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Your style

Yesterday Nina Elshof, Feng Shui Academy  posted a question on Facebook to choose a style you like.

Make a choice:

Today she let us know what element your choice is: answers

Before you click on answers, first make your choice and then go and see.

I choose picture 1 and 5.

Style 1 stands for wood.
Wood grows, develops and always is in full motion with impatience. It does not interfere with the environment. It therefore helps you to be yourself independently and autonomously. Wood also helps to renew  yourself and get moving. Wood support to put into words everything you care into, for example, writing a book. At the same time, wood is like a flower ball bearing the promise of a beautiful flower, carrying  and inviting many hidden talents and qualities to blossom.

My Feng Shui profile is 3-4-4 which is all wood – so my choice for picture 1 is all about me and the right choice.

During the course of my life I learned to integrate the element of water more and more, especially the reconnecting part with my own source which was not that easy.Took a lot of inner development and search to finally find the original goal of this life. My work colours are blue/white I also learned quite soe time ago. Everybody has a working colour. You can use this as cloths your wear to work or for your own business. Choosing No 5 suites this perfectly.

Style 5 stands for water.
Water is mobile and flexible and is always capable of adapting. It’s an element that shows as no other  how to move with the flow of life. How you can, for example, flow with your emotions,  instead of  your emotions  flooding you. At the same time, water is quiet and cool. So you can really relax with water. It helps you to reconnect to your own source and to get clear what your original goal is in this life.

So make your choice of one of the above pictures and go see your answer.

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