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End and backwards

The following painting I did November, 8. I was not sure if it was a personal process painting. Liked it a lot and had it printed. Framed it and set it infront of the wall with my animal drawings. My thought was – root chakra.

During the night of November 23, I painted another black one for an art challenge. The night and November, 24, I had a mild form of hyperventilation. Something was going on.

The reactions I got when posting the painting this morning were a real inspiration and the remarks from https://www.finenwerk.com/ especially helpful and true. Had a coaching session this afternoon and the painting is, indeed, another process painting I have to work with for a while. I have it printed.

The first painting, strangely enough, is the end of the process. The second painting is blocking it. They have to stand side by side when working with them. Old fear, from ages and this life which got suppressed in this life by my parents, implemented a firm pattern of reaction – fear wasn’t there, acting tough.

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Icelandic Horses

Saturday I had my second horse coaching. A gift from two friends. Not much was told about the horses. To my surprise the work would be done by five Icelandic Horses at http://www.comedi-coaching.nl

Last week I had bought one big Icelandspat and 4 small ones – what a coincidence.

The group had two new arrivals in their midst. There was a mare who had problems with here hind legs. She was the first to made contact with me. Followed by a gelding who had back problems some time ago and was recovering. The other three were doing fine.

Like a fine tuned receiver they registered every word I said and reacted with small signs to make clear that it was right what I was saying. Showed my underlying irritations, sadness, despair, anger, reclusion and much more. The coach gently guided me and told me about the signs the horses showed. Took them and me quite some time to fall into movement of the stagnant pent-up energy of ages. I suddenly said:” maybe a sixth horses is needed to get something started.” The coach laughed and answered that a sixth horses is arriving soon.

After quite some time, the first horse went away to take a dump. A second one followed and a third, controlling the others dumps first if everything was seen and put away, than took a dump too. They went frequently to drink and when I said they have to drink to clean up, they reacted with validation. My grandmother was there to help. And finally one of the two new horses came by my left side to stay. She was there to support me and I burst into tears with words: ” Finally someone at my side.” During the whole session all five horses continued eating, some as if their life depended on it. A bit of a funny fact because in my youth, all we ever did was eat, lots of food. Mother was an outstanding cook and my father backed the finest pies and cakes.

At last we spoke about my children. And when telling about the quarrels with one of them, two of the horses got into heavy fight showing anger and aggression, sad moment it was.

Before going away I had to great each horse separately and I did with heartfelt gratitude. Especially the mare with the hind legs problem and the gelding with the back problem. Wanted to do something in return so let my hands do the work. The mare accepted and so did the gelding although for a short time letting me know that I was there for myself and not for him.

The mare had pointed out that there was a healing to be done. We went inside and I got one. At the end I received a special stone which worked in an instant on my heart – the place to be – more specific – the feminie heart on the diaphragm.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ijslander4.jpg

In the evening pain started – the healing on the two horses – their energy had to be cleaned and could finally, on Monday, send back. Now my pain of all that had come to the fore during the horse coaching came and I still have it with me – slowly fading away. Got some interesting information about the fact that I was part of a twin but born alone. On top of that  the way I was born –  a blue baby almost dead due to the umbilical cord around my neck. The insights are tremendous on physical, emotional, mental areas and behavior.
Here are just two of the facts:

1. The alone born twin will be left-handed and/or ambidextrous – the definition of true ambidexterity is being able to do a task equally well with either hand or with both hands at the same time. Funny because I wrote this quite some time ago without knowing the above:

2. My love for even numbers

Still processing it all. Many thanks to the horses who worked for and with me helping in my ongoing inner journey. Will go there again when the sixth horse has arrived. After all my name in Chinese says among other things: woman of horse. 

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The past days the bear crossed my path. In words and messages from others and in myself. Was given a gif on Twitter

that reminded me again of a picture I once got from an old dear friend.

Plus it reminded me of a bear tool I made a long time ago. Looked that up and started upgrading it. Implemented the bear tooth I have. Here is bear, the healer of emotions and foundation, the grounding force, confidence and courage.

Furthermore I had to remove some plants and while doing so, a tiny little branch from the stephanotis or Hawaiian wedding flower fell down and I kept it because of its shape. Two weeks ago I bought a Brucit gemstone as I already told in a previous blog. Today the tiny branch and the Brucit had to join forces.

stephanotis derived from the Greek word stephanos’ , meaning ‘crown’. Stephanotis signifies ‘marital bliss’

Both tools are not yet initiated.

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Color Card

In a Tweet on Twitter Dory Nierynck shared some of her color card samples, like the ones she use in this workshop

One particular sample card had my attention, so I asked her the meaning of it.

