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The first thing to do in the New Year messing up colors again like last year initiated by @kritzelich. Purpose is to make predictions about 2021 from each others paintings. Here are mine – feel free to predict.



The morning after                        



The predictions I got from others:

@nightshadeceres: Wolf mask in the middle dark picture
@rabensturmig With the two dark ones, I think of eating, maybe red cabbage or cake (I haven’t eaten anything) The orange reminds me of a ray – a trip to a sunny sea maybe?
@kritzelich I stay with animals: a cow elephant and a cobra: strength, endurance, a good memory and cunning. Your 2021 will be wild! Below I see a bulldog with huge ears, maybe a bat too. I think it means attention. Above it I see a buffalo with wide horn plates: strength + herd instinct. And the whole thing is the head of a brown bear: serenity
@Naketh So I see Black Panther or Batman here, but what does that mean for you now hmmm …. I think you will stand up for others next year
@MoorFrau Dark. The past year as a picture.
@BillyRueBean I see a rose, a panther head and a brain in the three dark ones. And a ray for the lighter one.

The symbolism of the animals named above:

Ray: you have big dreams and feel called to an important life purpose.
Elephant: You already have all the tools you need to accomplish what you desire. Just go for it. Your instincts will lead you where you need to go.
Black Panther : The panther symbolizes courage, valor and power.
Cobra: wisdom, changes, protectiveness, determination, confidence, transformation, speed, defensiveness, and gracefulness.
Bulldog: Self confidence is key for you today. Don’t back down – be loyal to your own ideals.
Buffalo: Abundance and liberation, walk a sacred path, honoring every aspect of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Spiritual Realms. Therefore, you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts.
Wolf: Listen to your inner thoughts and trust your insights.

The following articles are, as a matter of fact, the base for this weekends #glasvollideen-challenge:

initiated Silvester challenge by @kritzelich


conclusions about the other articles

The challenge today was to draw a humpback whale with a dodo. So a whale of a time to do so. The whale I already had drawn some time ago. Now the dodo and then put the two together.


During breakfast the question popped up: what about the dodo? When reading about the symbolism of the dodo it became clear – the whale that could not go any further now had captured the inner child and all of me and is swimming towards a hopefully, bright future. The dodo is sleeping safely, carried by the humpback.

Despite the name, people born under the sign of the Dodo are actually quite intelligent and have a thirst for learning new things. They have a childlike energy and though well-mannered can be a bit hyperactive at times. Like a child, they are infinitely curious and want to know everything about everything.
Like the now-extinct bird, members of the Dodo sign tend to be very naïve, believing just about anything they are told. This comes from their trusting nature and assumption that people are always going to be nice and do the right thing. Luckily, they are also fairly resilient, and have a naturally positive outlook that helps them bounce back from disappointments.
Dodos have a “thirst for life” and love to chase new experiences, from climbing a mountain to tasting exotic food from a distant land. They are typically happy and energetic, but when they are down they can show a distinctly different side which will surprise those who know them. They can be angry, aggressive, judgmental and self-destructive. As long as they don’t stay in these moods for too long they should be able to live a fairly well balanced life.


When young I certainly was naïve and very trusting, seeing only good in people due to a heavy Neptune load. Looking back I worked through it and out in my life. The child-like energy will be with me all of my life and that’s a good thing as log as the responsible adult keeps the reign.

My waters are calm now because disturbing elements are gone. Whales of time yet to come.

Turning Point

As I wrote here I have to work with the second painting you see there. I did the past days. Yesterday I was busy with another drawing challenge – a winter lake. Not sure how but it had to have a black frame. Found one and pasted it on the water color paper. White glue, pastel chalk, water colors – all in the mix. Finishing touch with icing sugar. Very pleased with the outcome. Something about the painting touched me. Had the feeling it had something to do with the white spot in the black painting. Maybe, slowly but steady, I am going inside and start to see. Not absolutely sure, I asked my coach and she confirmed.


Not every drawing challenge on Twitter work out fine because my heart has to be with it. This time a reindeer and a hamster really had me going and worked out nicely.

Reindeer shows how to call upon both male and female qualities that you possess. Reindeer will aid in spiritual transition, communication and social abilities. It is about movement, finding inner peace and your place as you journey through life.

all about reindeer

Suites my actual process.

Now the hamster. Never thought of drawing a hamster. Hamsters are cuddly and a lot of children have one. A lame totem ? To the contrary.

Hamster’s symbolism: intense, fiery, artistic nature that just never gets taken seriously. You have paintings in you, and screenplays, and music, and soliloquies! Throw caution to the floor and get going. Leave the hamster wheel.

I know I’m creative not only in the arts, leaving the hamster wheel – that’s the last step. Do I need to say more?

End and backwards

The following painting I did November, 8. I was not sure if it was a personal process painting. Liked it a lot and had it printed. Framed it and set it infront of the wall with my animal drawings. My thought was – root chakra.

During the night of November 23, I painted another black one for an art challenge. The night and November, 24, I had a mild form of hyperventilation. Something was going on.

The reactions I got when posting the painting this morning were a real inspiration and the remarks from https://www.finenwerk.com/ especially helpful and true. Had a coaching session this afternoon and the painting is, indeed, another process painting I have to work with for a while. I have it printed.

The first painting, strangely enough, is the end of the process. The second painting is blocking it. They have to stand side by side when working with them. Old fear, from ages and this life which got suppressed in this life by my parents, implemented a firm pattern of reaction – fear wasn’t there, acting tough.


Another drawing challenge got my attention – the hyena. Not the animal to say its adorable but I wanted to try. Looking up the symbolism afterwards, made clear why I draw one and why it came out looking sweet. The hyena is consistent my inner process.

The Spotted Hyena symbolism, like the Prairie Dog, is a reminder that you must participate in your community. Withdrawal is not an option. Thus you must find ways to get involved and participate in your surroundings healthily and progressively. There is strength in numbers.

Occasionally, the Spotted Hyena symbolism asks you to embrace the feminist energy that is now required by this planet to find balance. For far too long, you have given up a part of yourself to the opposing forces that surround you. Moreover, leadership requires a balance in all areas. Therefore, the Hyena meaning implies that you must take on both the male and the female energies to bring about compromise. If you are male, this means that you will have to get in touch with your feminine side.

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