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During the past few days again working with “Klangzeichen’ made by Hans Ruhoff. He shows the energy of, for instance, the elements.

I worked, in particular with the Klangzeichen for EARTH. I have the pictures since 2002.

The first thing that I happened to notice was the red man when you go deeper and deeper into the picture and a huge waterfall. This resulted in a painting I made back then.

Sometimes I give it to people who can use a little bit of earth beneath their feet or make acquaintance with element earth because they are afraid of it. The most different things occur. The funniest ever was a man who wrote back about the picture: I had an awful hangover when I looked at the picture and it is gone. It felt as if I was sucked down into the ground in an instant. Yesterday a friend told that she first saw a dolphin and then a red/black woodpecker.

has a deep connection with the earth and discovers hidden layers
has knowledge of Rhythm Cycles and patterns and warns
stands for prophecy and has an association with thunder, the drummer of the earth
will continue to investigate until the truth is discovered

Today I tried the Klangzeichen EARTH myself, again, to see if I get some other observations.This time around I came into a very deep flow and entered the picture so to speak. A long path opened, more of an avenue with trees right and left and the man waiting. The dolphin was there too but only for a split second. Because of the sun, I put my hands before my eyes for a moment and closed them. There the new sensation unfolded. The Klangzeichen, which is the energy of the EARTH, changed into the Flower of Life pattern. Glorious with the man in the middle.

I’m curious what your observations and feelings are when you look at the Klangzeichen for some time.


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