Today she told me about it and I can say – exactly to the point.

1. peace and quiet, faith, breathing needs attention, more depth necessary, use creativity, especially singing, painting, writing – the blue/turquoise field of the card
2. white – soul level, Higher Self points to
3. all earth related things and activities, more movement needed – the red dot
4. the yellow and kind of military green field, yellow the communication, military green -> being more in nature to empty my 3rd chakra and create room there, balance between creation and being in nature
5. my guides are waiting to see me doing so to get ready to work even more with them as I already do.

This example show that a consult with Dory is worthwhile. Here you can contact Dory Nierynck

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After a stressful week some silent days were welcome. Stumbled onto quite some info, from outside as well as from the inside. The bells of future are ringing quietly. As energy flows so signs come up to make the message crystal clear. Two gemstones came to my attention and I bought them. There message alone is strong enough. I bought a Brucit and a Selenite.

Break with old negative patterns, walk your own soul path and enjoy life. With Brucite, the sun shines on every aspect of life. A stone of abundance, of the soul and harmony. Provides perseverance, clarity of thought and the necessary peace of mind to make decisions. At the same time it helps with intentions and achieving set goals. A new future brings with it farewell to the old. We often have difficulty with that. Fortunately, the stone also lends a hand here. It helps to say goodbye to that which no longer serves you. https://happy-spirit.nl/


The white Selenite especially suits the heart chakra. Strengthens intuition, clairvoyance and clear knowing. Strong purifying effect on the vegetative nervous system, including the brain. https://www.semoea.nl/

Yesterday I came along the drawing challenge on Twitter: Monocle octopus against hate. Up to now I didn’t like them. But the urge was there so lets try and draw one. Choosing the color was no problem, it had to be purple with a golden monocle. Here it is.

Wondering why I looked up the message of octopus.

Octopus:innovation, dynamics, change, strong intuition, staying on your path.

So all those things entering my life along with the foal’s horse hairs, which came two weeks ago, ring regeneration and renewal. Let the adventure begin.

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Finally the process paintings came back from framing to be integrated in the practice room. Some paintings were removed, their working is done. Painted the wall and put things into their new place. Peace and quiet.

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The process involving my grandmother and the influence this had in the female family line that started May,7 with the process painting now has come to closure.

In a former life of the soul of my grandmother happened something involving a child she never forgave herself for. That child passed on her hate towards her mother through the female line. Grandmother in this life still had self hate because of what happened back than. Me, as caring and open to energy’s as I am, took place in the energy of that child and carried it. As matter of fact this prevented me from really loving grandmother despite she being kind of a protecting godmother to me. I also, passed on by my mother, carried the self hate, preventing self love and forgiveness. Bitterness also developed. Had to do a family constellation to give all of it back through the line and I did, creating a barrier towards the old energy’s. Now I, finally, only have my own energy field left.

The process of the painting? To my biggest surprise the painting isn’t, as I thought, about grandmother – it is me. The message came through  my coach Ria Winterman
“There is something you did not see and it is that middle you worked on….in the beginning it is more outgoing, first not rotating at all, then the movement,and in the latter changes you worked back inside and closed with the walnut.Your own process. Back towards you as you are.” Indeed I didn’t see that.

This brings us to the painting made June, 9th
What was made for a Sunday drawing challenge in fact is connected to the process painting. Also the tool I had made ages ago and no idea what fore. The blue painting is the elaboration of what’s behind the walnut in the process painting. I’m very fond of both paintings and they will be framed as soon as possible and the tool somehow with them on the wall. So far what was going on Monday 3rd with the full moon.

Along this 3 month process I happened to get a newsletter of Irida webshop offering Brazilian Rhinestone . One immediately had my attention and I ordered it. Yesterday it arrived and after a long sea salt bath in the full moon it now enliven my altar. To me it look like a man and a woman are hugging. The assignment to do: who I am now and putting that in writing….

 Photo by Hendrik J.J. Meijer

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A few days ago I learned, that the trees in our courtyard are Amber trees, Liquidambar orientalis, and I take care of one of them.  information about the healing quality’s in dutch

The healing power of the tree cares for the lungs and the Medicinal Incense Amber has a stimulating effect on the spleen, liver, kidneys, thyroid and heart. The active ingredient is also available as an info about the essential oil in dutch

This morning I suddenly noticed, that the amber tree seed balls resembles COVID19 .  COVID19 attack the lungs but also the heart, blood circulation and more and COVID19 came, to bring us back to love with ourselves, our own rhythm and Mother Nature.  The same things the tree can help you with. What makes you sick is also the cure as of now research is going on which shows that bats carry something that give them the ability to survive deadly sicknesses.

