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The last two nights I dreamed that I have to save and move my golden hearts energy. The 2nd night my inner man and woman were working together in this. He was moving the gold and when attacked the woman stepped in with some yellow tools. This morning I had the following message in my mail you can read at http://www.alunajoy.com/2016-aug-6.html (open with SHIFT for not leaving my blog)

It took a while to read the text but when almost at the end it got easier. Two of my tools came to mind. One I made with the August eclipse 2017 and one I made quite some years ago. If my understanding of the text is correct those two tools together are the symbols of it.

The left one is the grand opening you can read here
and the right one is the rooting of the heart. I found the branch precisely as it is now – I only cleaned it, gave it color and initiated it.

When you read the message from Aluna not every word is necessary. What is meant for you, you see and you get that tickling feeling underneath your throat. Than you know that it is your passage to read. Strip away unnecessary stuff. Also it is necessary to realize, that not everyone has a golden heart energy. Your personal heart energy might be different and has another color. Your heart energy suit your souls assignment in this life and the stage of your souls development up to now.


The article of ALUNJOY definitely caused a break through.The tools mentioned above are suiting my process initiated by the message. I feel like learning to walk again and trust my intuition more and more. And I learn to trust on the fact that my creations somehow sometimes are made for times far in the future like the tools of lately and the seal and the heart root I made years ago. The path work started again and will continue with a new appointment with my coach February, 1st .


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