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For a drawing challenge called #animalalphabets a Dalmatian Pelican was asked for. I looked it up and liked the wonderful bird I saw, so I joined the challenge. To my surprise, I was able to draw the bird – that’s a first. Wondering about this fact, I looked up the spiritual message of the bird. The first thing that came up made me laugh because its an old treat I met long ago and let go.

Looking further there is a rich meaning to the bird, like the Phoenix.

Also attentive to topics such as helpfulness and family spirit. Even though you may feel alone and helpless, in reality you are not, because someone is always watching over you and saving you from the worst.

This already came up during the conversation on Twitter I wrote about in my previous post. And that is absolutely true, I’m not alone. I’m protected by spirit and Angels and my Guardian. Furthermore precisely what I partly accomplished concerning adulthood and love. Self-employment and teaching – the next stepping stones. So no wonder I was able to draw the beautiful bird.

You cross the threshold from child to adult and become a teacher from the learner. It’s about a step into self-employment. It is also a step into love, into selflessness and thus a step into awakening.

totem animal Pelican – german website

the pelican

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Carrion Crow, Hooded Crow, Rook, Raven, Jackdaw, Magpie, Eurasian Jay – I have them flying by in my tiny garden for food and water. The #figurejuly drawing challenge on Twitter initiated by @moorfrau had *beak* as item for today, July 28.

The only bird I really can draw is the crow and this is the one I drew for today’s beak challenge.

To see the difference between a crow I drew back in the 90’s and now here the old one I gave away to a crow loving child.

This one looks more like the Jackdaw of the Alps.

From the mountain top to flat land – my inner movement too.

The power of the crow is especially important when you

draw conclusions from past and present for your future.
to find spirituality (back).
want to put an imbalance or an injustice back in the balance.

a German website about the crow family

a German website about the medicine of the crow

an English website about the family of the crow

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rough sea

After two weeks of being ill and in hospital, today I felt better when I woke up. The morning murmured away like water with some chatting. Suddenly the peace and quiet was disturbed by someone who demolished my flower bed around the tree. Despite my sore foot I went outside to stop the (#$%^&*()_$#@@ ). It was too late – all done, nothing left. He laughed at my tears and went inside were he comes and go lately. I was furious and crying simultaneously. Smashed some doors, something I haven’t done for a long time. Went shouting that I have had it here. That I want to move as soon as possible if only….. That went on about 1 hour. Afterwards I showered and took care of the wound in my foot. Decent and calm again coffee.

Than the drawing challenge of @kriegundfreitag #ichgebeauf came on Twitter. One had to make or draw a picture about what you want if it was energizing and cooling down – we have some hot summer days lately. First thing that came to mind was a house at the seashore somewhere. To much work to paint. So I colored water and put a smiling face into it – swimming in sea. What to do with the water and the paint not entirely dissolved in the water? Painting after all. Not the house on the shore but a boat in the storm at sea, me standing with the sails and my inner captain at the helm. Still rough sea inside.

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Yesterday a new tool had to be made. It’s a balancer for harmony in oneself and in connection with others. The balancer is from a fig tree. An old angel tool had to be connected to it on top.

Sometimes tools are made for a far away future and wait patiently until their moment has come. The working of my tools is the same. Their strong energy rest until the tool is set to work.

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More animals

The last animals that appealed to me were the Moose, the Wolf and the Eagle Owl. To my own surprise that went very well. Looking up the spiritual meaning and symbolism of those animals gave the insight of the path I’m on right now. Also that the talents are developed because I was able to paint the animals.

Moose Symbolism
• Wisdom
• Truth
• Intuition & connection with spirit
• Stability
• Power
• protector and defender of women
• Humor

Wolf Symbolism
• Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts
• Appetite for freedom
• Expression of strong instincts

Owl Symbolism
• Intuition, ability to see what others do not see
• The presence of the owl announces change
• Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks
• Wisdom
• The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change

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For #animalmarch of #kleineKunstklasse on Twitter the cormorant was listed for today. My first thought was that I never would succeed to paint the fellow. Trying after all and oh wonder within half an hour there the bird was on paper.

Over the years I happened to notice that there must be an inner connection with my process or I cannot draw or paint of something or make a shaman tool.Therefore I went looking for the animal power of Cormorant. What I found actually is suiting my process very much as well as the full moon we have rising.

Totem animal Cormorant

The actual process I’m in got more clear when my friends came to visit last Sunday. They are clairaudient and clairvoyant.

They looked at my last two paintings. The green one: there is a man standing with a sword yelling: everything has to go! The process of letting go the old -also crystal clear because of the edema – emotions, old feelings et cetera are water…. The cormorant dives into it to get what it needs. In human terms – info needed in the process to fly again like the cormorant after he dried.

The other painting has the message: it’s complicated – the feeling I have indeed – it shows death and the girl but it’s complicated to see further then that. Maybe the Cormorant’s diving into my waters bring up info needed too.

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The 1st design

For a long time I’m dreaming to have my own clothing line. Designing wide cloths all made from natural material.

There is @scribbleintoart #scribbleintoart on Twitter. Once a month you get a new challenge. The March scribble looked difficult at the first glance. After staring at it long enough, suddenly the idea.

I want to make a dress out of it.

Goodness but how? In the afternoon the idea came. I painted the scribble with gold and more. Had some fabric suiting around. Put it together to a dress and painted a brooch.

My 1st design is a fact. Would like to have it made for real.


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