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Threats Pt. 2


In the first part I wrote about the painting I made and the reaction I got. Also there was made a comment under the item. Today I had a new session with my coach. I fell from one surprise into another and the insight that all blog items after the first part are all part of the total picture. But first things first.

The painting is not about anger although there is/was some concern about it in my system – that was the reason I had to cry in the first place. The comment under the blog was right:

I do not have a sense of anger, not even through the coloring. Maybe I am influenced by the explanation of the origin. There is some concern in that, but for me, the lines are much more present than the color surfaces. Like ways that go back and forth and sometimes intersect, but do not really seem to have a beginning, an end, or a way out. But there’s a lot of gold nearby too. Light, hope, reassurance.

And this part from the other comment is very true.

And there is this white dragon around the head, protecting you. Dragon skull on the left, the back from left to right, the tail from right going right down. You are not alone …. and there is a white ball over the dragon’s head ..no idea.

So how is the picture. All the lines without beginning or ending are all the lines of my system, purified and well and they have to be connected with each other to a whole system, like pieces of a puzzle.This has to be done through the dragon energy by which I am protected indeed. The red of the picture is the positive side of male energy: vigor.There is sadness because nothing is going forward, nothing is as it should be yet. The gold in the painting is making these connections, is weaving everything together. In the middle of the painting you can see a face behind the lines – that’s me. Me who still is suppressing it all by thinking that there has to be still something resolved. This fact is connected to this mornings blog about Mona Lisa and the changes I made in the painting this morning. So far the red picture.

The drawings of the dogs for the waugust-challenge on Twitter,the Pelican and Elephant are all carrying parts of me and the path to follow.

What I wrote here matches the fact that everything is ready and together.

Next stop the both hands drawings. The one the inner boy and girl drew shows that they are not completely connected yet – that shows the dragon the drew because the blue and red tail do not come together. Which brings us to the thing the girl is carrying. Is not the baby as I assumed, but part of the leg for the boy, but…they still fool each other. The boy can perfectly stand on two legs but tells her otherwise and so on. Must be over now.Here lies the suppression – vigor is suppressed. The drawing of the adults, as a matter of fact, has the energy of the dragon – the adults know that the dragon has the key position and they are completely connected.Keep on painting was the message and working on my website with more details.

What I Do for myself with creativity I also do for my clients in the same way. For my personal path the coach needs a coach to get behind the sometimes blurred senses.

My gratitude to the two people who helped me with their comments to get moving again.

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It may seem ridiculous to you, I had some fun with it. Could not sleep and decided to do a follow-up on the left-right-hand-oneness stuff.

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For a drawing challenge called #animalalphabets a Dalmatian Pelican was asked for. I looked it up and liked the wonderful bird I saw, so I joined the challenge. To my surprise, I was able to draw the bird – that’s a first. Wondering about this fact, I looked up the spiritual message of the bird. The first thing that came up made me laugh because its an old treat I met long ago and let go.

Looking further there is a rich meaning to the bird, like the Phoenix.

Also attentive to topics such as helpfulness and family spirit. Even though you may feel alone and helpless, in reality you are not, because someone is always watching over you and saving you from the worst.

This already came up during the conversation on Twitter I wrote about in my previous post. And that is absolutely true, I’m not alone. I’m protected by spirit and Angels and my Guardian. Furthermore precisely what I partly accomplished concerning adulthood and love. Self-employment and teaching – the next stepping stones. So no wonder I was able to draw the beautiful bird.

You cross the threshold from child to adult and become a teacher from the learner. It’s about a step into self-employment. It is also a step into love, into selflessness and thus a step into awakening.

totem animal Pelican – german website

the pelican

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rough sea

After two weeks of being ill and in hospital, today I felt better when I woke up. The morning murmured away like water with some chatting. Suddenly the peace and quiet was disturbed by someone who demolished my flower bed around the tree. Despite my sore foot I went outside to stop the (#$%^&*()_$#@@ ). It was too late – all done, nothing left. He laughed at my tears and went inside were he comes and go lately. I was furious and crying simultaneously. Smashed some doors, something I haven’t done for a long time. Went shouting that I have had it here. That I want to move as soon as possible if only….. That went on about 1 hour. Afterwards I showered and took care of the wound in my foot. Decent and calm again coffee.

Than the drawing challenge of @kriegundfreitag #ichgebeauf came on Twitter. One had to make or draw a picture about what you want if it was energizing and cooling down – we have some hot summer days lately. First thing that came to mind was a house at the seashore somewhere. To much work to paint. So I colored water and put a smiling face into it – swimming in sea. What to do with the water and the paint not entirely dissolved in the water? Painting after all. Not the house on the shore but a boat in the storm at sea, me standing with the sails and my inner captain at the helm. Still rough sea inside.

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Yesterday afternoon, after a stressful and disappointing morning, I had the urge to threat paint again. Worked out as working with everything in reach including knife and fork. The first painting is a wormhole to me, sucking me in to who knows where.

Let’s try a second one I thought, lighter maybe and that came out very pleasant. Feels light, kind of spring feeling, strolling free through the fields as a horse without reigns but also some degree of chaos.

Blame it on the new moon. What comes up when yo look at the paintings?

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Yesterday a new tool had to be made. It’s a balancer for harmony in oneself and in connection with others. The balancer is from a fig tree. An old angel tool had to be connected to it on top.

Sometimes tools are made for a far away future and wait patiently until their moment has come. The working of my tools is the same. Their strong energy rest until the tool is set to work.

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Out of jail

Looked up what the theme is for the drawing challenge #A_PRIL on Twitter for Monday and its time-out. Immediately I had a picture in mind of breaking free from the time, jail surroundings and a massive chain with an iron ball, time broken too… How to draw this? Cannot, can do, cannot, postponing the thing at the end.

Back to Twitter were now I found the upcoming week by Lorna Bevan

The following words hit bottom because of my picture of broken time and free out of jail:

the birth pangs of the new zeitgeist …. in 2019 – 2020 you are being handed the biggest get-out-of-jail free, cosmic pass of your entire life…..the old, the atrophied and the akashic dross is eliminated…..Chandra Symbol for Full Moon LIBRA 30° :A black rooster

In a split second the picture was clear in all details. You see a bar code and for your information – there is something like being born with your own bar code as I happened to find during my inner journey. So instead of jail house bars a bar code with some of my personal numerological numbers. And, of course, the black rooster I drew a few weeks ago already with no reason. So here is my time-out-jail-house-break which is kind of personal too. It’s done -> figuratively and literally spoken.

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