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Christmas time Game


Place a Santa hat on the corner of your TV and every time someone wears it… DRINK !

by @RossGraphitas


That’s the original version of the game I came across on Twitter.

It’s a good laugh but on second thought – why would you like to spend the Christmas Time in complete inebriation?

Turn around the game into something meaningful. Every time someone wear the Santa head stop watching telly and start a good conversation with the family. Being alone, go for a walk. Maybe you could change the layout of your facebook and everytime someone wears the Santa head – stop facebooking. Could this work for your phone, tablet and all the other machines that keep you away from really participating in life? You could stop doing what you’re doing and ask the question why drinking, over-eating, over-spending and more of the same? By doing so, this Christmas Game could bring some valuable answers.

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