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Found this  article from Nederlandse Hartstichting
on LinkedIn. Reading the story of a woman with almost the same pain symptoms as mine who also was first treated for stomach ailment made me think. The place to be in my case is also the heart as you can read in a previous post.

It is astonishing to see, that doctors jump to conclusions and concentrate on only one organ and decide in a wink for a maybe completely unnecessary operation. We all should think twice and ask for a second opinion before operation and/or medication. I surely will.

Update 27-09-2017

Today I saw another doctor and we had a good conversation about the gall bladder. He, like me, think that the gall bladder is not the root of the pains I had and where I had them. So my decision last week to cancel the operation was a good one.


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What we came to understand in mid-September comes back for a revisitation…

We may think, with the inner planets safely beyond Virgo, that our healing process is in abeyance until further notice………

Terry Lamb

Last week I got an email from my coach if I was ready to go further on the inner path. Not knowing what, why and how I answered yes and got an appointment for today, October 8.

‘The adolescent is feeling very well, the tiredness from the stress back than released.’ I said and so it really is but….

The youngster understood it all still thinking ‘what now’? She does not have any idea about how to put all the positive traits and talents she know she has into action. She still is mostly living in the higher realms and energy. What about matter?

I remembered the latest spiritual fair I visited together with my friend Nicole to help her. A young man was there who had self-made shaman drums and soap stones  carved by his mother. Each of them carried a certain energy and he gave me one to feel.

When holding the soap stone there was that intense feeling of something trying to escape at my back around the heart. When I have this feeling, part of my energy is really trying to leave. The young man told me that this stone was carrying the energy of matter. My friend Nicole could describe the energy as seeing small brigs coming together to build a wall. Matter is something the adolescent is still trying to avoid.

This theme came back today – the adolescent has to finally combine spirit and matter. ‘Try to see that soap stone again while your hands are posited one on the heart and one on your stomach.’ my coach said.

‘I really do not remember the form of the soap stone and I also do not know the name of the young man or his mother to find a website….’ I mused but suddenly  got the clue. I made one myself already in August.


My coach tuned in and yes that’s the one for me. I already felt the slight escape on my back. So here we go again – two under one mantle – being spirit and matter. Back than in August I couldn’t feel it precisely – now the time was ripe.


Then a personal experience from a long time ago managed to come up from the dungeons and I had a hard time facing reality.The most frightening part was the experience that I am able to really hate. Have to resolve this. Hate is very destructive for the hated as well as for the hater even it is only in energy and never told.2 hours of tears followed.


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Heart growth

Hidden in the cave of earth mother

multiple hideaway

different entrances and exits

ancient escapes

discovered again

heart tree1


abraded away what’s rotten

(here something partly hilarious happened: translator made from ‘abraded away what’s rotten’ Rotterdam – my last relationship, which imprinted a big scarf, is living there)



out of the old

 new growth

my heart tree will blossom anew

heart tree 3


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Forever Oneness,

Who sings to us in silence,

Who teaches us through each other,

Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.

May I see the lessons as I walk,

Honor the purpose of all things.

Help me touch with respect,

Always speak from behind my eyes.

Let me observe, not judge.

May I cause no harm, and leave Music and beauty after my visit.

When I return to Forever,

May the circle be closed and The spiral be broader.

Aboriginal ritual chant

For meditation practice, you can use the picture,which is an Aboriginal spiral, in alignment with the energy of the path of this Eclipse and its spiral patterns over time.The Aboriginal Ritual Chant provides wonderful prayer and mantra for this time.

eclipse information 1 & eclipse information 2 by Carol Ann Ciocco

My dear shaman friend André de Vos let me know that the aboriginal painting connect you to life itself from where we learn to let the light and love radiate from our heart and from that very heart then start to walk your life path!

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Love oh Love

press Shift and click the picture to hear and then sing along

Show the world and all it’s people
All the wonders love can bring
Give us strength and understanding
Give us all one song to sing
Let the music play
Play it loud and make it clear
It’s time to stand up
To a new world that is now so near
From the bottom to the top
To the leaders of the land
We all have one heart
Everyone of us must lend a hand
And let there be joy in the world
And let there be no sorrow
(Let there be)
And let there be peace on earth
And let there be peace on earth
For all the world
We’ve got to see
That love, oh love
What a blessed thing (oh, yeah)
Say it loud
Make it clear today
All the walls are falling down
No more children off to war
If we search in our hearts
All the suffering will be no more
And let there be joy in the world
And let there be no sorrow
For all god’s children
Let them see
That love, oh love
What a blessed thing (oh, yeah)
Say it loud
Make it clear today
And freedom, no more lies
We can save this world if we try
One world I know we can make it
Yes, it’s only in your heart
Yes, it’s only in your dreams
You can climb the highest mountains
You can make the whole world sing
Love, oh love
What a blessed thing (oh, yeah)
Say it loud
Make it clear today
Lionel Richie

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Love & Strength

When coming across the saying of LaoTzu I had the image going with it before my inner eyes. I went Adobe. It’s a compilation of the willpower and strength painting I made years ago and the mirror of love made for me in 1996 by a shaman lady…the mirror was once given to me and she sealed the energy in it and made the rose quartz round.

Willpower connected to the heart – the real thing….

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