And a friend of mine yesterday came with another down to earth knowledge: with the leaves of the tree you can shine your shoes.

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blood type 0

Now my own blood type and the food to eat for this blood type.

Blood type O (the hunter):
oldest and most common blood type, from which the other and thus more recent blood types have developed. The survivor at the top of the food chain, equipped with a strong immune system. Willing and able to destroy anyone, friend or foe alike. People with this blood type are carnivores with a strong digestive system and an overactive immune system that do not tolerate dietary and environmental changes. They are strong, independent, opportunistic, energetic, social, realistic, outgoing and clear in their emotional expression. They have leadership qualities and see the main lines. They control stress through action and sports. Need to move a lot and activate their metabolism. If not, they become fat and lifeless.
cut or limit the intake of: carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes (including potato starch and chips) and grains as much as possible. Especially avoid wheat in all its forms (bread, pastries, biscuits, pasta, couscous), corn (also corn starch), dairy products, vinegar, sparkling water, soft drinks, coffee, orange (juice), vitamins A and E (due to the tendency to slow blood clotting).
say yes to: proteins that you mainly get from chicken, soy products, lean red meat and fatty fish. Carbohydrates from rice, rye and spelled. The vitamins C, K and the entire B complex that are beneficial to you, just like calcium (broccoli and salmon with canned bone) and iodine.
THICK AND SLIMMERS for blood group O:
greatly slow down the metabolism: wheat, corn, kidney beans, white beans, lentils, mustard, raw cabbage sprouts-cauliflower.
speed up the metabolism: kelp, seaweeds, sea vegetables, fish and shellfish, iodized salt, liver, red meat, kale, spinach, broccoli.
And just as important: Exercise a lot. Any activity is beneficial to you. This way you stay fitter and you can better manage stress. Use the stairs and your legs as much as possible instead of the lift and your car. If possible, practice sports that tire you and increase your heart rate, such as jogging, tennis, aerobics, or squash. If you do not eat in accordance with your blood type, you will eventually have a chance of stomach ulcers, arthritis, inflammation, slow thyroid function, allergies, blood clotting disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Bread and bread products
Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Bread of 100% sprouted wheat Gingerbread Oat bread
Rye bread Corn bread
Rice cakes Wheat bread
Rolls / balls

Bread spreads
Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Apple syrup Chcolade paste milk
Chocolate paste pure Sprinkles milk
Sprinkles pure Peanut butter

Dairy products
Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Butter Goat Milk
Eggs Buttermilk
Cottage cheese
Low-fat margarine
Whipped cream

Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Plums Apple Strawberries
Figs Lemon Pineapple
Grapes Banana
Raspberry Blackberries
Kiwi Coconut
Pear Mandarin
Orange apple

Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Mihoen Wheat pasta

Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Sweet potatoes Endive Potatoes
Kale Peas Eggplant
Broccoli Cucumber Beetroot
Dandelion Paprika Cauliflower
Red pepper Lettuce Mushrooms
Leek Green Beans Corn
Spinach Tomatoes Rhubarb
Onions Red cabbage

Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Veal Chicken Bacon
Lamb Mussels Ham
Minced Beef Eel Pork
Beef Tuna Goose
Fried fish

Favorably Neutral Avoidance
Pineapple juice Beer Apple juice
Cherry juice Green tea Coffee
Liquorice tea Wine Black tea

All the food and drinks named to be not favorable for my blood type are the foods I don’t like to eat since I was a little child. Had to by my parents with the effect of being an overweight with little energy. The blood type diet to me is a logical and healthy finding.

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Blood Type A Personality Type

Kind and compassionate individuals who put others’ interests and needs before their own. While they may seem calm on the outside, they often suffer from inner turmoil and anxiety.

People with blood type A personality are excellent listeners and make good friends. Although they get along with others quite well, it is often achieved at expense of their own balance and happiness. To be liked by others they bottle up their emotions, which takes its toll on their nervous system. It is beneficial for them to take time alone and rest well.

The best jobs for this personality type are jobs that don’t require much contact with other people like programmers, accountants, writers or librarians.

What about love? They are most compatible with their own type or AB type.

More: http://dadamo.com/txt/index.pl?1003

Blood Type Personality B

Outgoing and friendly, this type is people person. Unlike type A, type B doesn’t do that at expense of his own feelings and well-being, it comes to him naturally without any effort. Contact with people doesn’t wear him off and he will do great as a leader or any type of job that requires dealing with people.

Type B is highly adjustable, he can feel people. He is into body language and other methods of deciphering others. People with blood type B personality type rely on their intuition and trust themselves.

