Yesterday evening was, once again, a rare one. With dusk I fell quiet, a tense feeling came up. Felt burdensome and after a few hours in this feeling suddenly the urge to paint. With both hands, choosing the colors and where to put them without looking and let the hands choose their way. Here the result. Have to feel that through.



Emotion Frequency


The sister of my friend Hilde, https://www.instagram.com/from.adifferentrealm , found a big branch and gave it to her with the message that this branch was for her but in case she felt so, she had to pass it through. So that is how I got it to work on after Hilde cleaned it inside out, dried it and did already some work on it.

I started sanding and a lot of parts started to fall off and this is what came out at last.

Cleaned it again and let dry. Yesterday I started the coloring, this morning the last finishing touches and here it is – Birth .

So, after the New Years Eve now I did the morning after #Neujahrsklecksen which resulted in different outcomes: picture 1 is before the folding and it dripped out into picture 2, No. 3 shows after the folding and in No. 4 I mingled the two pictures just for fun.

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@Kritzelich: Ich such mir wieder EINS raus, das zweite. Ich sehe ein Herz und mitten drin zwei goldene Helmbasilisken, die nach links und rechts schauen und Wache halten. Diese Tiere können übrigens übers Wasser laufen. Dein Jahr wird WUNDER-voll!

Common Basilisk: sets the pace for the better, can help to adapt to circumstances, achieving anything that you want, different from the start on the lookout for opportunities to change fate but be cautious of how you unveil your strengths and inner power

common basilik


The first thing to do on New Years Eve is messing up colors again like last year initiated by @kritzelich in 2010. Purpose is to make predictions about 2022 from each others paintings. Here are mine – feel free to predict.

How to do it? Take paper and colors. Take colors without looking and put them on the paper, also without looking. When nothing comes up anymore open your eyes, fold the paper, rub as long as there is motion. Fold open and make a photo. Post it and ask people what they see in it. Take notes.

@KintsugiKitty: Middle, a bear, takes up the whole mid-area. It’s the dominant + first shape visible. Top, 2 faces, like Janus, 1 on each end looking away from 1 other, also a pig + a bird. The bottom, a big cat (panther or jaguar) playing a sax with a seahorse coming out, a cat and a bull

seahorse: teaches that you must allow yourself to be guided in the right direction by the flow of the current

Pig/wild boar: announcing the beginning of a period of personal growth, prosperity, and wealth. 

Bear: the healer, it’s time for healing or using healing abilities to help self or others, taking on leadership in confidence

the big cat playing sax: sax is the instrument of the spirit realm, my South Node is the lion and together with seahorse and the sax I suppose they will gently flow away so my North Node of the water bearer can take over.


Eine grüne Eule mit Blumenkranz auf dem Kopf.
Ein Gelber wüstenfuchs mit riesigen Ohren.
Zwei blaue Frauen die Bäche weinen

Owl: serves as helper for manifesting more wisdom, protection, and intuitive insights in your life

Fennec fox: core values guided by ancestral roots, pioneer of your own lead only applying what you know is worthy, make changes and move you forward into your soul mission in this life.

working on trauma of my youth there maybe will be some crying a river or two.

@NightshadeCeres: sehe einen wolf. sehr freundlich, wegen farben

Wolf: Listen to your inner thoughts and trust your insights.

@kritzelich: Das Bild ist so vielschichtig, es fällt mir schwer, den Fokus zu finden. Hoffentlich gelingt Dir das 2022 besser! Wenn ich mich auf das mittlere Bild konzentriere, sehe ich einen Hamster mit dicken Backen. Ich denke, Du wirst wuselflink viele Erfahrungskörner sammeln. Alles Gute!

Hamster: carry the powerful energy of intense passion and artistic aspiration, going forward and saving for a rainy day but not getting greedy, connect with new friends and family


Last night, when I could not sleep at all, the picture I had to make, mentioned in Doors Pt. 4  , came in some kind of colored feeling. This afternoon I got started with it. Now still wet and kind of big (115 x 75) it was difficult to take a picture. This is so far the best I managed. When the painting is dry I try again.


Doors Pt.4

Starting at the painting in doors Pt. 3   the parts finally arrived at the last door.

Before actually going through the last trauma door, there has to be done something else. The parts has to get acquainted with and accepted by one another.

First I have to tell that, after the last painting in Pt. 3, I draw and painted more and as has shown, some of the works are involved in this process. So let me introduce to the parts:

The red lady, drawn for a portrait challenge, is determined to walk through that last door. When I painted her, I thought the expression on her face were subdued anger. She has a problem though with another part which has to be solved.

The little girl in the square has to be accepted. Here experiences from childhood prevent both to do so. Therefore a particular incident between mother and grandmother, the little one witnessed and took over, has to be released. Then the two can make friends finally. Fathers role is also essential who rather had a son.

The last part is dissociated due to the three traumas in the first four years of life. She is to be found in the following painting – sitting in the blue egg reading a book.

This coming together has to be done while making another painting. The canvas is waiting for months now.

But there already is a painting I did in an art challenge and used a part of in the finish the cartoon challenge. Here you see the three parts already on there way after they went through the door – times to come.

The finish the cartoon challenge looked like this:

Yesterday I suddenly knew that I could have known this all was about me because I made the three ladies angels of wish. A long time ago someone told me that I am a sort of wishing well. Actually I have no idea for the next painting and waiting for the go to start it.

In my post the spear you see that the spear is not really straight. That was bothering me so I started working on it yesterday late in the evening. Cut the spear in half, loosing the bend in the wood. The new ends had to be worked on. Here the outcome together with the bow.


After all the big blue horses finally there is a white foal although you have to have a close look. It is there. The new is coming.

Doors Pt.3

Under the Full Moon the painting finally got started. The first step towards the second door. Still wet and covered with sea salt it is waiting to be continued….drying over night.

Today the second step on the painting. First I bathed it in diluted broken white, wiped the areas clean where I did not want the color. After the painting was dry again, I painted afround the center with undiluted broken white. Finished.

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