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Today I got a special present – a cranio sacral therapy at http://www.craniohoofddorp.nl/.

For more then two months now, I have quarrels with my legs. During several medical examinations nothing was found to explain the pain. I started working with my walking-tool again.

When meditating with the tool I really feel my legs walking and of late I also feel my arms moving – it’s like a fit person is taking a brisk walk. Made me cry because my earthly legs have so much pain. Yesterday my medical sports training started – oh boy oh boy. The past night, under the new moon, I almost did not sleep because the pain was tremendous. Today the craniosacral therapy.

After laying down, Mrs. Beschoor-Plug straighten me out because I was not laying totally straight. “I’m a bit off-balance, I said, I think that is what you see.” “Yes and I feel it too.”she answered. The treatment started and the place to be, of course, finally were my legs. At first I felt some sort of opening above my left hip that went on for quite some time. My right leg went into pain and old shaman healings flew through my mind.It was a long treatment but to make a long story short: at a certain moment Mrs. Beschoor-Plug worked in the hollow at the back of my right knee. Pain went worse and I heard her say: “I’m working in a switch here, its like a switch I have to turn back to ‘on ‘.” Slowly the pain lessened. The rest of the body was fine after examination and nothing else had to be done.

Over the years so much healings had to be done on that leg…now obviously the time has come it can move again properly. Walked home as on egg shells – I indeed have to learn to walk again – the third time in my life. First time as a youngster, second time after my hip operations when 19 and now being 65.   Wonderous !

UPDATE January 18: The same time I had the leg pains I had pain at my left ear. That finally was diagnosed as chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis – which is called Pillow Devils popularly. Doctors don’t know yet what causes this, but striking is that more men than women get it. Among the women who get them are mostly telephonists and Nuns …. coming to this conclusion I had to laugh because suddenly I had to think about my two past life’s in monastery’s as a nun. Those life’s did not end very well, in the second one I was even murdered. Now I made the connection to yesterday’s healing because of the work done above the hip on the left side of my body. My conclusion is, that the pillow devils are a clearing off those two life’s as a nun like the operation in 2016 in my neck was the clearing off past life’s too. The feminine side can be lived now.



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