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Sunday I visited my friend Hilde – http://detuinenvanhilde.nl/ -. We spend some splendid hours in her wonderful sanctuary garden.Simply incredible energy, lots of birds, a gigantic tree ,little pond and bird baths and feeders everywhere. I got a branch of her walnut tree with a shrunk walnut on it.Found a tiny little feather too. Managed to get the branch home unbroken.

Te next day, due to a not so good night sleep, I felt as run over by a bus. Hanging in there suddenly the urge to start the tool. Blue & Gold, the feather and….a feather from the ravens visiting my little garden. A bamboo as base.

BAMBOO = Like a self-cultivated scholar in hermitage, it is ready to render services when called upon.
Since the bamboo lasts through all seasons, it is frequently associated with pine and plum as the “Three Winter Friends.” The bamboo is considered a gentleman with perfect virtues. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength, or the Yin and the Yang, bamboo symbolize the spirit of integrity and loyalty.

WALNUT TREE – symbol of mystical, universal wisdom and knowledge. A bridge and guardian angel for people in Transition. Walnuts are food for the nervous system, bringing grounding, inner stability and focus on your aims and goals.Walnut is the energy of home, home in your body with yourself, taking good care of  you while simultaneously listening to others ready to help if necessary. Walnut energy is tender, loving, soft, warm, caring energy. Solve the primal doubt in yourself.

3 hours later, time fly when creating, it was ready the way it had to be. Dried over night and got some varnish this morning. See here:


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