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In Nadia Gilchrist’s horoscopes for July 23rd to July 30th, 2017
Here for Capricorn I found

“However, this isn’t all about you – someone else has a lot at stake. Look back to June 14th, 2015 – the issue that you’re turning a corner on now began back then. The July 23rd New Moon will be involved with this.

I looked up June 2015 in my blog and found it Here

The same for Pisces my ascendant. Could have known already because, in an ongoing conversation with someone on Twitter, this theme came up. The conclusion was, that we both are mirroring our relationship with mother. She even has the same energy as my mother. As a matter of fact, my belly hurts all week increasingly. Thé area in my body mother had the most impact on.




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When sitting at  breakfast, suddenly my eyes fell on a pot  I painted years ago. Back than I made symbols for my family. For my mother and father I found wonderful blue bottles and for grandma, suiting her figure, this pot.


It is funny that until today, I did not notice, that I have taken only ‘grandma’ to the new house. The pot ‘grandma’ is a bit skewed and therefore was on sale. I painted the pot and consecrated grandma’s energy in it. Same procedure as making a certain tool.

Got the hunch to put the symbol for the part of grandma’s energy in my stomach into the pot.oma 10

Closed the pot again.

Now wait and see what this will be doing – symbolic acts always start the real work. I still know that simply giving that part back will not clear the deck – there has to be done more. A new session around the theme already is scheduled. The pressure ist increasing….


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