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The reception of the flow of intuitive information is getting better. Where I mostly acted without knowing why I had to do something to find out it was right weeks later, now I get it almost instantly but only if I need to know. So is the case with the tool I made June 5.

After receiving en reading the message of Aluna Joy on June 7, the insight came immediately – the tool has the same message but there is more and I have to work with it for more information. Tomorrow the tool will be initiated. I’m excited about what might come up.


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When I visited my friend for a birthday celebration I got, once more, a beautiful branch from Kerria Japonica Pleniflora.

Kerria japonica – Yamabuki – lit. mountain breath – a Buddhist symbol for mono-no-aware

Beside the branch I got three top pieces from the gourds, my friend makes her rattles of. This morning, in a flash, I got the inspiration so I started working on a new tool. It got a piece of amber at the top.
Also the antler, I recently bought, got a make-over with gold and silver and  a lizard on it too.

Deer totem’s and their antlers bring the message and meaning of higher connection and awareness. Antlers act as spiritual antennae. The lizard animal totem is also a reliable messenger from the spiritual realm.

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During the Night

……one can have creative ideas and inspiration. The finishing touch this morning. Not yet initiated – a new tool is born.

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Saturday is visited http://www.Keltfest.nl. Some splendid hours with Irish and Scottish music, food, dance and a lot of markets and Clans with their crafts.

On my way back to the bus station I found two things.One is part of a stags antlers and a little branch. This afternoon I worked on the little branch. So here – look what I’ve got!

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Another one

The 1st version so far.Today, Sunday morning, I woke up with the hunch that I have to make another top. After my morning cup of coffee I suddenly knew what to do. There suddenly is more energy and glow.

The new top is top 🙂

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The urge and the inspiration keep flowing. Never ever had this mass-production before….15 until now. No idea so far for what use. I keep making them – the insight will come when the time is right.

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New shaman tool



not yet initiated

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