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Let’s start with the paintings of  New Years Eve Rorschachtest   and    January 1st Rorschachtest

Except the dancing, which is true, there is the holy matrimony of inner woman and man. Also right in the middle, there is the spine. Left and right, down and above, everything comes together as it is supposed to be within. The January 1st color jamming shows something more in-depth and tells about layers. The comment made by @kritzelich is right, concerning the chicken. Concerning the owl, its not but a fish.Here the symbolism of both.

When the chicken spirit crosses your path, know that it brings good luck and prosperity, indicates overall good health for you and your loved ones. The chicken totem is your potent protector when it comes to negative energies that threaten to enter your world

When fish spirit comes into your life, it gives you a very powerful connection with the Water element.
This is the element of mystery and creativity. The fish spirit animal plays an important role in your subconscious. It helps you to make powerful decisions that affect your waking life in a very positive way.
The world below carries a lot of mystery. The fish spirit guide helps you to dig beneath the surface to conceal knowledge that is usually not seen.
For you, the fish is a symbol of what’s obscure on your life. These things prevail in most of your activities.
The fish spirit water enhances your level of fertility and femininity. Also, it enables you to enjoy prosperity and good luck.

The symbolism connected to my inner reality means that the chicken was set as disguise and protection for the spiritual fish until the fish is strong enough to come to the fore. He is looking in the mirror and sees the chicken he is not.Also suiting the chicken spirit connection to the bunch of fears I had when really young and my victim mentality because chicken were seen as holy and used as offer to the gods.It is time now to let go of the chicken (shit) shield and come to terms with the fish, my real me. I have to make a fish tool. The branches I happened to find as usual right in time.

Now we come to the drawing and painting you can see in Saturn-Pluto-Conjunction
Lets start with the symbolism of the penguin and the whale.

Whale  is the symbol of good luck. It symbolizes limitless creativity that will make all your biggest dreams possible.  The whale represents your intuition and awareness that guide you to make the best decisions. The whale is commonly associated with emotion, inner truth, and creativity.
Physical and emotional healing
Keeper of history
Importance of family and community
Emotional rebirth
Peaceful strength

Penguin’s symbolism The period of darkness that you’ve been experiencing is now ending. There is light at the end of this tunnel!
Penguin is reminding you that although things may seem chaotic right now, there is a definite order in this chaos. Thus it is important to realize that by continually moving forward with your plans and dreams and handling each small piece as it comes up. The most chaotic time always is just before a big breakthrough happens. Just keep flexible and remain centered within yourself so that you can keep moving forward. Believe that you have a good connection between the physical and the spiritual ( painting of New Years Eve) and that you will naturally know what to do next.

As I already assumed, the swollen leg of the penguin is connected to my inner, and unfortunately also outer, reality. My left ankle….the lower leg. There some old fears around the talents of the fish are hiding as well as anger for what could have been but was not, some guilt trip over old faults despite knowing that everybody makes faults during the growing up learning of life route. What has the whale got to do with this? He is not flying by, looking depressed or angry. No, he cannot swim further because there is no doorway yet for the emotional rebirth. This symbolism suites the actual supporting energy’s – we are all on our way through the door to our new us, our new life but don’t find the path yet. That’s how I actually feel, besides a little bit disgruntled.

The grande finale therefore is the painting of the shedding dragon – liberation and freedom.

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An inspirational day it was today despite the tension I feel. This morning, after a Twitter drawing challenge, I did a quick minimalist drawing as test. Just curious if I can do it. A penguin and a whale. When seeing what I had drawn, I had to laugh because the two animals look like what is me in real life. The penguin’s left leg a bit swollen and the whale is not amused. Funny remark on Twitter : ” that bird would look surprised if suddenly a fish flew by….damned climate change.”

Had a canvas waiting and the drive to paint kept me waiting. When it finally hit, the painting was ready in no time. All done with eyes closed. Following my hands to choose a color, where to put it and what to do with it. Painted with my hands. Only the finishing touch in gold is done with a brush. I have the feeling that my inner dragon is shedding…..

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The first morning of the New Year I messed up colors again to see if there could be new insights to gain.

Two people answered to this one and the predictions are nice.

A chicken look in the mirror.
Time for reflection and self-awareness.
And if “chicken” is too stupid for you – it could also be an owl

A coati that wallows comfortably in the dirt … Phew … it took me a long time to recognize something. And what does that mean now?

Looking after others, being generous with your time and space, foraging, finding wisdom in unexpected places, being highly adaptable, sniffing out the truth, accepting the imposing presence of others, integration and assimilation, physical play.

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New Years Eve Rorschachtest

@kritzelich on Twitter came with the idea @rot_grad had last year to mess around with colors like the Rorschachtest. Then let others predict your future in 2020. Great idea so why wait until December 31? Messed around 3 colors and covered it with another paper with in mind what will 2020 may be like. Great fun to do so try it yourself. Here are the two outcomes.

Some of my followers on Twitter react, read their replies

A woman runs to the left, distorted by motion blur: your year will be very dynamic!

I see a scorpion in it … You have to be careful if you want to mess with him, he knows how to defend himself and has a hard shell that protects him from the hardship of the world.

Hmm, I see dancing people, movement and a kiss.
Maybe you will dance in Africa next year?

People dance in circles, holding hands. Kind of folkloric. Didn’t read @ohmadmary ‘s sight until I looked at it (I swear!)

@moorfrau I see a wildebeest but don’t know what it has to do with you.

I see an obese dragonfly. You will take off and float around elegantly, even if there are things that want to make it difficult for you.

Looked up the meaning of Gnu animal totem: You are facing a great decision about moving. You are needing the strength of family and groups of people. Senses are enhanced. You need to follow your hunches. Pace of life will be speedy.

Woke up this morning with the order in my head “draw a Wildebeest” and I did. Maybe drawing one will give the forecast more energy.

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It all started with the idea of @artbypunktraum to give some of her paintings for Christmas – tell me what you would like. But @AnaOrid3 said that an exchange would be more fun. So I asked her what she would like to have and she wanted one of my dog paintings. Asking me what I would like to have.

I was named after Saint Gertrud with mouse so I said, draw me a mouse. And she did. A wonderful, well feed field vole. Happy me \O/ 

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Today, in the afternoon, it was the right time to initiate the dragons and the female energy tool. Try if you can feel the difference.

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Dragon head

As I wrote here there was the assignment of finding the dragon’s head material. My coach had said that I had it already in the house but I could not find anything that looks as a dragon head.

Yesterday afternoon I took the bike and into the woods it was. In my head repeating the wish for finding the dragon tool. Nada. After one hour I biked back home. Brew a nice cup of tea with some cookies. While sipping the tea there was the epiphany. Went to the bookcase where there is a box of small things from the woods and bingo – the dragon head. Could have known because I was so happy when I found the legend of the  Mordiford dragon I wrote about some blogs back.

Sunday I had ordered new colors from Amsterdam Universal Satin. Right in time though. I glued the three little branches together and painted them in antique gold. In the middle a half quartz crystal geode. Let it dry and painted the backside this morning.

Here now the final grown up dragon.

Here both dragons – the young dragon and the adult dragon together with the tool of female energy.

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