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Eyes closed & go

For two days there was a lot of pain around the pelvis. Today it was tremendous. Every movement was painful except standing on two feet. Crying out loud, took some pills, nothing. So I called the physician and, my luck, her training group didn’t show up so she had time to take care of my pelvis region.

Today we also have storm and I had to bike to the physician. That was painful too and for a part I walked, bike at hand. Her treatment was hell but this had to be done. Afterwards some mild exercise and, oh joy, the pain lessened. It’s not gone but bearable and I can move better en more.

Getting home I had to paint. Thinking of the words of @finenschnabel, see https://www.finenwerk.com/ , I did the painting with eyes closed as I also do with clients. Colors, brushes, everything is chosen with eyes closed and you paint with eyes closed.

Today is also the day Uranus changes sign and I think that had to do with it all too. So here the paintings and the, as I read on Twitter a few days ago, cheap color stuff….

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