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Spend a splendid afternoon at Sous-Terre Galerie Aalsmeer seeing lots of art and a friend of mine with her jewelry. Here some photos for an impression.

The first art work I saw.

Followed by meeting this young lady:

1st years work , now already in her 3rd year of learning to be a goldsmith. Unfortunately not the best of photo due to my camera.

Made by an artist with the suiting name

My friend Marcelle Meuffels with her hand-made jewelry inside-out line.

Her sister Alexa also there with her photos.


Coming to this beautiful creations, made from the heads of old dolls. First stripped from their hair and look what beauty’s they are now.

The clowns are in and you see who they are, do you?  Had to laugh out loud.

Thy are made by

This is a stunning piece and I would like to have it. Unfortunately I did not succeed to make a photo of the name beside it.

Before I reached the door to leave I came across this:

followed outside by this group:

And with a last photo of the lake, I started the long walk back to the bus stop which was, due to street maintenance, at another location then usual. So beside art I had my daily walk too.







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