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Paul NG, philosopher and geomancer, has posted his predictions for the upcoming year:

 Predictions for 2014 (Year of Wooden Horse)

Another insightful article from Susan Levitt . Here is interesting the birth hour you were born in:

23:01 through 01:00 = hour of the Rat
01:01 through 03:00 = hour of the Ox
03:01 through 05:00 = hour of the Tiger
05:01 through 07:00 = hour of the Rabbit
07:01 through 09:00 = hour of the Dragon
09:01 through 11:00 = hour of the Snake
11:01 through 13:00 = hour of the Horse
13:01 through 15:00 = hour of the Goat
15:01 through 17:00 = hour of the Monkey
17:01 through 19:00 = hour of the Rooster
19:01 through 21:00 = hour of the Dog
21:01 through 23:00 = hour of the Pig

Mine is the horse so I will have some luck going for me in the year of the wooden horse.

Another thought I had: The Trojan wooden horse the Greeks constructed and hid a select force of men inside – the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy and at night it opened…

How that worked out we all know. Thus works this year. Victory may come seemingly quick but is taken away even quicker. So handle the upcoming 12 months with care, think twice and let your intuition lead you.

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