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A new message from Aluna Joy came in this morning: http://www.alunajoy.com/2016-aug-11.html

Passages that are meant for you will crystallize themself.

The past at least two years my drive was certainly gone and I kind a hang in there, and honestly a lot of computer & games besides doing my path cleaning work and the volunteer work. In the Aluna Joy message I found:

It is important that we hold back our energy until it is the right time to leap; but it is not quite time to do so just yet. So if you have been feeling bad about yourself, because you haven’t been doing your spiritual work as before, and you have been chowing down on pints of Ben and Jerry’s, bingeing on TV, etc . . . , it is probably because you are getting really close, and you need to pull the reigns back a bit. It is not time . . . YET!

I had a dream quite some time ago that my horse gladly wanted to get out of the stable and run but when I gave in we almost felt into a big hole in the street…..

Back in the 90’s I had contact with a psychic lady who already told me this:

What the Star Elders have shown me is that we will wake up one morning, and we will be there.

and something for the Chinese dragon lady I am.

AND . . . today we received a new template . . . the magical dragon’s egg . . . to fill the empty space

During the past weekend, I had the idea to watch this two movies I have: DragonHeart and DragonHeart New Beginnings – with a young dragon hatched from the egg found in the cave of the dragon from DragonHeart…..

My heart is joyfully beating while digesting the message. Suddenly there was an insight about two tools I have waiting for so long at both sides of my sofa. The two belong to this new beginning and the latest tool also – got through me.

I feel happy with it and joyful so its right.


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Two weeks ago a dried root of a hollyhock called out to me to be the next tool. Took it inside where it waited another 2 days before the inspiration hit. When finished, I laid her into the practice room to wait for the right moment to be initiated. Today was the day. While channeling the right energy into the tool, it came to me, that she is the counterpart/partner of the last tool I made. After the initiation I merged the other tool with the root.

A new pair is born. today6


Medical: hollyhock make immune to all diseases, herbal medicine considers the leaves as a remedy for urinary system, such as bladder and lung diseases such as bronchitis. Further the root would help with wounds, burns, boils and skin ulcers, and internally with intestinal inflammation, stomach ulcers, diaphragm cracks and urinary tract and bladder infections. (Ody 1993)
A companion on the road, similar to the ‘self’ coming aside the “I”. http://www.kalab.nl

a positive influence to the garden and white magic.





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New Creations





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Finally the fence is standing and I have some privacy in my garden. But it shouldn’t be me if I stay with an ordinary fence.

This afternoon I had ideas to make the fence my fence….look for yourself…














Last but not least some sculptures on bamboo sticks.






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I simply have to follow my hunches – when working, when creating and when giving away..

Last year I found an open shell at Heimanshof  in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

Some time later, when visiting my acupuncture doctor, I found a tiny branch from a Pine tree. Some weeks later, after the horse coaching, I started working on the 2 items. Had no idea why or for what and even put them aside because I thought there had to be done more but what…

The two items landed in my vitrine in the new house and Friday I gave them away, following the hunch to do so. The two ladies who choose them send me a photo so I have them in my photo stream after all.

simplicity and purity

coming into the heart

Together this is what my soul was longing for in this life: In purity and  simplicity coming into and sharing from the heart.

The photo of the heart shell was accompanied by a painting from Anita Lelieveld, known on Twitter under @hartcontact …. Do I need to say more?!

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