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In Nadia Gilchrist’s horoscopes for July 23rd to July 30th, 2017
Here for Capricorn I found

“However, this isn’t all about you – someone else has a lot at stake. Look back to June 14th, 2015 – the issue that you’re turning a corner on now began back then. The July 23rd New Moon will be involved with this.

I looked up June 2015 in my blog and found it Here

The same for Pisces my ascendant. Could have known already because, in an ongoing conversation with someone on Twitter, this theme came up. The conclusion was, that we both are mirroring our relationship with mother. She even has the same energy as my mother. As a matter of fact, my belly hurts all week increasingly. Thé area in my body mother had the most impact on.




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In short I could simply say: I had to get rid of Grandmother – period. That’s to the point but heart- and meaningless. So let me explain.

There was that urge that the next step had to be taken. Right in time before the New Moon, I had an appointment with my coach. “There is fear not to reach the ideal progress in 2017 as pictured in my personal horoscope because of the part we have to work on today. “

“It’s my solar plexus.” I said, suddenly knowing where to be.

A long time ago I had that dream that my Grandmother gave me the key to a brand new food truck for my birthday.

This dream was about what was coming now.  That food truck is a metaphor for my Solar Plexus and she had the key.

There, where intuition is transferred to the brain, is fear of intuition. Most of the fear is already worked out and processed too. But there is a block which gives a lot of traffic jam. It’s like a switch has to be turned into the right direction. Grandmother is sitting on the switch.That is the reason why the fear not to make  happen what is supposed to happen.

My Grandmother had blocked her intuition and did the same to me. My mother did not even developed her intuition let alone a proper use of it. Therefore her proclamations about my future did not hit rock bottom. Grandmothers and my intuition are the same: the spiritual, in the beginning a bit wholly, and on the other hand practical earthy. There is so much information coming in that my Grandmother shut down the connection and worked on mine also.

Enough is enough and the time is ripe to get rid of Grandmother on my Solar Plexus and set the switch in the right direction again. The traffic jam cause too much pain in the Solar Plexus. How to do? Family constellation work, on my own together with Grandmother before the New Moon.

So today was the day. Two chairs in the practice room – one for me and one for Grandmother. For Grandmother I once made a tool so I could use this.grandmother Also a tourmaline crystal and my angel tool. I sat on the other chair together with my personal rock crystal and the ring with Christ energy which works strongly soothing and healing. I asked the family soul to grand my petition and asked Grandmother to leave and give me what is necessary to turn the switch. I waited and then opened the tool to get what was inside and together with the tourmaline and the angel tool I went back to my chair. Went back and put Grandmother’s energy from my Solar Plexus into the open pot and sealed it again. Than put the energy of the thing out of the pot, the tourmaline crystal and the angel tool into my Solar Plexus. Said my thank you to Grandmother and the family soul and ended the constellation. The whole process has to settle in and get flowing again.

The pot remain sealed in the practice room – there was another dream around Grandmother….


Happy New Chinese Year of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.





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