Once again, they are most compatible with their own personality type and AB. Talking about discrimination, Korean women consider men with blood type B personality not suitable for marriage due to their playful and flirty disposition.

More: http://www.dadamo.com/txt/index.pl?1006

Blood Type AB Personality

Freedom-loving AB’s are strong and rational people. They don’t worry about little things and usually can assess their life challenges without emotions getting in the way. Despite their love for freedom and independent thinking they don’t have any issues when it comes to relationships and are quite popular.

More: http://www.dadamo.com/txt/index.pl?1005



Blood Type O Personality Type

This type is described as responsible, practical and rule-conscious and organized. They make excellent leaders and their determination helps them achieve their goals. While they are usually liked by other people, they are somewhat loners and need a lot of time alone.

Typically type O is physically strong and can find success in sports.

In love they are most happy with their own type or AB type (seems like AB type is really lucky in love).

The Type O Profile

Type O was an early success formula. It is the only blood type that carries two opposing blood type antibodies (one blood type A and another against blood type B). These antibodies undoubtedly conveyed some survival advantage, as many of the common diseases that plagued our ancestors possessed markers (antigens) that simulated the other blood types. Thus, what is commonly considered a transfusion complication was, in type O, a very useful defensive benefit. However, when misdirected, this innate immune reactivity can sometimes get in the way of good health. Blood Type O may be predisposed to certain illnesses, such as ulcers and thyroid disorders. In the 1950’s it was discovered that Type O’s had about twice the instances of ulcers of all kinds than the other blood types. These findings have been replicated many times since then.

Type O Strengths and Weaknesses

We’ve already mentioned the tendency of type O towards higher levels of stomach acid. There is also another unique characteristic of type O that is perhaps even more important: This blood type has a very well-developed ability to digest meals that contain both protein and fat. This is because two chemicals used by the digestive tract, an enzyme called intestinal alkaline phosphatase, and a lipoprotein called ApoB48 are secreted into the digestive tract in much higher amounts by type O’s. These digestive factors greatly enhance the ability of type O to not only metabolize the choelsterol in animal products more efficiently, but also greatly increase their ability to heal their digestive tract and better assimilate calcium. However, these very same strengths come at a cost: in Type O simple carbohydrates, especially from grains, are more easily converted into fats and triglycerides. Many grains also contain reactive proteins called lectins that can ramp up the type O immune system, resulting in unwanted inflammation and auto-immunity.

Manage Your Type O Stress

The legacy of your Type O ancestry causes an immediate “fight or flight” response in people of this blood type. However, this finely tuned response to stress, so vital in early Type O’s, is not always so beneficial in modern times. The Type O response can cause bouts of excessive anger, temper tantrums, hyperactivity and even create a severe enough chemical imbalance to bring about a manic episode. Since there is a powerful, synergistic relationship between the release of dopamine and feelings of reward, Type O is more vulnerable to destructive behaviors when overly tired, depressed or bored. These can include gambling, sensation seeking, risk taking, substance abuse and impulsivity. To avoid becoming overstressed, follow the Type O diet, which focuses on lean, organic meats, vegetables and fruits and avoid wheat and dairy which can be triggers for digestive and health issues in Type O. Additionally, he suggests that Type O’s avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can be particularly harmful because of its tendency to raise adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are already high for Type O’s.

Energize – The Essential Exercise Component

Type O’s benefit tremendously from brisk regular exercise that taxes the cardiovascular and muscular skeletal system. But the benefit derived surpasses the goal of physical fitness. Type O also derives the benefit of a well timed chemical release system. The act of physical exercise releases a swarm of neurotransmitter activity that acts as a tonic for the entire system. The Type O who exercises regularly also has a better emotional response. You are more emotionally balanced as a result of well regulated, efficient chemical transport system. More than any other blood type, O’s rely on physical exercise to maintain physical health and emotional balance. Engage in regular physical activity three to four times per week. For best results, engage in aerobic activity for thirty to forty five minutes at least four times per week. If you are easily bored, choose two or three different exercises and vary your routine.

Live Right!

In addition to exercising and eating foods that are Right For Your Type, here are a few key lifestyle strategies for Type O individuals:

  • Develop clear plans for goals and tasks – annual, monthly, weekly, daily to avoid impulsivity.
  • Make lifestyle changes gradually, rather than trying to tackle everything at once.
  • Eat all meals, even snacks, seated at a table.
  • Chew slowly and put your fork down between bites of food.
  • Avoid making big decisions or spending money when stressed.
  • Do something physical when you feel anxious.
  • Engage in thirty to forty five minutes of aerobic exercise at least four times per week.
  • When you crave a pleasure releasing-substance (alcohol, tobacco, sugar), do something physical.

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