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This morning the boys as painting – shed some tears again. Feeling the love I have for my children. Here you see child 3 and 4. Without further explanation.

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Paint the children

Another appointment with my coach left me somehow flabbergasted. The dragon tools had not necessarily been connected in the way I did, but ore weaving energetically. So I managed to get them separated again. Got two assignments:
a) find a dragon head for the new tool, there is only one
b) paint your children but not as portrait but energetically. What comes to the fore when thinking of each one. Today finally I could get myself to assignment b – I intuitively painted my daughters one by one by repeating their full birth name while letting my hands go with what en wherever they wanted.Tears when finished and looking at them. Tomorrow the boys will be done.No further explanation, see for yourself. The paintings are in line of their birth without the boys – you see child 1, 2,5.

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As you could read in the previous post the dragon the inner child drew together was not completely one. The grown ups had draw their dragon. Today the idea to try again with the inner child. Eyes closed and asking for a dragon. In no time it was on paper and I had to choose the colors this time. After that, I closed my eyes again and asked what the dragon’s name is. They wrote together -both hands- Godilinex. His tail is kind of a propeller they said.

As you can see, the writing comes together at the end – they work together now.

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For a drawing challenge called #animalalphabets a Dalmatian Pelican was asked for. I looked it up and liked the wonderful bird I saw, so I joined the challenge. To my surprise, I was able to draw the bird – that’s a first. Wondering about this fact, I looked up the spiritual message of the bird. The first thing that came up made me laugh because its an old treat I met long ago and let go.

Looking further there is a rich meaning to the bird, like the Phoenix.

Also attentive to topics such as helpfulness and family spirit. Even though you may feel alone and helpless, in reality you are not, because someone is always watching over you and saving you from the worst.

This already came up during the conversation on Twitter I wrote about in my previous post. And that is absolutely true, I’m not alone. I’m protected by spirit and Angels and my Guardian. Furthermore precisely what I partly accomplished concerning adulthood and love. Self-employment and teaching – the next stepping stones. So no wonder I was able to draw the beautiful bird.

You cross the threshold from child to adult and become a teacher from the learner. It’s about a step into self-employment. It is also a step into love, into selflessness and thus a step into awakening.

totem animal Pelican – german website

the pelican

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Little girl

Still going on the portrait challenges by @StudioTeaBreak. I like it very much although not every portrait is to my liking. So I happen to notice that if my heart is in it, the drawing or painting flow easily and are better. The last portrait challenge was a little girl.

 Ellen Mary in a White Coat, painted in oils on canvas by Mary Cassatt around 1896

wholeheartedly I started with water-color pencils and finished it with water-color. Made a photo and made some adjustments in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Seeing the final outcome, a little girl in the snow was the intention, I noticed a lot of figures in the background.The longer I looked the more I saw and got the feeling that I painted my inner little girl with all the guides and ancestors around. It’s more me then Ellen Mary. She is wearing a blue coat after all and that’s the color I wear most. The yellow and red are some of my favorite colors too. What a painting can do….

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Yesterday afternoon the inspiration to paint. After a short meditation I choose to use the sentence that give one roots: I am <your full birth name> born on <date> at <birthtime>

Started painting, choosing the colors with eyes closed and painted. Everything is done with eyes closed – this way the soul can take over to show what needs to be shown. When no more colors or moves to be made the painting was finished.

I saw the rest colors on the plate. Took a new paper and put it on the plate, pressed it down and made a turn with it. Another painting was born.

When seeing what came out I had to put the two together. It’s like me and him….

After all was done I draw cards – one for the inner child and one for the grown-up….amazing.

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Spirit works in mysterious ways. Yesterday I saw a detective series within the detectives wife is going to make Medlar’s Jelly. She told her husband the detective: “ It has to be made by rotten medlars….” and his face expression was hilarious. This morning the thought process around Medlar’s Jelly started, above all the mention that the medlars has to be rotten….The Medlars Jelly is described as utterly delicious and beautiful to look at – amber with pink highlights and very glossy.

Even Shakespeare wrote about the Medlar in Romeo & Juliet:

Now will he sit under a medlar tree,
And wish his mistress were that kind of fruit
As maids call medlars, when they laugh alone.
O Romeo, that she were, O that she were
An open-arse and thou a poperin pear!

Further my thoughts went to ‘rotten’ bleeted Medlars. In the state of bleeting it suites transformation – only if we rott we can grow – only if the Medlars are rotten you can make new delicious jelly or jam of them. Same as in life I would say. Surely suiting all the rotten folks in politics and the money world. It all has to become so rotten that there is no further denial possible that it all has to change. Than we can build new livable conditions – making tasty jelly or jam.

Getting more and more intrigued by the Medlar, I came across this:

Medlar (Mespilus germanica):


“You feel very lonely at the moment, I can help you overcome this loneliness, I help you to be open to new insights and give you the courage to push your own boundaries. You are not alone.”

transformation; insight; self-confidence; healing; protective

capricious, arrogant, fearful, crime,
Earth; Air

1st and 4th Chakra

Saturn; Uranus; Sun

Spring; Autumn

Medical qualities:
use in case of constipation

stomach; intestine; throat

provides insight into your own skills; helper to push boundaries

Here I recognized that the Medlar is all around the transition we’re all in, suiting the upcoming New Moon. The retrograde Venus in Scorpio and Libra in this is like the bleeting process the Medlar fruit has to go through before it is sweet jelly or jam. That this little conversation in the detective series had such an impact on me show, that I’ m in the process and that I have helpful companions around me.

As mentioned above – the jelly has the color of amber and amber is all about the heart and love. Only lived from your heart and love sprout a good life.

More about the Medlar Tree

Would like to have one of the traditional Makhila’s made from Medlar tree wood

The Makhila is a wonderful symbol for the Medlar Tree being a protective companion on your path.

The recipe for Medlar’s Jelly

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