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Dragon head

As I wrote here there was the assignment of finding the dragon’s head material. My coach had said that I had it already in the house but I could not find anything that looks as a dragon head.

Yesterday afternoon I took the bike and into the woods it was. In my head repeating the wish for finding the dragon tool. Nada. After one hour I biked back home. Brew a nice cup of tea with some cookies. While sipping the tea there was the epiphany. Went to the bookcase where there is a box of small things from the woods and bingo – the dragon head. Could have known because I was so happy when I found the legend of the  Mordiford dragon I wrote about some blogs back.

Sunday I had ordered new colors from Amsterdam Universal Satin. Right in time though. I glued the three little branches together and painted them in antique gold. In the middle a half quartz crystal geode. Let it dry and painted the backside this morning.

Here now the final grown up dragon.

Here both dragons – the young dragon and the adult dragon together with the tool of female energy.

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