Threats Pt. 2


In the first part I wrote about the painting I made and the reaction I got. Also there was made a comment under the item. Today I had a new session with my coach. I fell from one surprise into another and the insight that all blog items after the first part are all part of the total picture. But first things first.

The painting is not about anger although there is/was some concern about it in my system – that was the reason I had to cry in the first place. The comment under the blog was right:

I do not have a sense of anger, not even through the coloring. Maybe I am influenced by the explanation of the origin. There is some concern in that, but for me, the lines are much more present than the color surfaces. Like ways that go back and forth and sometimes intersect, but do not really seem to have a beginning, an end, or a way out. But there’s a lot of gold nearby too. Light, hope, reassurance.

And this part from the other comment is very true.

And there is this white dragon around the head, protecting you. Dragon skull on the left, the back from left to right, the tail from right going right down. You are not alone …. and there is a white ball over the dragon’s head ..no idea.

So how is the picture. All the lines without beginning or ending are all the lines of my system, purified and well and they have to be connected with each other to a whole system, like pieces of a puzzle.This has to be done through the water dragon energy by which I am protected indeed. The red of the picture is the positive side of male energy: vigor.

There is sadness because nothing is going forward, nothing is as it should be yet. The gold in the painting is making these connections, is weaving everything together. In the middle of the painting you can see a face behind the lines – that’s me. Me who still is suppressing it all by thinking that there has to be still something resolved. This fact is connected to this mornings blog about Mona Lisa and the changes I made in the painting this morning. So far the red picture.

The drawings of the dogs for the waugust-challenge on Twitter, the Pelican and Elephant are all carrying parts of me and the path to follow.

What I wrote here matches the fact that everything is ready and together.

Next stop the both hands drawings. The one the inner boy and girl drew shows that they are not completely connected yet – that shows the dragon the drew because the blue and red tail do not come together. Which brings us to the thing the girl is carrying. Is not the baby as I assumed, but part of the leg for the boy, but…they still fool each other. The boy can perfectly stand on two legs but tells her otherwise and so on. Must be over now.Here lies the suppression – vigor is suppressed. The drawing of the adults, as a matter of fact, has the energy of the dragon – the adults know that the dragon has the key position and they are completely connected.Keep on painting was the message and working on my website with more details.

What I Do for myself with creativity I also do for my clients in the same way. For my personal path the coach needs a coach to get behind the sometimes blurred senses.

My gratitude to the two people who helped me with their comments to get moving again.

Mona Lisa

What I do with clients, I do myself and tell the possibility also to others. So it happened, that I and two other people drew Mona Lisa with their left hand and not looking at what they were doing. Here mine.

Told one of them maybe to color her Mona. Hey that’s also an idea for myself and so I colored my Mona my way. Impatient, not waiting for something to dry before going on.

Positive comments on that. From nice hair to what an energy, intense, wild one.

This morning I looked at her again and thought, that all the colors are too much and one eye…..mumble mumble. So finally I gave her a make-over with pastel chalk.

Comment now: ow…..the other one was more intense ….maybe there is something going on within of not daring to be the wild one…..

doodle di dada

It may seem ridiculous to you, I had some fun with it. Could not sleep and decided to do a follow-up on the left-right-hand-oneness stuff.


It’s Left Hander’s Day!

After trying to draw Mona Lisa left handed it came to mind that I was lefthander before I had to go to school. There the teacher told me that I have to use my ‘good’ hand. Left was the bad hand. So I tried to write with my left hand, works but not so smooth and beautiful. Lets see if I can write with both hands at once. I wrote my name and tried this 6 times. One time even drew two lines – one for each hand to write on. But whatever I tried it finally looked like this.

Believe it or not, but as surprised as I was, I was happy about it and had to laugh. Why? I will try to explain.

See, in numerology each letter is assigned to a number, based on the ancient Pythagorean system.

We have consonants and vowels. The vowels together are your soul number and the consonants are your heart number, describing what you want to achieve in this life. You convert your full name given at birth into numbers. In my case, heart number is 63/9 and at the age of 63 I had worked through all my letters and could start anew. When you are this far you have all of you together, left & right, above & below. So when writing with both hands, they came together with the last letter of my name …oneness…and its a triangle which is oneness too in sacred geometry. Found it interesting….

full moon august by M. v/d Knaap also speak about oneness

full moon august by N. Elshof FengShui


Today I drew an animal I never thought I could. Reading the spiritual meaning of it I understand why today.

der Elefant

Today, like every Sunday, @kriegundfreitag gave a new #ichgebeauf_challenge: draw something you never ever drew before.

Hella Kuipers, schrijfdocent (link: http://facebook.com/Heldenreis/)  answered: This is like when I was in school and had to draw a hypostatosflalibi….. Had to laugh about the word and answered that I will try that too. First things first – the #ichgebeauf_challenge -> my 1st elephant. Tried to draw glass as well because I cannot do it properly. Done with all this, the hypostatosflalibi came back to mind. It maybe a good exercise to do with my inner child I thought. So I sat down in front the paper, color pencils and markers around me. Said to the inner child: Hypostatosflalibi – you do that! and I closed my eyes. The pencil flew over the paper, than stopped and there it was – HYPOSTATOSFLALIBI.

Next step was – letting her choose which colors to take, step by step and with eyes closed. I colored the part she wanted me to do with it. My only contribution to it are the black lines as finishing touch and the eye.

Had to laugh and, because it was very relaxing, to yawn a lot. Maybe you try it yourself.


For a drawing challenge called #animalalphabets a Dalmatian Pelican was asked for. I looked it up and liked the wonderful bird I saw, so I joined the challenge. To my surprise, I was able to draw the bird – that’s a first. Wondering about this fact, I looked up the spiritual message of the bird. The first thing that came up made me laugh because its an old treat I met long ago and let go.

Looking further there is a rich meaning to the bird, like the Phoenix.

Also attentive to topics such as helpfulness and family spirit. Even though you may feel alone and helpless, in reality you are not, because someone is always watching over you and saving you from the worst.

This already came up during the conversation on Twitter I wrote about in my previous post. And that is absolutely true, I’m not alone. I’m protected by spirit and Angels and my Guardian. Furthermore precisely what I partly accomplished concerning adulthood and love. Self-employment and teaching – the next stepping stones. So no wonder I was able to draw the beautiful bird.

You cross the threshold from child to adult and become a teacher from the learner. It’s about a step into self-employment. It is also a step into love, into selflessness and thus a step into awakening.

totem animal Pelican – german website

the pelican

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