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More animals

The last animals that appealed to me were the Moose, the Wolf and the Eagle Owl. To my own surprise that went very well. Looking up the spiritual meaning and symbolism of those animals gave the insight of the path I’m on right now. Also that the talents are developed because I was able to paint the animals.

Moose Symbolism
• Wisdom
• Truth
• Intuition & connection with spirit
• Stability
• Power
• protector and defender of women
• Humor

Wolf Symbolism
• Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts
• Appetite for freedom
• Expression of strong instincts

Owl Symbolism
• Intuition, ability to see what others do not see
• The presence of the owl announces change
• Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks
• Wisdom
• The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change

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For #animalmarch of #kleineKunstklasse on Twitter the cormorant was listed for today. My first thought was that I never would succeed to paint the fellow. Trying after all and oh wonder within half an hour there the bird was on paper.

Over the years I happened to notice that there must be an inner connection with my process or I cannot draw or paint of something or make a shaman tool.Therefore I went looking for the animal power of Cormorant. What I found actually is suiting my process very much as well as the full moon we have rising.

Totem animal Cormorant

The actual process I’m in got more clear when my friends came to visit last Sunday. They are clairaudient and clairvoyant.

They looked at my last two paintings. The green one: there is a man standing with a sword yelling: everything has to go! The process of letting go the old -also crystal clear because of the edema – emotions, old feelings et cetera are water…. The cormorant dives into it to get what it needs. In human terms – info needed in the process to fly again like the cormorant after he dried.

The other painting has the message: it’s complicated – the feeling I have indeed – it shows death and the girl but it’s complicated to see further then that. Maybe the Cormorant’s diving into my waters bring up info needed too.

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The 1st design

For a long time I’m dreaming to have my own clothing line. Designing wide cloths all made from natural material.

There is @scribbleintoart #scribbleintoart on Twitter. Once a month you get a new challenge. The March scribble looked difficult at the first glance. After staring at it long enough, suddenly the idea.

I want to make a dress out of it.

Goodness but how? In the afternoon the idea came. I painted the scribble with gold and more. Had some fabric suiting around. Put it together to a dress and painted a brooch.

My 1st design is a fact. Would like to have it made for real.


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Finally I managed to draw a bat.

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New root

After a long zone of nothing and still being busy with the legs …. Sunday I found a root when cycling home.

When I find a new branch or root, I know that new movement is around the corner. This time the movement was coming fast because of a conversation with my doctor. Will tell more about it next week because of more conversations to come with different doctors around diagnoses….over a span of 1 painful year.

In the meantime I started working on the root and yesterday finished it.Took some sanding and removing of the bark.

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The night that was…. very restless, not able to sleep. So I started painting at midnight. An Ostrich. As in real life, the same problem zone, the legs. 😦  Still working on mine.

The meaning of ostrich:

Sort out what is no longer useful to you and let it go. Feelings that no longer serve you should also be released.It’s time to use your spiritual knowledge and apply it to your everyday practical life. Make sure that when you do this that you also take the time to fully understand this knowledge before using it.Qualities:
Speed, strength, the qualities of one’s own heart, wisdom and alertness, clear boundaries, truth and justice, insight into the earthly and cosmic laws of truth and just judgment

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Had a lot of fun painting a porcupine after I had seen a great photo of one. After a long time I used water-color on this one.

Animal Totem Porcupine is a fantastic guide in times of grief. Their energy is incredibly wonder-filled and childlike and can augur a sense of joy, playfulness – and even curiosity that can un-wedge us out of grief. It is time to free yourself from guilt and shame. In doing this, you can reclaim the innocence that you left behind as a child. To do this, you must open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child.

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