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Today via LinkedIn I came across a drawing challenge on https://esthervanderham.nl/teken-jouw-wereld/

Great idea to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon with it. Started on A3 and drew with both hands and eyes closed as I like to do. By doing so, one let come out what is inside and not disrupted by thoughts. Its the version of the inner child.


Afterwards I took a canvas and again with both hands choosing colors and the place to be, painting with my hands and of course eyes closed. Nothing had to be done to the middle spot.

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The past days the bear crossed my path. In words and messages from others and in myself. Was given a gif on Twitter

that reminded me again of a picture I once got from an old dear friend.

Plus it reminded me of a bear tool I made a long time ago. Looked that up and started upgrading it. Implemented the bear tooth I have. Here is bear, the healer of emotions and foundation, the grounding force, confidence and courage.

Furthermore I had to remove some plants and while doing so, a tiny little branch from the stephanotis or Hawaiian wedding flower fell down and I kept it because of its shape. Two weeks ago I bought a Brucit gemstone as I already told in a previous blog. Today the tiny branch and the Brucit had to join forces.

stephanotis derived from the Greek word stephanos’ , meaning ‘crown’. Stephanotis signifies ‘marital bliss’

Both tools are not yet initiated.

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Color Card

In a Tweet on Twitter Dory Nierynck shared some of her color card samples, like the ones she use in this workshop

One particular sample card had my attention, so I asked her the meaning of it.

Today she told me about it and I can say – exactly to the point.

1. peace and quiet, faith, breathing needs attention, more depth necessary, use creativity, especially singing, painting, writing – the blue/turquoise field of the card
2. white – soul level, Higher Self points to
3. all earth related things and activities, more movement needed – the red dot
4. the yellow and kind of military green field, yellow the communication, military green -> being more in nature to empty my 3rd chakra and create room there, balance between creation and being in nature
5. my guides are waiting to see me doing so to get ready to work even more with them as I already do.

This example show that a consult with Dory is worthwhile. Here you can contact Dory Nierynck

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After a stressful week some silent days were welcome. Stumbled onto quite some info, from outside as well as from the inside. The bells of future are ringing quietly. As energy flows so signs come up to make the message crystal clear. Two gemstones came to my attention and I bought them. There message alone is strong enough. I bought a Brucit and a Selenite.

Break with old negative patterns, walk your own soul path and enjoy life. With Brucite, the sun shines on every aspect of life. A stone of abundance, of the soul and harmony. Provides perseverance, clarity of thought and the necessary peace of mind to make decisions. At the same time it helps with intentions and achieving set goals. A new future brings with it farewell to the old. We often have difficulty with that. Fortunately, the stone also lends a hand here. It helps to say goodbye to that which no longer serves you. https://happy-spirit.nl/


The white Selenite especially suits the heart chakra. Strengthens intuition, clairvoyance and clear knowing. Strong purifying effect on the vegetative nervous system, including the brain. https://www.semoea.nl/

Yesterday I came along the drawing challenge on Twitter: Monocle octopus against hate. Up to now I didn’t like them. But the urge was there so lets try and draw one. Choosing the color was no problem, it had to be purple with a golden monocle. Here it is.

Wondering why I looked up the message of octopus.

Octopus:innovation, dynamics, change, strong intuition, staying on your path.

So all those things entering my life along with the foal’s horse hairs, which came two weeks ago, ring regeneration and renewal. Let the adventure begin.

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April 28, 2020 I already drew a tapir because of World Tapir Day. Yesterday with the animal-august drawing challenge there the tapir was again. The new one I like best. Different from the first one.

Of course here again its symbolism.

Tapir’s wisdom include: toughness, understanding shyness, longevity, connection to the horse and rhinoceros, gentleness, ability to remain unchanged by time, magic

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Finally the process paintings came back from framing to be integrated in the practice room. Some paintings were removed, their working is done. Painted the wall and put things into their new place. Peace and quiet.

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The process involving my grandmother and the influence this had in the female family line that started May,7 with the process painting now has come to closure.

In a former life of the soul of my grandmother happened something involving a child she never forgave herself for. That child passed on her hate towards her mother through the female line. Grandmother in this life still had self hate because of what happened back than. Me, as caring and open to energy’s as I am, took place in the energy of that child and carried it. As matter of fact this prevented me from really loving grandmother despite she being kind of a protecting godmother to me. I also, passed on by my mother, carried the self hate, preventing self love and forgiveness. Bitterness also developed. Had to do a family constellation to give all of it back through the line and I did, creating a barrier towards the old energy’s. Now I, finally, only have my own energy field left.

The process of the painting? To my biggest surprise the painting isn’t, as I thought, about grandmother – it is me. The message came through  my coach Ria Winterman
“There is something you did not see and it is that middle you worked on….in the beginning it is more outgoing, first not rotating at all, then the movement,and in the latter changes you worked back inside and closed with the walnut.Your own process. Back towards you as you are.” Indeed I didn’t see that.

