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New creation

Made from the root of a bramble bush and part of a Canadian pine cone.


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New Creation

The Solstice Day inspiration knocked and here is the new creation with a seed shell.

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The new creation is made from hornbeam and a spiny (very sharp) chestnut cupule. The beginning you see in the first two pictures.

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Four days passed before got clear how the top had to be done.The top had to be locking like whirling energy. Tomorrow the tool will be initiated with its specific power.


By happenstance also a little painting came up.






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The urge to make a painting
without thinking
blind color choice

finding and making

the replacement for the Grandmother-tool

– same haste –


next to this…..koning

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The next step of Handleiding tot geluk by Ellen Darricarrere came in Saturday.I postponed it until Monday. The theme was ‘the center aka our middle’ and look who’s talking there to whom. What came up was first again confusion and the one who’s talking asked:”What and where is my middle, this center she is talking about?” followed immediately by a picture of a narrow canyon where it was very cold.ravijnMust be the next step in my climbing, being block No.2 I have to master.

I went shopping and found something my friend Nicole would like to have as she told me last year: – MAGIC WHIPES –    🙂

I gave her a call that I bring them to her this Tuesday morning. Arriving there, she was busy painting stones so had the chance to look at her shaman tools and all the wonderful branches she has, waiting to be made. Among them one particular branch asked my attention and when looking I saw the canyon.


My friend saw me looking and with the words – you take it and do something nice with it – she handed me the branch. Also attending me to the fact, that this branch has a shaman eye too and from a pine tree root. When telling her about my ‘climbing down quest’ and Monday’s picture of a canyon, she had to laugh like me – you never come across something for nothing.

Pine Medicinal Properties

After some tea time we went biking through the forest where all the birds were singing happily in the sun and the brisk air. Step 2 can be made – the branch is acclimatizing in my home in the corner where I have buddha energy.


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