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Today I got a special present – a cranio sacral therapy at http://www.craniohoofddorp.nl/.

For more then two months now, I have quarrels with my legs. During several medical examinations nothing was found to explain the pain. I started working with my walking-tool again.

When meditating with the tool I really feel my legs walking and of late I also feel my arms moving – it’s like a fit person is taking a brisk walk. Made me cry because my earthly legs have so much pain. Yesterday my medical sports training started – oh boy oh boy. The past night, under the new moon, I almost did not sleep because the pain was tremendous. Today the craniosacral therapy.

After laying down, Mrs. Beschoor-Plug straighten me out because I was not laying totally straight. “I’m a bit off-balance, I said, I think that is what you see.” “Yes and I feel it too.”she answered. The treatment started and the place to be, of course, finally were my legs. At first I felt some sort of opening above my left hip that went on for quite some time. My right leg went into pain and old shaman healings flew through my mind.It was a long treatment but to make a long story short: at a certain moment Mrs. Beschoor-Plug worked in the hollow at the back of my right knee. Pain went worse and I heard her say: “I’m working in a switch here, its like a switch I have to turn back to ‘on ‘.” Slowly the pain lessened. The rest of the body was fine after examination and nothing else had to be done.

Over the years so much healings had to be done on that leg…now obviously the time has come it can move again properly. Walked home as on egg shells – I indeed have to learn to walk again – the third time in my life. First time as a youngster, second time after my hip operations when 19 and now being 65.   Wonderous !

UPDATE January 18: The same time I had the leg pains I had pain at my left ear. That finally was diagnosed as chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis – which is called Pillow Devils popularly. Doctors don’t know yet what causes this, but striking is that more men than women get it. Among the women who get them are mostly telephonists and Nuns …. coming to this conclusion I had to laugh because suddenly I had to think about my two past life’s in monastery’s as a nun. Those life’s did not end very well, in the second one I was even murdered. Now I made the connection to yesterday’s healing because of the work done above the hip on the left side of my body. My conclusion is, that the pillow devils are a clearing off those two life’s as a nun like the operation in 2016 in my neck was the clearing off past life’s too. The feminine side can be lived now.



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Geniedijk 7

This photo is from the homepage of Municipality Haarlemmermeer. They are so proud of  this UNESCO protected area.

It’s too hot! It’s too cold! Oh my gosh it is raining again! That mess of snow, I wish winter was over! The leaves are all falling in my garden, long sigh, it’s autumn! Heard this all, over the years, and every year again. We forgot how to live with Nature’s perfect rhythm. We fight against animals around us, be it a spider, a mosquito or a wolf – we are scared or money interests are involved.

Now today another example of how we want to master Nature against her own free and perfect plans. Read the article I found in the Municipality section of the neighborhood newspaper.

Especially the highlighted part.



Very old, strong and beautiful trees have to go.

They are not sick but they are loosing a branch or 2 now and than. So what?

When people get older, most of them do not grow stronger and they lose some body parts, their eye sight is getting worse (dangerous when driving car), some end up in wheel chairs, some lose their mind.

When that happen we do not kill them because, working on the health and lost parts, making devices to camouflage what’s lost, glasses for instance, is big business. Health is big money-making enterprise and a lot of people earn their money by working in the health sector. We also put the elderly  persons into nursing homes where a lot money is earned by the owners.

But trees? Why bother?

They are saw and chopped to pieces. New ones are waiting. Small ones….never can replace the wonderful sight of the old trees we have now. They dare to lose branches other animals love to live in until the branch is compost. This is Mother Natures circle of life. But no, we know better all the time.

Be afraid people, a branch can fall on your head. And, the path may be lifted because those damn trees and Mother Earth need to breathe and roots have to grow somewhere to make the tree standing strong and proud in the soil.The roots are essential for the tree and how he will survive wind and winter.

We cannot permit such a natural behavior. So from now on until 2031 all the trees have to die. Thanks to the bats they cannot do it quicker, the bats use the trees to determine their way.



instead of this:


Grass and trees don’t grow harder even if we try pulling.

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You may remember the hilarious story’s I told about the working of landlord Ymere when living in my old house.

Remember the leakage under the kitchen floor and they came with meters of pipes and wanted to dig up the garden…., getting insulated glass because that department did not know the houses were on the demolishing list ….., the new back door that came without the carpenter knowing that the houses were…….right?


Now in the new house, 1 year old, I had and have my quarrels already.

  • We all had Lake Louise in the bathroom because there was something wrong with the drainage point in the shower.
  • After 2 months or so, all pipes did not work anymore and the toilets couldn’t flush. Reason: every outside manhole were full of sand. Forgotten to suck this off but first open my pipe in the house etc. Found out that outside my pipe was not connected properly to the pipe to the manhole.
  • The path behind our homes, where we can leave our fenced ground, has subsided. When it rains we need a boat to get out, the water is not going anywhere. The photo was taken after short rain. With serious rain you can’t get through. Reported that July 3rd.


  • My shower is broke after 1 year. Reported that August 1.
  • The windows in the living room front side did not close properly. Immediate action and repair.

