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Today via LinkedIn I came across a drawing challenge on https://esthervanderham.nl/teken-jouw-wereld/

Great idea to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon with it. Started on A3 and drew with both hands and eyes closed as I like to do. By doing so, one let come out what is inside and not disrupted by thoughts. Its the version of the inner child.


Afterwards I took a canvas and again with both hands choosing colors and the place to be, painting with my hands and of course eyes closed. Nothing had to be done to the middle spot.

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Merry Christmas

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A poem made after my doodle


Ken je dat een wolkenoog

Die is best vaag

Want hangt zo hoog

Of jij zo laag

Wolkenoog die jou beziet

Wil je van licht beroven

Laat regen vallen en begiet

Symmetrisch beide ogen

Ach wolkenoog nu ben je weg

Ineens van t netvlies verdwenen

Uitgehuild met dikke pech

De zon is weer verschenen

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Today I drew an animal I never thought I could. Reading the spiritual meaning of it I understand why today.

der Elefant

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entangled in the net of war

threat painting with black acrylic paint

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Couldn’t stop doing it. I read at @artbypunktraum she first does some color work and then ink. Lets try that because it was a bit of a nightmare to color my threat painting. So I colored a canvas. Then I took a piece of paper and the black color dripping threat and pulled it under the paper over the canvas. This resulted in two paintings. The canvas and on the covering paper. The one on the paper I colored with Adobe. Have a look.

Yesterday evening I suddenly saw in one of the first threat paintings a big Schnauzer.

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Yesterday I read something on Twitter by @rumpelrina :

In the seminar today we dealt completed thread pictures to illustrations. You dab a piece of thread in ink and draw it between the two halves of a once folded sheet of paper .

I had to try it.

I made three and one of them is already colored. So first you see the threat painting as it came out followed by the colored one and some details.

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Every Sunday there is a creative challenge by @kriegundfreitag on Twitter under the #ichgebeauf. Past Sunday he gave the following challenge: Dab some colored liquid on paper and make a picture out of it!

For my 2nd attempt I took Blue Wonder cleaning stuff and some dish soap. That gave lather. the picture I saw in it: the blind woman and he dog

When you process this picture with Adobe Filter gallery you get

Made it lighter and printed it. Today I worked on it and finally the woman I saw in it came out. Even the dog looks good.

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During a drawing challenge on Twitter the theme POVERTY came along.

Poverty has many faces and a lot of different roots in our consciousness. I had a few angles with the theme too causing hazardous circumstances. During the inner journey I even came across the knowledge that my family name is carrying the energy of poverty.

When coming around this point of view I remembered the life long enmity between my father and his brother-in-law. My uncle always called him cracker or pauper who married a wealthy woman because my mother had the house. As a matter of fact, my father worked his ass off and studied simultaneously. He turned around his fate, we had it all. On the inside my father never turned around his poverty – meaning his lack of self-worth and unhappiness. Mother managed everything.

Took me quite some time myself to turn around what was imprinted from home. You can call your child a princess and give her everything but without teaching her the ways of money handling and earning its useless. Lack of Self-worth and other unconscious hurdles has to be seen. I turned around a lot of things and can close the door to poverty for good.

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In this blog the story started.

Today my appointment with my coach. This time no to foreseen themes. As soon as I started to say what I see in this painting

the session really started. When I sit in front of the painting I see to the left one old lady with a hat en a scarf, one blind folded young woman in red and a bit down a woman kneeling with a baby. All three are on the way to the figure on the right. Here came: but what’s about the white coming from the red figure on the right….there is a fight going on and all are caged. Oppression…. and the fight for glory ‘who’s the most important’. A part sees everything from a negative point. Also there is too much attention on the body. We healed the pain body part for part in the passed years which wasn’t easy at all and this part of work is really finished. That negative part only knows living with a pain body and creates it over and over again anew.

Here I thought of my grandmother from mothers side but my coach got pulled into that female ancestor line and almost got miserable. A never-ending fight against the dark came up but very very dark, frightening and threatening. The long long ago women in the line had the idea that you have to fight the dark by taking it over…. just like the series on Netflix Once upon a time. Unhealthy business and some may have ended in the dark themselves and in dark magic. I’m not this way but in my field I still carry this dark. We left this part alone because of the heaviness.

We came to the green painting….the only things in this painting are the red spider and up in the right corner I see two people arriving in a boat. It is standing next to the witch I once made.

My coach set her attention to the painting. A light fluent white and green – indeed the boat – here is all the energy freed from the cage and armor, all positive – delightful – but look to the left….there it was, the big head of a woman with a head or crown who is not amused about this fluent freed energy. She want it all gone because she is afraid of it. She only knows fight and armor, domination. She has to go. How? Making a new painting when all the information felt in place. And I have to take good care of myself. I mentioned that all the past years I did my yoga, the walking and biking but nothing and nobody get me moving, my willpower is on vacation. Another info of the figure from the green painting: all the sport, yoga and so on were done from willpower but from the wrong point of view – it was done because of guilt and penance, therefore with domination of self.So from now on doing sport, yoga, biking and walking from the thought: I have the right to have a healthy fit body, no shame, no blame no penance. Open from the positive male energy without the armor or fight. Flow. The dominating part is afraid of that.

So a new painting has to be made in due time.

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