In this documentary about gifted children I saw the following text from one of my favorite authors: Pearl S. Buck.

The truly creative mind in any field
is no more than this
A human creature born abnormally inhumanly sensitive
To him a touch is a blow
a sound is a noise
a misfortune is a tragedy
a joy is an ecstasy
a friend is a lover
a lover is a god
a failure is death
add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to


 so that without the creating of music, poetry, books, buildings or something of meaning
his very breath is cut off from him
he must create
must pour out creation
by some strange unknown, inward urgency
he is not really alive unless he is creating

Wise words full of truth.



Black Swan

Reading two books simultaneously lately, today I choose to continue The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Not an easy read sometimes. Not feeling thát well today, my head wasn’t fully in to it. Arriving at page 45 out of 403 ( with notes and literature 479) suddenly there was a voice in my head with the question

“What is a practical part for me at this particular time?”

Closed the book and concentrated on this question. Than opened it at a random spot. First reaction was laughter when seeing the header of the chapter I landed, followed by : Yeah, that’s right indeed!

Learning from Mother Nature, the oldest and wisest

long slow walks

I love Nature but I hate slow long walks alone, although this is precisely what I need. My very own Black Swan.

Suiting todays astrological weather.

With the Sun coming up to a square to Saturn on March 17, we may be struggling to put our faith into action. http://empoweringastrology.com/

Finally the unconditional wealth assemblage is complete and radiating. Not only on the wall but also inside of me. Today the last additions.The following additions were made and placed into the right spot: the inner boy with the inner manthe inner boy is placed into the inner man.The hollyhok root is placed upon the coins, I dreamed of around 2005, in the middle of the composition.Then finally a tool I made approximately around 2003, which was the last touch to it all: the inner woman finally stepping on land with courage. Mission accomplished – an old talent from former life’s is healed and pure. To make clear how it works:

all unconditional wealth – energy in the pure heavenly context is the painting to the left in the composition. From there my personal angle starts with my inborn bliss and the position of my Jupiter – placed next to the painting. From there the stream is going to the coins – a new kind of wealth I dreamed of. Brought into working by the male energy who is now connected to the healed inner boy and down to earth – the painting to  the right. My inner woman and child have found the courage to finally leave the eternal waters to set foot on land. Altogether they can manifest the unconditional wealth in life.

To find your manifestation of unconditional wealth make contact to the painting on the left and feel.

The last days, I met a lot of people who are wealth-people or have lessons to learn around or are afraid of wealth in some form. Unconditional wealth can be money, power, leadership, knowledge, intuition, health, love, friendship and more. The energy just is one of the energy’s of the Universe and there is nothing wrong with it – what people do with it makes the difference. Use it well for the good of all or abuse it for own purposes only.




The following step has to be taken in the ongoing process I wrote about here. Three days ago, I was de-cluttering my desk and came across an old drawing of two shapes I once dreamed. I dreamed that I found a lot of silver coins in the two shapes and because I brought them to the owner of the property where I found them, I was given two for my honesty. It is new money carrying the energy of abundance.abundance3Today it got clear that the drawing I already framed the same day, belong to the unconditional wealth arrangement. To my complete astonishment my coach mailed that the new tool I made, also is part of the arrangement. Now I have to listen and feel where their place in it is supposed to be.

This surely suites the fact that Venus is going retrograde today until April 15th, a time to have a close look at relationship patterns, true values and other material things.




Once a week I do social work in an elderly home day care. We had a great time yesterday due to two very funny clients.

When nature called I had to go to the employer’s bathroom. To my astonishment there was an earthworm crawling around. How it got in there may for ever stay a mystery. earthwormTook care of the poor fellow, still wondering how…

When finally home, I remembered that, beside the fact they are very good for the soil of a garden or field,  seeing an earthworm on your path is one of the signs that transformation is ongoing in your life.

Other signs are: the color gray, coals, carbon black or a knife suddenly falling near you, cold and accidents hurting your middle finger (already happened to me on monday).




Two weeks ago a dried root of a hollyhock called out to me to be the next tool. Took it inside where it waited another 2 days before the inspiration hit. When finished, I laid her into the practice room to wait for the right moment to be initiated. Today was the day. While channeling the right energy into the tool, it came to me, that she is the counterpart/partner of the last tool I made. After the initiation I merged the other tool with the root.

A new pair is born. today6


Medical: hollyhock make immune to all diseases, herbal medicine considers the leaves as a remedy for urinary system, such as bladder and lung diseases such as bronchitis. Further the root would help with wounds, burns, boils and skin ulcers, and internally with intestinal inflammation, stomach ulcers, diaphragm cracks and urinary tract and bladder infections. (Ody 1993)
A companion on the road, similar to the ‘self’ coming aside the “I”. http://www.kalab.nl

a positive influence to the garden and white magic.





sometimesThere is definitely change all around. Sudden change – without warning and there you go.

Yesterday and today were more Murphy’s Law then Change. There is no post office anymore. Letters and packages are sent at a post agency hosted by our local tobacconist. We only have one in the Center. Had a heavy envelope to post, bike over there just to see that it was closed due to renovation and new look. My letter was urgent so I went to grocery AH and weighed the letter on the vegetable scale – 305 gram. Calculated the necessary stamps and finally dropped it into the mailbox. Duration 40 minutes.

Today more of the same. An appointment by phone failed. I was extremely tired all day long. 17:00 I pulled myself together to do the necessary shopping at the grocery Dirk v/d Broek. They just had installed a new self-scan system…… It didn’t work properly. The old system broke down very often too. Finally, after several attempts to make it work, the employee gave up. I had to pay at an old-fashioned cash register. Change is beautiful.

Next stop Kruidvat drugstore. There were two employee’s. One was helping a child who was sent to buy medication for an one-year old baby and on conference call with his mother at home simultaneously. The employee tried to explain that you cannot put whatever medication in a baby and she advised to call a doctor. The mother, on the phone, made a fuss and finally, after having called her boss, the employee gave the medication. Meanwhile other customers had to wait for her because they had some questions and I had to return something. The young cashier was extremely tired too and had not the authorization to handle return. Standing there for 30 minutes, cake and coffee would have been nice. When the other employee finally came, she couldn’t get into the cash register …. The other customers still waiting patiently. After several attempts she got into the cash register.

Coming out of the drugstore only to see that the main entrance, a revolving door, was out-of-order again. This trip had the duration of 1 hour 30 minutes. At home,  one of my sons called to tell he was sick having problems with his throat and voice.


Major changes often come from unpredictable chaotic, and random events. Even tiredness, sickness and broken store systems.



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