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This morning the boys as painting – shed some tears again. Feeling the love I have for my children. Here you see child 3 and 4. Without further explanation.

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Paint the children

Another appointment with my coach left me somehow flabbergasted. The dragon tools had not necessarily been connected in the way I did, but ore weaving energetically. So I managed to get them separated again. Got two assignments:
a) find a dragon head for the new tool, there is only one
b) paint your children but not as portrait but energetically. What comes to the fore when thinking of each one. Today finally I could get myself to assignment b – I intuitively painted my daughters one by one by repeating their full birth name while letting my hands go with what en wherever they wanted.Tears when finished and looking at them. Tomorrow the boys will be done.No further explanation, see for yourself. The paintings are in line of their birth without the boys – you see child 1, 2,5.

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