Yesterday a new tool had to be made. It’s a balancer for harmony in oneself and in connection with others. The balancer is from a fig tree. An old angel tool had to be connected to it on top.

Sometimes tools are made for a far away future and wait patiently until their moment has come. The working of my tools is the same. Their strong energy rest until the tool is set to work.

Today I tried to draw what I saw in the happenstance tea party painting in my previous blog more clearly. Wasn’t as easy as I thought but here it is.

Out of jail

Looked up what the theme is for the drawing challenge #A_PRIL on Twitter for Monday and its time-out. Immediately I had a picture in mind of breaking free from the time, jail surroundings and a massive chain with an iron ball, time broken too… How to draw this? Cannot, can do, cannot, postponing the thing at the end.

Back to Twitter were now I found the upcoming week by Lorna Bevan

The following words hit bottom because of my picture of broken time and free out of jail:

the birth pangs of the new zeitgeist …. in 2019 – 2020 you are being handed the biggest get-out-of-jail free, cosmic pass of your entire life…..the old, the atrophied and the akashic dross is eliminated…..Chandra Symbol for Full Moon LIBRA 30° :A black rooster

In a split second the picture was clear in all details. You see a bar code and for your information – there is something like being born with your own bar code as I happened to find during my inner journey. So instead of jail house bars a bar code with some of my personal numerological numbers. And, of course, the black rooster I drew a few weeks ago already with no reason. So here is my time-out-jail-house-break which is kind of personal too. It’s done -> figuratively and literally spoken.

Two days ago I tried something I read about on Twitter: coloring with tea…The first try went ballistic and ended in an unbelievable mess. Tea everywhere, on and around the paper. Other paintings were lying around so to safe them I took them and one felt into the sea of tea, face down.

Quickly removed it and then I saw what in a split second had developed. A new painting was born. Cleaned the tea mess and let everything dry. The new happenstance picture is actually three in one. Blame it on my fantasy but I clearly see three different by rotating the picture.

Picture 1:

It’s a face with down to the right a person is running away and to the left near the chin there is a white figure.

Picture 2:

By one turn to the left I saw that person in the boat with a stake. To me a sign of transition, the ferryman into Hades Underworld.

Picture 3:

Now I only see the eyes of the face. To the left you see something like a black owl and to the right, up, there is a kind of yellow spot which looks to me as a dog’s head.

The overall emotion was surprise and the feeling of transition. I have to keep it to look at so I framed it.

Comments are very welcome.


During a drawing challenge on Twitter the theme POVERTY came along.

Poverty has many faces and a lot of different roots in our consciousness. I had a few angles with the theme too causing hazardous circumstances. During the inner journey I even came across the knowledge that my family name is carrying the energy of poverty.

When coming around this point of view I remembered the life long enmity between my father and his brother-in-law. My uncle always called him cracker or pauper who married a wealthy woman because my mother had the house. As a matter of fact, my father worked his ass off and studied simultaneously. He turned around his fate, we had it all. On the inside my father never turned around his poverty – meaning his lack of self-worth and unhappiness. Mother managed everything.

Took me quite some time myself to turn around what was imprinted from home. You can call your child a princess and give her everything but without teaching her the ways of money handling and earning its useless. Lack of Self-worth and other unconscious hurdles has to be seen. I turned around a lot of things and can close the door to poverty for good.

I got the flu right after the third treatment at the chiropractor. The coughing is the worst in that and today I had the feeling that I choke. When everything was back to ‘ normal ‘ I had the urge to paint the follow up of the green one in my previous post.

I’m curious what will come to front with this one.


PS April, 8: yesterday evening I suddenly saw that the boat,  in the green painting up on the right, is back in the picture. Its bigger, two people in it and a captain with a light…


In this blog the story started.

Today my appointment with my coach. This time no to foreseen themes. As soon as I started to say what I see in this painting

the session really started. When I sit in front of the painting I see to the left one old lady with a hat en a scarf, one blind folded young woman in red and a bit down a woman kneeling with a baby. All three are on the way to the figure on the right. Here came: but what’s about the white coming from the red figure on the right….there is a fight going on and all are caged. Oppression…. and the fight for glory ‘who’s the most important’. A part sees everything from a negative point. Also there is too much attention on the body. We healed the pain body part for part in the passed years which wasn’t easy at all and this part of work is really finished. That negative part only knows living with a pain body and creates it over and over again anew.

Here I thought of my grandmother from mothers side but my coach got pulled into that female ancestor line and almost got miserable. A never-ending fight against the dark came up but very very dark, frightening and threatening. The long long ago women in the line had the idea that you have to fight the dark by taking it over…. just like the series on Netflix Once upon a time. Unhealthy business and some may have ended in the dark themselves and in dark magic. I’m not this way but in my field I still carry this dark. We left this part alone because of the heaviness.

We came to the green painting….the only things in this painting are the red spider and up in the right corner I see two people arriving in a boat. It is standing next to the witch I once made.

My coach set her attention to the painting. A light fluent white and green – indeed the boat – here is all the energy freed from the cage and armor, all positive – delightful – but look to the left….there it was, the big head of a woman with a head or crown who is not amused about this fluent freed energy. She want it all gone because she is afraid of it. She only knows fight and armor, domination. She has to go. How? Making a new painting when all the information felt in place. And I have to take good care of myself. I mentioned that all the past years I did my yoga, the walking and biking but nothing and nobody get me moving, my willpower is on vacation. Another info of the figure from the green painting: all the sport, yoga and so on were done from willpower but from the wrong point of view – it was done because of guilt and penance, therefore with domination of self.So from now on doing sport, yoga, biking and walking from the thought: I have the right to have a healthy fit body, no shame, no blame no penance. Open from the positive male energy without the armor or fight. Flow. The dominating part is afraid of that.

So a new painting has to be made in due time.

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