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The Full Moon night brought two strange dreams.

The first was dreadful and disgusting while dreaming it. In the dream my bed was full of little animals like worms, insects and caterpillars – the caterpillars came last, all in striking colours and funny faces. Now I’m awake and thinking back, they all looked very funny, but still….

caterThe next one was strange too.

On a market, I bought an Iguana, a Tiger and a Panda Bear in a huge cage and took them home. There I realized, that this was a very strange combination of animals in one cage and they probably would eat each other, mainly the tiger the other two. So what to do?

I gave them water, grass and hay. Nothing they would normally eat I realized, they need bamboo, meat and insects. In the dream I remembered the insects and thought that they would come in use now if I could combine dreams. Because I couldn’t  I took the bus to Cologne instead, to find the vendor from the market and give him back the animals. That was one hell of a trip because I took the wrong bus and kept getting lost. Finally I went home to see, that the three animals did not eat each other. Went searching for meat and bamboo, realizing that

a) it was not right to keep those lovely animals in a cage  for ever


b) I would never ever have enough money to sustain a good living and food for them.

Here I woke up wondering what that was all about.

IguanaLooked the animals up with animal totem explanation.

  • Caterpillar

Caterpillars are associated with good luck and new birth, a need for gentle and quiet approaches to our activities and endeavors. They can also signal a surprise or gift about to be offered to us

  • Worm

A time to examine and digest what has occurred in our life, cast off what is not beneficial or necessary, clean house emotionally, new growth.

  • silverfish

They ask to sail in a smooth course, to stop sometimes and then continue again to flow with self.
Don’t tarry and certainly not stay with rotten decaying elements such as matters from the past that you already know well. They do not belong to your life anymore. Stop thinking about the past, old thoughts, memory and certain emotions as anger, blame, criticism, outrage and revenge. Let go, don’t refuse to act in a dynamic way again.

  • Tiger

• Power
• Energy
• Royalty
• Protection
• Generosity
• Illumination
• Unpredictability
• the ability to heal quickly, both physically and emotionally.
Tigers are considered a yang energy. When Tiger enters your life, expect new adventures. It will awaken new passion and power.

  • Iguana

• Contentment
• Awareness
• Confidence
• Expectation
• Contemplation
• Appreciation
Listen to your own intuition above anyone else’s and pay attention to your dreams for they show you what to do.

  • Panda

• Gratitude
• Solitude
• Balance
• Adaptability
• Connection to the Plant Kingdom
• Nomad
• Able to connect the seen and unseen
• Gentle Strength
• Inner sight
Gentle Strength – yet flexibility – quiet, unassuming essence – modest and strong at the same time. Focus is the key to all your endeavors. They eat bamboo thus the symbolism of bamboo is to be of importance. Bamboo combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength, or the Yin and the Yang. When the young shoots emerge from the roots, they are under the shade of the older bamboo branches. Such a spirit reflects the young respecting the old as well as the old protecting the young.

Just while writing, the meaning and understanding is slowly forming.

When living in Cologne in my young years, the package of me was mainly caged. In my adult years, I kept getting lost sometimes, making faults while learning my lessons. Now the time has come to combine the three stages of life and free me from the cage. Looking back it was not all that bad as it felt when being in it (dream nr. 1) and if I combine the dreams at least the Iguana had enough food to stay alive.

With Iguana there is Contentment with life now, Awareness of all that passed and the lessons learned, Confidence about myself because I mastered so much and know now who I am, Expectation for the years to come, Contemplation on the way to follow and Appreciation of everything and everybody on my way up to now.

If I follow caterpillar and worm I find the actions that will sustain finally me, the tiger and the panda.

PS: One night after the dreams they got a prolongation:

BABY need a new bed and matres because there are also crawling little animals like in my 1st dream.

Father went to town and bought a book about Baby hygiene. 😦

Mother got angry and went to town to buy the bed and bring it home all by herself. She put the bed together in the master bedroom, bathed Baby and put it to sleep in the new bed. Than she commanded Father to put that damned book aside and actually do something: “Burn the bed and matres and the carpeting to get rid of the critters!”



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