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It all started with the idea of @artbypunktraum to give some of her paintings for Christmas – tell me what you would like. But @AnaOrid3 said that an exchange would be more fun. So I asked her what she would like to have and she wanted one of my dog paintings. Asking me what I would like to have.

I was named after Saint Gertrud with mouse so I said, draw me a mouse. And she did. A wonderful, well feed field vole. Happy me \O/ 

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Today, in the afternoon, it was the right time to initiate the dragons and the female energy tool. Try if you can feel the difference.

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Dragon head

As I wrote here there was the assignment of finding the dragon’s head material. My coach had said that I had it already in the house but I could not find anything that looks as a dragon head.

Yesterday afternoon I took the bike and into the woods it was. In my head repeating the wish for finding the dragon tool. Nada. After one hour I biked back home. Brew a nice cup of tea with some cookies. While sipping the tea there was the epiphany. Went to the bookcase where there is a box of small things from the woods and bingo – the dragon head. Could have known because I was so happy when I found the legend of the  Mordiford dragon I wrote about some blogs back.

Sunday I had ordered new colors from Amsterdam Universal Satin. Right in time though. I glued the three little branches together and painted them in antique gold. In the middle a half quartz crystal geode. Let it dry and painted the backside this morning.

Here now the final grown up dragon.

Here both dragons – the young dragon and the adult dragon together with the tool of female energy.

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This morning the boys as painting – shed some tears again. Feeling the love I have for my children. Here you see child 3 and 4. Without further explanation.

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Paint the children

Another appointment with my coach left me somehow flabbergasted. The dragon tools had not necessarily been connected in the way I did, but ore weaving energetically. So I managed to get them separated again. Got two assignments:
a) find a dragon head for the new tool, there is only one
b) paint your children but not as portrait but energetically. What comes to the fore when thinking of each one. Today finally I could get myself to assignment b – I intuitively painted my daughters one by one by repeating their full birth name while letting my hands go with what en wherever they wanted.Tears when finished and looking at them. Tomorrow the boys will be done.No further explanation, see for yourself. The paintings are in line of their birth without the boys – you see child 1, 2,5.

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Adult dragon

As I wrote here

All the lines without beginning or ending are all the lines of my system, purified and well and they have to be connected with each other to a whole system, like pieces of a puzzle. This has to be done by the water dragon energy…..

A week later I found a branch with dragon energy. A friend of mine even saw the dragon heads in energy. I removed the bark and sanded the branch.

Followed by coloring it. The first try wasn’t as it should be so I had to do it differently. The outcome after that:

Suddenly the thought that another dragon tool had to be connected to this new one, thus being the young dragon with the adult dragon and there has to be gemstones attached. wasn’t that easy but now they are together.

This morning there was a new Mythical Mashup Challenge by @studioteabreak: the Mordiford dragon and oneself as 5-year-old. Looking up the Mordiford dragon, I saw a green leaf dragon – how suiting to my dragon tool in progress. With great pleasure I drew the dragon. A mirror of the young dragon tool as a matter of fact.

Later the morning I had a healing done by my teacher Shaman. Afterwards, I visited my friend http://www.atelierlazuli.nl to buy the gemstones for the dragon tool.

In the evening I could install some of the gemstones and did the rest of them this morning . The two big ones are for my Shaman Drum.

Now everything is in its place. Here it is in detail and the whole thing.

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Personal Symbol

I saw on LinkedIn a new feature:
your personal symbol by Sonja Andela

Interesting so I ordered mine.

Today it arrived *drum roll* . Very curious what it would be. Here it is.

Your symbol is full and open with a line aloft. The small thin line symbolizes the fragility and it connects your circle, in which everything is fine.

Very happy with my symbol. Of course immediately framed it and hung it by my altar.

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