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Merry Christmas

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A poem made after my doodle


Ken je dat een wolkenoog

Die is best vaag

Want hangt zo hoog

Of jij zo laag

Wolkenoog die jou beziet

Wil je van licht beroven

Laat regen vallen en begiet

Symmetrisch beide ogen

Ach wolkenoog nu ben je weg

Ineens van t netvlies verdwenen

Uitgehuild met dikke pech

De zon is weer verschenen

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Today I drew an animal I never thought I could. Reading the spiritual meaning of it I understand why today.

der Elefant

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entangled in the net of war

threat painting with black acrylic paint

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Couldn’t stop doing it. I read at @artbypunktraum she first does some color work and then ink. Lets try that because it was a bit of a nightmare to color my threat painting. So I colored a canvas. Then I took a piece of paper and the black color dripping threat and pulled it under the paper over the canvas. This resulted in two paintings. The canvas and on the covering paper. The one on the paper I colored with Adobe. Have a look.

Yesterday evening I suddenly saw in one of the first threat paintings a big Schnauzer.

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Yesterday I read something on Twitter by @rumpelrina :

In the seminar today we dealt completed thread pictures to illustrations. You dab a piece of thread in ink and draw it between the two halves of a once folded sheet of paper .

I had to try it.

I made three and one of them is already colored. So first you see the threat painting as it came out followed by the colored one and some details.

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Every Sunday there is a creative challenge by @kriegundfreitag on Twitter under the #ichgebeauf. Past Sunday he gave the following challenge: Dab some colored liquid on paper and make a picture out of it!

For my 2nd attempt I took Blue Wonder cleaning stuff and some dish soap. That gave lather. the picture I saw in it: the blind woman and he dog

When you process this picture with Adobe Filter gallery you get

Made it lighter and printed it. Today I worked on it and finally the woman I saw in it came out. Even the dog looks good.

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