Right in the beginning, when inspecting the house, there was a leak in the boiler room and when I told the company who build this houses they send someone with a screwdriver. The leaked liquid was never refilled.

  • Now for weeks, there is a tractor riding in the boiler room. I went searching where the noise was coming from and found out that is was the Solar-Divicon from the solar installation. Send mail to landlord  on August 7 with reparation request. Because no one had any idea who had to repair the thing I first send an email to the producer of the installation and asked what the noise may be. They answered that probably the divicon was running without liquid.

Eureka – the leak in the boiler room.

Another mail to the landlord with the answer from the producer and that I had that leak but nobody ever refilled it and I did not know back then what I know now. I also called the company who is in charge for repair and maintenance and their first answer was that they have nothing to do with solar installations. Mailed that to the landlord. And, I mailed it all to the builder because they know who installed the solar installation.

Last week the maintenance company called to make an appointment and I told them what is at hand and that it probably is the liquid. The lady said that she do not want to know, the repair man will look what is the problem. I was wondering why the company for maintenance suddenly was in charge of solar installation after all.

Today, 2 days earlier than planed, the repair guy came. I told him the same I mailed to Ymere and he looked and said:” You’re right, no liquid in it, that’s the problem but we don’t have this liquid. I have to call my boss. And the company who installed this in the first place and fixed the leak have to repair this, not us.”


Above all I got a call what the hell I was thinking of to mail around – it is the work of the landlord to do this.ymere

Look where this got me.

I just called the landlord to tell what just happened but instead of 1 ‘sorry you were right’ he kept saying he was right and that he was going to handle it. In the meantime the tractor is riding and sometimes screaming like a bunch of hyenas….and my shower is still broke.

This is worth a compensation – for example 1 month free living after going through a month of nerve wracking noise and not being able to shower properly.

The nice thing about this all is – I am one hell of an organizer if you let me!! 


UPDATE August 27,2013

Send a reminder today asking what is going on and why nothing is repaired yet.

Got a telephone call from the man at Ymere that he ordered the companies to repair.

On my specific question if the maintenance company is the one for the solar tractor as he kept saying the past weeks he said: “No, the company who installed the solar installation.”

No sorry again, no you were right from the beginning, nothing.


UPDATE August 29

Because @Ymere_Webcare is kind of slow my tweet from 3 days ago was send to the man at Ymere today. He called again and swore that all companies involved has got a reminder to make an appointment for repair. When asking again what about any compensation because of the nerve wracking noise and broken shower for a month, he laughed his ass off with the words:” I even will not talk about this at all..ridiculous..a compensation….just pull the plug of the machine, nothing will happen….and about the subsided path- this has to wait until it rains more and then we see how much water stays…..”


I had a look in the boiler room and saw some plugs and a lot of pipes, everything connected together.


So I will not pull  the plug of what soever because I do not know which plug to pull without shutting everything down. Now again waiting another long weekend Dolby-surrounded by the solar tractor noise.

UPDATE August 30

The company who installed all the equipment in the boiler room called to make an appointment. Told them about the missing liquid –  good decision because Ymere did not tell them about it and they have to order that stuff now. They will come Wednesday. Concerning the noise the man told me to pull the plug which is near the tractor – this will not effect the other equipment. So I pull it when I found it. Wonderful silence is with me now. Nothing about the shower  replacement so far.


UPDATE September 4

The men from the company, who installed all the equipment in the boiler room, came today with lots of equipment.

They first needed to be on the roof to open the ventilation. The air had to be gone out of the system. Because they had no ladder (????) they went to the constructor, who is still building houses here, to borrow one.

They came back with some wooden antique from the year 0 before Christ. Bravely climbed it and back 2 times.

All connections and valves were not fully fastened in the solar installation. So tightening the screws was 2nd action.
“Good of you that you told us what was wrong, otherwise we wouldn’t had this stuff and machinery with us!” After the solar divicon was filled they had to replace the leaking shower. The head was surely CtrlAlDel but the shower hose was okay. The one who installed that thing put in it the wrong rubber and therefore it was leaking all the water. Comment from the repair men: “The guy from Ymere was not right about the hose. Hahaha!”

After that I asked my question concerning the heater and dropped the questions from some neighbors round the heater also because they are not at home. The answer:”Those problems are not normal, someone has to control this!”

So again, I send an email to Ymere. Curious what now will happen.


UPDATE September 5

Today the heater specialist from Comfort Partners came and knew the answer right away. Removed a lot of screws, injected some white stuff around within the heater, tightened the screws again and ready.

No more endless ticking.

“This kind of heater is well known for this problem.” he said.

After the work was finished he took photos of the solar installation because

“If there is a problem around this installation in my schedule I need to know if we have to do this and for Christ Sake how. I never worked on something like this.”

he said.

Outstanding the man, he thinks for himself and looks problem solving forward also. He mailed photos and name of the installation to his boss so he can look up of this installation is also part of the maintenance contract.

“If this is so, he said to his boss, we need lecture about it.”

If I was the owner of the company, this guy would get a raise and he sure is a stay.


Now, finally, after more than a month of waiting, everything is working fine and quiet again. The heater never ever did before, so this is a real improvement.


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