what was coming. During the session it came up to be the right decision.

The outcome in short was, that mother suppressed all I was and could be, mainly my connection to father and my male energy in particular. The Inner Child now is very welcome in each and every way and with all she is, especially her kind, empathic softness. We are together now – the inner male, female and the Inner Child, boy and girl. The healing started, energy flow. The rest of the week I was very tired and took my rest, slept long hours. Now had to paint it all. What came out looks like a swan family.


my male energy

the connection male/female/child

The eclipse occurred at the last degree of Aries. Happening on the last degree means something has to come to closure. So it happened.

The last series along the Aries-Libra axis occurred:
From October 2013 to March 2016 – I looked back in my blog to discover the continual progress I was in.

From April 2004 to March 2006 – back than I had a relationship with a North Node Aries, in 2004 I quit smoking.

From April 1995 to March 1997 my inner process started

From April 1986 to October 1987 I emigrated to The Netherlands, married and gave birth to a child and more.

From October 1976 to October 1978 I gave birth to my first daughter and became a mother.

So you see that eclipses always have an impact on your life and Astrology is no nonsense but a perfect weather forecast if done by a professional. Maybe you have a look at the dates above and what happened in your life.

Fennec Fox

Really got fascinated by the #animalmarch challenge when the Fennec fox was next. It happened to come out as the best of all. I immediately was in love with the drawing and when looking up the energy it provides I finally understood why. It is the energy of the future – finding like-minded people and working in group-settings. Something I love to do and want for my personal future.


Sea Horse

In March there again is a drawing challenge within the #kleinekunstklasse on Twitter. This time around it’s #animalmarch. Being busy with it, the next one on the list was the sea horse. I have a shaman tool with the energy of the sea horse so I wanted to take it for the challenge.

Searched for the power animal energy of the sea horse and came across https://www.die-waldfrau.de/dein-krafttier/symbolik/seepferdchen/ .

With the seahorse, a master of happiness swims into your life. It touches people all over the world; it touches their hearts and wants to touch your heart too. It teaches you: Happiness is not an external circumstance in your life that you have or not, but happiness always arises from your inner attitude! How willing are you to let happiness into your life? This may seem like a nonsensical question at first glance, because who doesn’t wish for happiness? And yet “wishing happiness” and “allowing happiness” are not the same! A fortunate person may experience envy, jealousy, and rejection. Because he is different from most people, he may be expelled from groups or even family groups. Opening up to happiness also means opening up to the courage to be different. The seahorse power animal is a master of being different. Its appearance, its way of life, its reproduction – in all areas it lives its otherness. It challenges you to be bold and let happiness flow into your life.

Every woman carries masculine energies, every man carries feminine energies. On the path of your development you are called upon to bring these energies into balance within you. The seahorse is in complete harmony with both energies and will support you in achieving your inner marriage between feminine and masculine.
The seahorse asks you: How much do you love your father? How much do you feel loved by him? Father love is the theme of the seahorse and this essentially means God father love. How much do you love god (whatever GOD you worship or not)? How much do you feel loved by him? The seahorse power animal accompanies you in the pain of your heart and does everything to ensure that you experience healing. It asks you: open your heart to your father. Open your heart to God the Father. Give him the love you desire from him and you will receive it a thousand fold. Feel: your father loves you immeasurably!
The power of the spiral is yours! In all cultures of this world, the spiral is revered as a symbol of energy. You are asked to engage with the spiral force. It is the energy of Kundalini, the power from above and below, the power from inside and outside. The sea horse is a keeper of the spiral force.
The seahorse shows you how important exercise is in your life. Please ask yourself: where are you holding on in your life? Where do you not allow changes and movements? Where do you need it that everything stays the way it is? The more you remain still, the more the river of life will stop flowing. Movement is life. The seahorse teaches you to adapt to the movements and changing circumstances of your environment. Go with changes, don’t block yourself, let go of your resistance and embrace the new. That’s how a master lives!
The seahorse is your guide through the waters of your life. On the one hand, this means the real water: the water in your body, the amniotic fluid in your mother’s womb, the water you drink, the tears you cry or should cry. On the other hand, it means the waters of your soul: your feelings. The Seahorse encourages you to dwell often on the waters of your life and do everything you can to let them flow freely.

Reading the text and looking at the tool it came to me: the spiral is broken, there is no connection to the middle and down. So next move was to order new material to connect the spirals. Today, just before the time, planet Pluto is going into Aquarius for the 1st time, the package came. I started working. Initiated the repaired sea horse to make the healing complete and more energy is added to the tool.



In yesterday’s session we went on with the new symbol I got through in meditation.

The symbol has two meanings: realignment inside and the content of water. It activates some new powers. Further it is connected to a painting I made for the actual art challenge on Twitter #KlasseKunst in the style of William Turner.

Seelensturm sich langsam sammelnd und zentrierend! Das fällt mir spontan dazu ein.
Schön! Es wärmt irgendwie.

wie schön! wie wäre es mit: wärmenden sonnenstürmen

One comment I got on the painting is right.

@berner_ulrike: das Licht bricht und fließt herein – eine Person auf Reisen?/ the light breaks and flows in – a person traveling

Together with the painting of connection all that is going on can be described as an enormous energetic movement in which a human figure is standing.The energetic movement engulfs existing structures. The existing old structure I am working on now, is the connection between man and woman inside. Old ancestral family convictions around men has to be demolished and the woman is afraid of it. This is pictured in the January Full Wolf Moon Painting.

Inner connection

Long Coach-the-Coach-session today. A lot came up this time. The session ended with three tasks. The first task was: connection between the 2 paintings you see here
. Started with: glue. Went shopping. Came home and started working on it once more.Nailed them together at two point on the back. The red velvet ribbon glued to it as being the spine and like ‘kintsukuroi ‘weaved with gold as a matter of repairing that what was broken. There is more to come. We ended by looking at the sign I got through for the tomorrow #Klassekunst art challenge Hilma af Klint. I will show it tomorrow.



The whole day of the Full Moon on February, 5th, I suffered from tremendous pain. Like I had to feel the pressure around a certain point in my body. Did the painting with a lot of pauses in between because of the pain. To me it looks like breaking through bars that kept me away of something. This morning, most of the pain is gone. But its there…reminding me with a soft voice…..


Just blot

I think this painting is a more in-depth version of this painting

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