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Eyes closed & go

For two days there was a lot of pain around the pelvis. Today it was tremendous. Every movement was painful except standing on two feet. Crying out loud, took some pills, nothing. So I called the physician and, my luck, her training group didn’t show up so she had time to take care of my pelvis region.

Today we also have storm and I had to bike to the physician. That was painful too and for a part I walked, bike at hand. Her treatment was hell but this had to be done. Afterwards some mild exercise and, oh joy, the pain lessened. It’s not gone but bearable and I can move better en more.

Getting home I had to paint. Thinking of the words of @finenschnabel, see https://www.finenwerk.com/ , I did the painting with eyes closed as I also do with clients. Colors, brushes, everything is chosen with eyes closed and you paint with eyes closed.

Today is also the day Uranus changes sign and I think that had to do with it all too. So here the paintings and the, as I read on Twitter a few days ago, cheap color stuff….

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Continuation of the process after the eclipse this morning with another session. Before I called my coach, I read back what came before and found the 2nd instruction I had not done: paint or make something about the blockade in the pelvic area. Thinking about that I found myself doodling.Having my coach on the phone – the doodle came up – I had sent her a photo in a quick action.

doodle11It’s the pelvic area. To your left you see the male walking in with a blooming tree branch balancing on his head. You may remember that I am a wood person. The female is stuck with her head in the middle and pinned to the earth. She is not able to see clearly, like all the woman in my ancestor line, and cannot understand how to balance male and female energy in oneself. She is puzzled. Due to this confusion I was not able to continue with the tool in progress. A lot shifting of energy happened when I took the tool and said something about the collective karma on this theme. Suddenly the attention was back at the tool completely. “I want to fill all the little gaps and this spot I send you a photo of.”


‘This spot looks like the pelvic area”, she said , “You never gave it the right value. It does not need fancy gemstones all over to fill gaps, there is one gemstone suiting the area.” I walked to all my tourmaline’s, picked one and yes, perfect fit.


Black tourmaline has been used since ancient times by Shamans and healers for protection. Black Tourmaline is considered by many to be the most powerful protective stone and it is the only stone that protects and heals on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.DSC02619

“The gaps are the transmission points for energy.”

My male energy is shaman and this needs the conjunction with the female energy of intuition and so on. My female ancestors did not gave this meaning to their belly and pelvis area due to their understanding of it, sex only kind of, and what picture they had of male energy, weak, only want sex and flirt around, just living for fun but come in handy if the little damsel is in the stress.

The collective understanding of the theme is also in full development but not from the angle of feminism which is the wrong approach, depleting men again and making women like macho’s. Men on the other hand are in full swing also to discover their female side.

What a doodle can do. 🙂

And, I almost forgot to mention something I had a good conversation with Ilse ten Berge, astrologer about, Pars Hyleg, one of the arabic points. My Pars Hyleg is in the 6th house, conjunct Pluto in Leo – meaning a strong will to live. That came up too with the remark: “yes, strong will to live but only for a very serious one without the pleasure and joy for life itself. Looking back in my youth that is true and after I had children also.

It’s like this energetic picture by Hans Ruhoff.

 photo aardeenergie1-1.jpg

Try to feel it. It’s very grounding and about life on earth but without the joy.

The joyless journey’s in my family line started with my great-grandmother as I learned quite some time ago during a family constellation. I need it back – the joy in life and for life itself. Afterall it’s a wonderful world – click the photo.

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