This brings us to the painting made June, 9th
What was made for a Sunday drawing challenge in fact is connected to the process painting. Also the tool I had made ages ago and no idea what fore. The blue painting is the elaboration of what’s behind the walnut in the process painting. I’m very fond of both paintings and they will be framed as soon as possible and the tool somehow with them on the wall. So far what was going on Monday 3rd with the full moon.

Along this 3 month process I happened to get a newsletter of Irida webshop offering Brazilian Rhinestone . One immediately had my attention and I ordered it. Yesterday it arrived and after a long sea salt bath in the full moon it now enliven my altar. To me it look like a man and a woman are hugging. The assignment to do: who I am now and putting that in writing….

 Photo by Hendrik J.J. Meijer

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High heart

Friday, June 5, with the Full Moon,I had signed up for the  Full Moon Webinar with M. v/d Knaap  
Besides some heavy irritation at the beginning, the actual reality within made itself known. Saturday was a day to reboot and process. Sunday there was the usual #ichgebeauf drawing challenge by @kriegundfreitag. This time: let your subconsciousness draw or paint without thinking. I always paint this way when an energy-painting will be made. So no big deal I thought.
Started with blue acrylic paint and let my hands do. Poured water over the canvas, covered with tin foil and let my hands do whatever moves they wanted. The base of the painting. Proceeded with water colors. The middle is made by glue.

A friend of mine saw it and made the connection to a tool I have since forever. Both, the painting and the tool, connect to the high heart mentioned during the webinar. The painting shows the new world in progress – the high heart knows the way.

My son also was fascinated – looks like a map he said and lots of water. He took the photos of both.


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Proces painting

As I already thought, my grandmother from mother’s side is involved in the process seen in the paintings of the Lady of the Lake in the post From eye to Avalon.  Had send a request to get her birth certificate in March to have a deeper look at Grandmother. That arrived April, 29. Have been investigating Grandmother with all I can and got a pretty good picture of how she was, how she could have been and why her life was as it was. Simultaneously I got a request to forward a flyer from a friend of a friend who work with a guide and channel messages to your questions. Tried it first, because I want to be sure its worth while. That message arrived May, 4. Some tears but also grumpiness came up. Yesterday I came across the full moon article by Nadia Gilchrist
in which was mentioned that the message one received on May, 4, is part of the full moon, thus the channeling.

Sunday I had already the feeling I had to paint and yesterday bought a big canvas. This afternoon with the full moon I painted. Here it is.

Today, Sunday May 10, followed the feeling that the painting has to change. Removed the feathers and dripped with white all around the painting – but still – this is work in progress I suppose.

Update May 15, 2020:

Out of the blue there suddenly was the ignition to implement the next step to the painting…..

Maybe its Sunday who does it. Today, Sunday, May 17, 2020 I changed the painting again. The middle was annoying – now its a spiral.

Thought the last one was the grande finale but no. Yesterday evening, June,4, the red had to be added.


One spot had to be changed and I was not sure which one. Today, Sunday, July 12, I found myself painting again………… The middle ……………Center piece is a walnut!

The Walnut tree is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. It’s synonymous with intellect and mental aptitude – even the nuts resemble the brain! Native Americans see the Walnut as a symbol clarity and focus, gathering of energy, and beginning new projects. https://www.northwoodrings.com Further the Walnut’s symbolism is home.

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Yesterday had a lot of drawing challenges. 1:  @AnimalAlphabets #MythicalAlphabet animal for J – Jasconius and we had World Tapir Day. Started with the Jasconius because I felt most attracted to this myth and of course as a turtle.

Jasconius – a fabled sea creature, variously described as a large whale or vast sea turtle with huge spines on the ridge of its back. It is always described as being huge where it is often mistaken for an island and appears to be rocky with crevices and valleys with trees and greenery and having sand dunes all over it.

Turtle – Symbol of the world, of the Earth, Ability to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbances and chaos, slowing down, pacing yourself, determination, persistence, emotional strength and understanding and ancient wisdom

And okay, because my Chinese sign is Dragon – lets draw that dragon having a good time resting on the balcony of a tower.

The Tapir was the last to draw. First I had no intention to do so. But Tapir as an animal totem has much to offer. Didn’t know that one of it’s totem powers is awaken to your magical power. Suits my current inner development so let’s do it. I intuitively drew the tapir with a red vest. The magicians colors are black/red. So now I know why.

Tapir’s wisdom include: toughness, understanding shyness, longevity, connection to the horse and rhinoceros, gentleness, ability to remain unchanged by time, magic.

I use what comes my way as a sign or metaphor, so it was a busy day yesterday.

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